4 ways to take back control from breast cancer

(BPT) – It is no secret that dealing with breast cancer is hard. It can turn lives upside down, inspiring concerns on topics as wide-ranging as maintaining daily routines, paying for treatment and life expectancy. Underlying it all is its emotional toll. According to a survey by Ford Warriors in Pink, 44 percent of breast […]

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It takes a village: Integrated care team gives hope back to dialysis patient

(BPT) – Six years ago Francis Hogan was doing what he loved most: playing golf. After his usual game, his ankle was swollen and painful. When he visited the doctor, he discovered the swelling wasn’t because of an injury. Something was seriously wrong. Hogan’s kidneys were failing. He was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a […]

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Top tips for making back to school a success

(BPT) – Summer days are getting shorter. Summer fun is winding down for the season. Bedtimes are starting earlier. And parents seem to be oddly excited. Back to school is right around the corner. For most kids, the thought of going back to school can be a drag. But it doesn’t have to be. Marley […]

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Veggie Pill for Fast Weight Loss, Increased Metabolism, and Appetite Suppressant Supplement – Premium Natural Ingredients That Safely Increase Your Metabolism – No Risk Full Money Back Guarantee

The aim of online fat loss websites is to provide a one-stop point for support and resources to individuals looking to lose weight. There are many different available fat weight loss online programs available that provide ways to keep fat loss safe, simple, and effective. These factors translate into a successful program. Easy To Find […]

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Sporting Ideas: Putting The Fun Back In Fitness

We all know that we need to exercise (for our health) but hitting the gym first thing in the a.m. or right after work can be anything BUT fun. Still experts suggest that staying fit (and trim) CAN be fun, by simply finding the right routine (and activity) for you. 1. Hoofing It: Walking and/or […]

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Preventing and Treating Lower Back Pain

It’s very easy to injure your back while exercising if you’re not careful. Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is one of the most common post-workout complaints. This pain is usually caused from exercising in the wrong way, lifting weights that are too heavy, or from not properly warming up before you get started. Either […]

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3 Ways Diseases Could Send Us Back To Pre-Antibiotic Era

According to a recent BBC article, the golden age of antibiotics is ending and there is not a pipeline of new antibiotics to combat the changing landscape of mutations known as ‘superbugs’ that occur. In modern times, we have used antibiotics in blanketing prescriptions and have gone so far as to treat our livestock with […]

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Sponsored Post: Back To School Health Tips

  This sponsored blog post is from Swedish Medical Center. Back to School Health Tips By Christen Oskouian[1], MDGeneral Pediatrician, Swedish Issaquah Primary Care The last days of summer are counting down! Here are some timely tips to help ensure the school year goes well. To and From School Safety: The school bus is a […]

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Kim Kardashian Offers Weight Loss Tips To Get Your Pre-holiday Body Back: Throw Away Leftovers, Buy New Workout Gear …

Over the weekend, the curvy reality TV star tweeted, My post-Thanksgiving diet and workout tips, including a link to a blog post[1] she wrote with her five best tips for losing the holiday weight. Her first piece of advice was to throw leftovers from Thanksgiving away. As delicious as they are, Thanksgiving is over. You […]

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New Save My Back Program Announced By Adjunct Professor Mike Nelson For Back Pain Sufferers Who Want To Cure Back …

If a cure for back pain, including lower back pain, upper back pain, middle back pain, side back pain, pain in back of neck, or a combination of back and neck pain, sounds good then these free pain relief tips from Mike Nelsons save my back program can help because they address what causes back […]

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