3 Big Tips For Weight Loss

My approach to training changed dramatically throughout my experience as one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. Getting to know each person was an important reminder that to get the body physically fit, you must first get mentally and emotionally “fit.” I don’t consider myself a trainer anymore. I don’t just help people train; I help them change their lives. The physical transformation people go through when they work with me can come and go, but the mental and emotional transformation will last them a lifetime.

My approach is simple now: Activate people emotionally so they are 100 percent committed. Educate them so they understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how they can continue to do it on their own. Inspire them by leading by example yourself. Inspire them to lead by example to others and pay it forward.

I recently spent 16 weeks working with Rocco Whalen, a celebrity chef in Cleveland, on changing everything about him how he trained, how he ate and how he felt. At his heaviest, he tipped the scale at almost 400 pounds. When I left Cleveland on New Year’s, he weighed 255 pounds.

Many of the “techniques” for getting Rocco his extreme results were not from a textbook, and as a pre-med student and graduate student, I read a lot of books. I drew on my life experiences as an adopted child, an overweight teenager, an athlete, and someone who would not give up on myself. My science background definitely helped in his transformation, but the bond I created, the trust I built and the respect I earned with Rocco, are what inspired him to commit to the program and me. He transformed his body, he transformed his life and, ultimately, he saved his life.

Activation If you don’t have an emotional connection to why you are trying to accomplish your goals, the odds are you won’t reach them or will quit trying. I always say, “Get emotionally connected and the rest will follow.” Long-lasting results are not given; they are earned and they come with a price, like facing fears, physical discomfort and emotional transformation. At the surface, many people’s goals are to lose weight, tone up, feel better, etc. But superficial goals get superficial results that usually fade.

Dig a little deeper, and the “why” is usually unveiled: to be more confident, to be more happy, to feel desirable again.

The “why” is key because you can become emotionally connected to it, and once you “Activate,” you won’t turn back. I remember the moment when this happened for Rocco. We were outside his house during a very tough workout, and he broke down emotionally about his late mother and his relationship with her and food. He finally came to terms with feelings and emotions he had been hiding for years, which gave him a new sense of him and “why” he was on this journey.

Education Knowledge is power, but “applied knowledge” is super-power. Reading a textbook or knowing what’s right and wrong is not enough. You need to put what you learn into practice and do it over and over again until its a habit. I always say, “Seeing is not believing. Doing is believing.” 

There is a lot to learn about fitness, nutrition and emotions, but once you do, you can master them instead of them mastering you. Rocco’s first major lesson was in nutrition — he had no idea he was consuming over 7,000 calories a day! He also did not understand the difference between different types of training and how it affected his body. Over the 16 weeks he learned many things: calories, portion size, meal timing, cravings, metabolism, corrective exercise, strength training, aerobic vs. anaerobic training, and most of all, himself.


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Inspiration Motivation is good, but inspiration is better. You can be motivated by fear or anger, and it is usually a mental thing that can pass. Inspiration hits you right in your heart and lasts a lifetime. When you walk your talk, you will inspire others; inspiring others will make you walk your talk. That’s why I always say, “Inspire to be inspired.” Go out and inspire someone, and I guarantee it will come back to you tenfold. 

For Rocco, inspiring his friends, family, coworkers and paying it forward to his community has absolutely kept him on his path and kept him losing weight. He is a true role model now. He paid his dues through blood, sweat and tears, and is now paying it forward by changing his menu with healthier options, doing community workouts and sharing his story to help inspire others.

Rocco Whalen Recipe Re-do Roccos famous restaurant Fahrenheit, was a runaway hit the moment it opened its Cleveland doors in 2002. But even its rising star chef could not anticipate the heat he would generate with this Tremont gem. Before owning his restaurant, he worked in the kitchens of restaurants owned by Wolfgang Puck, often toiling side by side with Puck at Spago, Obachin, Granita, and Chinois. Gourmet magazine listed Fahrenheit in its Guide to America’s Best Restaurants. Restaurant Hospitality named Rocco a “Rising Star.” Rocco at his heaviest weighed over 390 pounds. After working with me, his life changed. He went from 5,000 calories+ a day to 1,500-1,800 a day. He recently lost over 130 pounds and still counting.

Here, Rocco has modified his favorite guys meal for AskMen:

The best marinade to kick up Pork or Skinless Chicken Breast 1 tbsp adobo paste 1 tbsp light soy 2 tsps lemon juice 2 tsps yuzu lime juice 2 tbsp grape seed oil Mix all ingredients and pour over protein at least 12 hours prior to grilling — look out, men, the women are going to love this — and pair with steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

Puree of Carrots 3 carrots peeled 1 potato peeled 1/2 tbsp truvia or stevia 1 tbsp sodium-free togarashi or garlic Mrs. Dash 1/2 tbsp cinnamon Salt and pepper 1/2 cup almond milk Boil carrots with potatoes till they are fork tender, add all other ingredients to mixing bowl and blend in mixer till you get a smooth consistency. Works with proteins or freshly caught fish.

