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Thoughts drive dieting plans but feelings drive dieting behavior, study finds

A majority of American adults say they’ve tried dieting to lose weight at some point in their lives, and at any given time, about one-third of the adult population say they’re currently dieting. Yet 60 percent of American adults are clinically overweight or obese and more than 16 percent of deaths nationwide are related to […]

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The Role of a Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist

The demand for individuals with expertise in coaching skills and an understanding of how people change is on the rise. For many health and fitness professionals, this skill can enhance a current career, help transition into a new career, or add a new service to an existing business. While the fields of health […]

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Brain-injured patients need therapies based on cognitive neuroscience

Patients with traumatic brain injuries are not benefiting from recent advances in cognitive neuroscience research — and they should be, scientists report in a special issue of Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. Those who treat brain-injured patients rarely make use of new scientific discoveries about the workings of the brain. Instead, doctors, nurses and emergency […]

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Just an hour of TV a day linked to unhealthy weight in kindergartners

New research shows that it doesn’t take much for kids to be considered couch potatoes. Kindergartners and first-graders who watched as little as one hour of television a day were more likely to be overweight or obese compared to children who watched TV for less than 60 minutes each day, according to a study to […]

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Caloric restriction: A fountain of youth for aging muscles?

Calorie restriction has long been studied as a way to extend lifespan in animals. It has been associated with the ability to reduce the risks of cardiovascular and other diseases and to improve overall health. Now, researchers at Chang Gung University in Taiwan have found that calorie restriction can also be beneficial to muscles, improving […]

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Healthy Eating For Life

We have all heard and read probably a thousand times about the importance of healthy eating. We have been encouraged time and time again to trade fast food meals for meals full of fruits and vegetables. For most of us, healthy eating is a matter of changing the habits we have carried for years. How […]

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Being underweight in middle age associated with increased dementia risk

Middle-aged people who are underweight (with a Body Mass Index [BMI] less than 20 kg/m2) are a third more likely to develop dementia than people of similar age with a healthy BMI, according to new research published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal. The findings, which come from the largest ever study to examine […]

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Tone Up For Summer With The Super Workout You Can Do From Your Living Room

The ultimate series of exercises[1] to tone up every part of your body. Follow this workout[2]. And repeat. SEE ALSO: The Top 10 Men’s Fitness Channels On YouTube For Motivation, Exercise Tutorials And Diet Tips[3] 30 Day Ab Challenge – Plus How To Do Perfect Sit-Ups, Crunches, Leg Raises And Planks[4] 30 Day Ab Challenge […]

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Successful Weight Loss In Five Easy Steps

If you happen to be among the millions of people who are weight impaired, you may have already considered, or even tried many alternatives for losing weight, and you may still be seeking That one magic “remedy”. Sadly, there are no magic remedies, diet pills, or supplements for losing weight. It takes desire, persistence, and […]

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High-fat diet alters behavior and produces signs of brain inflammation

High-fat diets have long been known to increase the risk for medical problems, including heart disease and stroke, but there is growing concern that diets high in fat might also increase the risk for depression and other psychiatric disorders. A new study published in the current issue of Biological Psychiatry raises the possibility that a […]

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