5 Tips for Detoxing

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Have you or your clients overdone it with indulgences lately and looking to get back on track? At this time, the last thing you want is something high in calories and heavy; it will only dig you further into a hole. What you need is wholesome, nutrient-packed foods that help to bring an abrupt end to the symptoms and discomfort associated with overdoing it (bloating and constipation). What your body really needs are foods that are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants, potassium, water and fiber, but low in calories and sodium. These foods will immediately get your mind and body back on the healthy track as they hydrate you while flooding your body with nutrients to help to neutralize damaging particles and flushing out bloating culprits, like salt.

Follow these five tips:

1. Choose foods that are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. These properties help to protect the body from damage caused by toxins created from overdoing it on less-than-healthy options, and assist in neutralizing toxins and preventing the inflammation and the damage they cause to your vessels. These foods actually help to revitalize cells. Think vegetables especially brightly colored ones, but all work—and the more the better! After all they are 80 to 90 percent water and provide potassium and fiber. Fruits, beans and fish also are good choices.

Anti-inflammatory/ Antioxidant-packed Recipes:

Fruited Harvest Salad: Light and refreshing, the persimmons, pears, lemons, arugula and pomegranates fight inflammation with their antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Colorful Detox Salad: Chockfull of vegetables that mop up free radical damage, this low-calorie salad is great for detoxifying and fighting inflammation.

Crispy Cran-Mango Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts are superstars when it comes to fighting damage and inflammation. Cranberries and mangos are phytonutrient powerhouses too.

2. Choose water and potassium-rich foods that are low in sodium. This is an amazing combination that restores normal fluid balance and flushes out bloat and puffiness. Potassium helps to counterbalance sodium and getting fluid helps to flush out your system. Think  vegetables—all of them, especially green leafy veggies—and fruits.

Ginger and Carrot Slim-down Smoothie: Potassium-rich cantaloupe and apples round out the phytonutrient-rich ginger and carrots to make this an ideal beverage to restore normal fluid balance.

Slimming Raspberry-mint Detox Spritzer: Raspberries and lime make this a drink a potassium winner, and at only eight calories, you can drink it all day long and flush away bloat without the calories adding up.

Lemon Mint Detox Drink: Lemon, mint and ginger flood the body

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