Red Pepper Salsa 1 roasted red pepper 1/4 cup chopped pine nuts 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1/4 cup chopped basil 1 tbsp lemon zest 1 tbsp chopped capers (rinse thoroughly) 3 cloves roasted garlic 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil All ingredients combined to serve as a dip for chips, or atop some fish.

Low-Fat Breakfast 6 egg whites with green veggies in early morning (pre-workout)


Shakeology powder with almond milk, peanut butter powder, maca, acai, gogi, and pomegranate powder


Pure Protein Bar

Low Fat Lunch 5 oz grilled chicken 2 cups mesclun greens 1/2 cucumber 3 olives 1 tomato diced Tahini-yogurt dressing Hot sauce

Snack Green apple or celery sticks with 1 tbsp all-natural peanut butter

Dinner 5-7 oz pork chop or salmon 2 cups steamed veggies (broccoli and cauliflower) or spinach and kale

Late Night 1 oz gogi berries


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  1. Reply

    Does Anybody Has Any Teenager Belly Fat Loss Tips? Hey everyone, i’m sixteen and i’m in a pretty good shape, but i have a little bit of belly fat, not much! just a bit, but it’s making my abs less define and that sucks 🙁 so i was wondering how to get rid of that extra layer of thin fat, i’m hyperactive and i play different kinds of sports but it doesn’t seem to have any effect… help needed and proffisional tips would be great! thanks in advance.

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      Jogging is an excellent exercise because it let you lose weight
      evenly throughout your whole body. If you want to lose weight in
      specific areas, you should target them with exercises. If they are
      your problem areas, they will be very difficult to tone. You will have
      to work double on them. The best approach is this:
      1. Lower/control your daily calorie intake (control for normal
      weight, lower for overweight).
      2. Run/jog to lower your overall body fat percentage.
      3. Target your problem areas with exercises.
      an excellent exercise, you can do it in front of your TV: sit on a
      stool, and put your toes under something (piece of heavy furniture,
      for example). In your hands hold a little dumbbell. Please, make sure
      that it is not very heavy, start with one kilo, for example, or you
      will damage your back and spine! Slowly move the upper part of your
      body back, until it’s parallel with the ground. Stop for a second and
      move it back to the sitting position. Repeat ten times. Every week add
      to the number of repetitions. You will see the results in a week,
      guaranteed! You will see or feel under the fat – if you have any – six
      pack and muscles. Dumbbells do wonders. Much better than these
      crunches – I came up to three hundreds and there was no results AT
      ALL. With the dumbbells you will see it in a week.

    • *
    • June 12, 2012

    Help With Teen Fat Loss Tips? I am 16, about 5 foot 6 and weigh about 128 pounds. I know I am a healthy weight, but I wish to get rid of the fat around my stomach.

    I have been running twice daily, totally 30 mins a day, and I have been eating healthier.

    Any tips on how to lose the fat around my stomach? Personal weight loss stories welcome.

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      I’m 15 and last summer I tried to lose weight. Well I did but I gained it back because after school when I get home I eat chips. XD So anyway. What I did was, I avoided bread and rice and other foods like that ’cause I hear they can cause fat even if they’re healthy. And then try doing other kinds of exercise. I did 40 mins. of exercise 4x a week including using the jump rope, using my aunt’s elliptical trainer, dancing, doing sit ups & stuff. So like in 40 minutes I get to do a whole lot of different kinds of exercise. And drink lots of water. Like if you’re hungry, but it isn’t exactly time for breakfast lunch or dinner yet, just drink a whole lot of water. Your belly might get big from drinking that much, but once you pee, it all comes out. You don’t gain fat from water, I think.

      So that was what I did. I didn’t really measure my weight tho, because what I was aiming for was a smaller waistline, and I was able to do so. I think I lost like 4-5 inches in like a month & a half. I was happy with that. Too bad I have to do it all over again because I gained it back when school started again. XD Also keep a tally of your weight for every two weeks. And you can see if it works or not.

      Good luck! 🙂 Hope I helped.

  2. Reply

    Does The Calorie-shifter From Fat Loss Tips 2 Idiots Work? Hey, I’ve just come across this website http://fatloss4idiots.com/ and i think it’s really convincing! But, I’m a student and I’m willing to try but I dont want to waste $40 painstakingly saved allowance on sth that won’t work. So, if u have heard of this from ur friends who have used it or u have actually used this, please tell me the results! Ur help is greeeeeaaaaaaatly appreciated!!! Thanks, God Bless ya’ll!

