5 easy tips to prepare your family for the daylight saving time change

(BPT) – Daylight saving time brings brighter evenings and a reminder that spring and warmer weather are within reach. However, it comes with the potential to wreak havoc on a family’s sleep routine. Time changes can make morning schedules just a little bit harder for parents everywhere. “A time change shifts our body’s normal schedule […]

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The Role of a Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist

The demand for individuals with expertise in coaching skills and an understanding of how people change is on the rise. For many health and fitness professionals, this skill can enhance a current career, help transition into a new career, or add a new service to an existing business. While the fields of health […]

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Readiness to change is a vital facet to committing to New Year’s resolutions

Wanting to lose weight or quit smoking are often resolutions made at the beginning of the New Year. One University of Alabama at Birmingham wellness expert says there is a key ingredient to being successful health-wise in the coming year. About half of the most popular resolutions made each year are health-related, according to the […]

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Viagra – Change To Men’s Health

To day our discussions will be related to Men’s health. By Men’s Health, I want to mean all round soundness of body and mind of a man including his sexual capability. Unfortunately, if the man is not able to carry out all the sexual functions when needed, we cannot tell his health to be sound. […]

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Adults with eosinophilic esophagitis should consider a diet change

Dietary elimination is a successful method of treatment for adults with eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), according to a new study in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. “By eliminating specific foods from patients’ diets, symptoms improved in 71 percent of patients, and endoscopic appearance improved in 54 percent,” […]

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Strength Exercises That Can Change Your Life

Do we lose functionality because we get old? Or do we get old because we lose functionality? This is a bold title and it may be taking a few liberties without knowing your personal circumstances. But if this sounds a bit presumptuous, consider how injuries and/or loss of functionality can affect your everyday […]

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New Years Ushers In A Time For Change

The start of a new year is a very transformative time for most people, but for recovering addicts it can be an especially beneficial time of renewal and hope. The new year is a time for reflecting over the past year, which means taking time to think about the goals that were met, and the […]

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25 Percent Do Not Change Bad Health Habits After Heart Attack, Stroke

Theres no stronger scare tactic into leading a healthy lifestyle than suffering a heart attack or stroke, which is why it may be surprising that many survivors dont make changes needed to improve their health. A study published in April in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows one in four men doesnt make […]

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Key To Long-term Weight Loss For Post-menopausal Women May Be Eating More Fruits And Vegetables

(CBS News) Post-menopausal women often have a hard time losing weight. But, promising new research shows that there may be simple dietary considerations that may help shed pounds – and keep them off for good. What’s on the list of foods to avoid and items to chow down on? It’s relatively simple: Eating less sugar, […]

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Mandatory Changes In The Cafeteria For Healthy Student Lifestyle

For this up and coming school year, parents and students can expect a change in the cafeteria and its not the lines or seating area. All five schools will serve 100 percent whole wheat products, and meals will include a larger portion of fruits and vegetables, according to Director of Food Services and Chef Timothy […]

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