How To Keep Fit While On Vacation

Most people will view there vacation time as time to relax by the pool and eat whatever you want whenever you want. However if you have gone to the trouble of keeping fit and eating right at home why should it change when you go on holidays? Don’t get me wrong holidays are a time to relax and spend time with your loved ones however there are a few things you can do to help keep your fitness ticking over and your body feeling great.

Check Out Hotel Amenities


The first thing you should do when booking your hotel is make sure that it has a leisure club. An easy way to do this is search for Dublin city hotel with gym. The gym might be small in the hotel however there is lots you can do with limited equipment. At least if they have some sort of a gym you will have a dedicated space where you can work out.

Swimming Pool

Next check if they have a pool. Swimming is one of the best forms of cardio and is an amazing workout to help you tone up some parts of your body. Remember when you swim you burn a lot of calories so eat well 2 hours before you swim and eat no later than one hour prior to swimming as this can cause cramps.

Surrounding Areas

Lastly check out the surrounding areas and see if it would be suitable for nice walks or hikes? If this isn’t the case and you are in a city try and get to a beech or park to have a run or walk.


The best thing about going on holiday is eating all the local cuisines. This food is generally going to be good for you however just be careful what you eat during the day, try steer clear of quick high-fat fast food meals and have a sit down and eat a nice healthy lunch.

Sight Seeing

This is one thing that can keep you very fit while on your holidays especially if you decide to use your feet instead of busses and taxis. My advice would be to start off walking to as many sights as possible but remember that you are on holiday so if you need to take a bus to speed things up then do it.

Early Morning Runs

A great way to enjoy your holiday and keep fit is to go for an early morning run as it is not eating into your holiday time. After your run you will feel great and revitalised and still have your whole day ahead of you.

Remember to enjoy your holiday and have fun because you are not trying to break any of your fitness records but just trying to keep a little bit of your fitness until you make it home. So have fun!

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