4 tips to ‘sleigh’ the holidays from SIMPLE Mobile

(BPT) – Between trips to the mall, cross-country travel and never-ending hosting duties, it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of the holidays and forget to experience the joys the season bring. From capturing and sharing their favorite memories to booking flights and shopping for gifts, holiday shoppers rely on their […]

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4 ways to tackle the holidays with total confidence

(BPT) – The holiday season is the most wonderful (and busy) time of year. While the season means plenty of quality time spent with loved ones, it can also bring chaos and stress when it comes to buying gifts, coordinating travel and planning family functions. Luckily, there are some simple ways to tackle the holidays […]

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Don’t let asthma ruin the holidays

(BPT) – With colder months arriving, there are a few things on everybody’s minds: festive treats, gift shopping and of course, time spent with family and friends. As many people look forward to the holiday season, asthma sufferers need to be aware and prepared for all the triggers this time of the year can bring. […]

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How to Breathe Easier with Asthma this Winter: Setting Asthma Goals Now Can Keep You Chilled Out for the Holidays and Beyond

(BPT) – For the 25 million Americans who have asthma, wintry weather can take a real bite out of holiday fun. Cold weather is a common asthma trigger, especially for severe symptoms, and for many people, asthma attacks happen more often in the winter. That’s because winter means more time spent indoors, with exposure to […]

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Important safety steps to keep kids’ holidays bright, happy and burn-free

(BPT) – You bake their favorite treats, search stores for the toys they have begged for all year, stuff stockings and deck the halls to help ensure your children’s holidays are full of warm, happy memories. However, it is also important to ensure the holiday season is safe for kids and the whole family. In […]

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Maintaining heart health around the holidays

(BPT) – As we approach the holiday season, conversations about health, wellness and access to medicines may be an important and frequent topic addressed around the dinner table. It seems that access to new and innovative medicines is an increasingly common problem, and engaging in discussions with friends and family can help shed light on […]

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Tips for finding unique health and wellness gifts for the holidays, no stress included

(BPT) – Are you tired of giving the same old holiday gifts over and over? Does the thought of trying to find a novel gift idea for that special someone without breaking the bank stress you out? Or do those shopping lines that stretch a mile long make you want to scream in frustration? If […]

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Workout Wednesday: Keeping Fit During The Holidays

First Lower 9th Ward grocery store opens since Katrina[1] First Lower 9th Ward grocery store opens since Katrina[2] A U.S. Army Veteran and lifelong Lower Ninth Ward resident poured his entire life savings into building the grocery store.more>>[3]A U.S. Army Veteran and lifelong Lower Ninth Ward resident poured his entire life savings into building […]

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How To Keep Fit While On Vacation

Most people will view there vacation time as time to relax by the pool and eat whatever you want whenever you want. However if you have gone to the trouble of keeping fit and eating right at home why should it change when you go on holidays? Don’t get me wrong holidays are a time […]

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Five Tips For Getting Fit During The Holidays From The Five Minute Workout Author Jerrod Sessler

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 29, 2013 Guilty indulgences are expected during the holidays, but fitness guru and author Jerrod Sessler believes that this is one of the best times to get fit and start early on those forthcoming New Years resolutions. Sessler has pulled his top five tips for getting fit during the holidays from […]

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