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      Drink plenty of water every day
      At the table vary your choices
      Always make a healthy breakfast and avoid skipping meals
      Consume at least 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables every day
      In a balanced diet of cereals (bread, pasta, rice etc..) Should be consumed daily
      Eat fish at least 2 times a week (fresh or frozen)
      Remember that legumes provide protein and fiber of good quality
      Limit your intake of fats, especially those of animal origin, preferring the extra virgin olive oil
      Do not exceed the amount of salt
      Limit your intake of sweets and drinks to heat during the day
      Above Avoid diets DIY and always ask your doctor to …..; /

  3. Reply

    Fat Loss Tips,anyone? How Long? Ok i am NOT fat im fairly slim, i just want to lose fat around my hips(love handles) and inner thighs. I am 13 and i know kids lose fat faster than adults. I know you have to lose the excess fat before you tone up so does anyone have any tips like foods to eat, exercise stuff…..also approximately how long will it take,cuz iam not really fat…? thanx

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      There are three real ways to take off unwanted weight: diet, exercise, and supplements. These three things can be done individually, or with each other for even better results.

      Modifying your diet consists of replacing your unhealthy meals with healthier, but just as delicious foods. Depending on your activity level and intended fitness goal, you’ll need a certain amount of protein and carbohydrates, but the main thing you want to eliminate is unwanted fats. Try to eat fresh vegetables, fish, meats, chicken, any other things that are healthier then burgers and fries.

      For exercise, this is really going to depend on your fitness goal. If you’re just trying to lose fat, a regular daily cardiovascular workout will be the best. This could be running, riding a bike, sports such as basketball, or many other activities. If you’re trying to gain muscle, you’ll want to spend 3-4 days a week working on specific muscle sets via weights.

      Supplements are also an important and effective way to get in shape. I’m not talking about things like steroids, but instead *natural*, healthy supplements. There are many different types out there, and they can be great if you don’t have the willpower to extremely modify your diet or spend a lot of time working out.

      The article below goes into more detail about all three of these methods. Good luck!

  4. Reply

    Tips For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain? How To Stay Committed? I burn about 1,000 calories a day exercising and I’m 17. I weigh 158 and am 6 feet tall I want to lose fat and put on lean muscle. Tips? How long until I see progress? What should my workouts be like in terms of weight training. I’m doing heavy cardio in addition to weight lifting until February then weights from there until June. What kind of results should I expect to see?

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      Workout 4-5 days a week

      u will see results in 6-8 weeks

      try doing weight training first.. 40-60 mins.. then cardio exercise after u do weights
      the fat burning capacity is much faster this way

      when u lose most of ur fat.. cut the cardio in half

  5. Reply

    Are There Any Fat Loss Tips Most People Don’t Know About? What are they?
    Yeah,yeah I know I might steal your answer, but I already know to exercise, drink water, take diet pills blah blah blah. Just save you’re time and DON’T tell me those things

    Please star this question if you like it.

    thanks in advance!!

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      Yeah, eat fat. Sounds ridiculous, but fat in our food is a key component to helping us feel satisfied without overeating. When we take fat out, we end up adding in other ingredients that will either stimulate our appetite, or won’t satiate us enough to stop eating. And the ingredients processed items use to replace fats can cause more damage than good. The key is just to avoid trans fats. You can now even get butter and mayonnaise made with olive oil, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I use them all of the time now. Also, don’t restrict your calories too much if you are exercising regularly. Your body will go into starvation mode and you will either not lose weight, or you will gain weight when you do eat because your body is trying to store food away. Most diets end up failing because they are too restrictive. You just need to be realistic about what you eat. I use thedailyplate.com to track all of my meals and it has helped me get a better grasp on what things that I am eating may be a bigger problem than I had thought. Good Luck

  6. Reply

    Weight Loss Tips Or Strategies To Lose Belly Fat? I need to lose my belly fat! Is there any one who loss there belly &has tips for me?please help!
    Also I need it to be FREE!

      • HealthNut
      • June 12, 2012

      Hi Daniella,

      Trying to reduce unwanted weight and belly fat has not really been easy with some people due to their body composition, but with determination and following the weight loss and belly program, you will be able to achieve your desired result. Bear in mind that its a gradual process. You cannot achieve it just immediately but doing what you are supposed to do will lead to positive result.

      All you need to do is to discipline yourself. Its very important. Eat balanced diet but eat when you are hungry. Try and eat fruits, vegetables and drink more water. Also, try to reduce fatty food going into your system, reduce sugar intake, soda, chocolate, ice cream, etc.

      Do regular exercise either in the house or outside. Fit in your exercise time into your daily schedule. If it means waking up early, do so that you can exercise your body. You can stomach exercise continuously and your belly fat will come down.

      Good luck

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