ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Certification: A Pathway onto the Healthcare Team

The American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) is proud to announce the release of the ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Manual, the definitive resource for health and fitness professionals working with special populations. The new manual incorporates the latest science-based assessments and programming from leading experts in clinical and post-rehabilitative exercise, making it an outstanding resource for professionals preparing to earn the ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Certification and an updated comprehensive reference manual for current ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialists (ACE-CMES). Introduced this month, the ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Certification is the evolution of the ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification.

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist

So What’s New?

The ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Manual is a cover-to-cover overhaul of the ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Manual. Although many of the chapters focus on the same disease and disorder topics, all content and references have been critically reviewed and updated to include the latest assessments, programming, progressions, and precautions for each ailment by the chapter authors, content reviewers, and manual editors, all of whom are experts in their respective medical exercise fields. In addition to this critical and complete revision, many special features have been added to enhance the learning experience through different interactive exercises and case studies. As part of the consistent effort that ACE makes in each of our new manuals, we asked all authors to emphasize the practical application of the theoretical knowledge. This is especially vital with this manual, given the complexity of the content.

In addition to the cover-to-cover enhancements, the new information and features in the ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Manual include:

  • Applying the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model in the Medical Exercise Setting (Chapter 2) is a new chapter that outlines how the ACE IFT® Model can be used when working with the various clinical populations addressed in the manual. This chapter emphasizes the need for screening new clients and placing them appropriately within the ACE IFT Model training phases that correspond to the function—health—fitness—performance continuum (see Figure 1 below).
  • Case Studies (Chapters 7-21) have been added to each of the disease- and disorder-specific chapters to provide real scenarios that ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialists encounter on a regular basis.
  • ACE IFT Model at a Glance (Chapters 7-21) sections have been added to each Case Study to explain how the ACE IFT Model was applied in the assessments, programming, and progressions with each client being discussed. This will give readers real-world examples of how to implement the ACE

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