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Achieving bodybuilding gains. Last week I spoke with a client of mine who had been busy working during the holidays, {because it is the peak season for your business} and had not been able to work as much as wanted in the gym and also has not been able to get in all the meals […]

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Weight Loss Myths

Every regime has its supply of useless folk lore and Half-truths that get passed on down the line from Person to person. But I’d put weight loss up against Any of them for what has to be the most time wasting and Even the most dangerous myths out there. There is a ton of free […]

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Weight Lifting The Back-friendly Way

West Orange, NJ (PRWEB) April 09, 2015 Back pain among bodybuilders is so common that theres a term for it: weight lifters back. The back strain resulting from poor lifting technique, too-heavy weights or other factors combine to make this condition highly prevalent but not inevitable among bodybuilding enthusiasts, according to orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. […]

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Trio Earns Provincial Fitness Berths

Williams Lake fitness competitors Renee Cooper (from left), Tina Campbell and Reani Sharp all advanced to the upcoming May provincial championships after finishing in the top five of their respective divisions March 14 at the Lee Brandt Muscle Classic. image credit: Photo submitted Hard work, commitment and dedication all paid off for three lakecity fitness […]

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Restoring IL-17 may treat skin infections related to chronic alcohol consumption

Alcoholism takes a toll on every aspect of a person’s life, including skin problems. Now, a new research report appearing in the April 2015 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, helps explain why this happens and what might be done to address it. In the report, researchers used mice show how chronic alcohol intake […]

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The brain-belly connection: Scientists find key genetic triggers in weight-regulating brain cells

The little voice inside your head that tells you to eat, or stop eating, isn’t a little voice — it’s actually a cluster of about 10,000 specialized brain cells. And now, an international team of scientists has found tiny triggers inside those cells that give rise to this “voice,” and keep it speaking throughout life. […]

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Arnold Sports Festival 2015: Daily Results, Highlights And Twitter Reaction

The 2015 Arnold Sports Festival marks the 26th annual showcase named forArnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio. A diverse medley of sports disciplines are on display, featuring many Olympic events and bodybuilding, headlined by the Arnold Classic. A champion will be crowned for that particular event following the two days of competition on Friday and Saturday […]

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Catherine Tyler Lifted Weights While Pregnant Until Two Weeks Before Birth

Catherine Tyler competed in a bodybuilding competition last October It was just five months after she gave birth to her first child Ms Tyler did weight training until she was eight and a half months pregnant The first-time mum, 31, was also doing cardio until she gave birth She said her program and fitness is […]

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How does weight stigma smell? Sense of smell may reveal weight bias

Could our reaction to an image of an overweight or obese person affect how we perceive odor? A trio of researchers, including two from UCLA, says yes. The researchers discovered that visual cues associated with overweight or obese people can influence one’s sense of smell, and that the perceiver’s body mass index matters, too. Participants […]

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Arnold Sports Festival Flexes Its Muscles

Believe it because its true: The local bodybuilding competition now includes a chess matchbetween Arnold Schwarzenegger and an 8-year-old. Not to mention the horses and the kid magician. And pickleball. Well get to the pickleball. Organizers of the Arnold Sports Festival 2015 have put together their biggest, most-diverseevent yet, so huge that it occupies all […]

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