Amp Up Your Workout with These Metabolic Drills

It’s that time of year again…holiday parties, cookies, pies, eggnog, spirits, mass consumption. Even for those of us that make fitness our business, we can—and do— overindulge. So, just in case you or your clients happen to overindulge at this time of year, here are a few metabolic drills that can raise your regular training drills to a higher level. Perform these exercises as timed intervals or for a specific number of reps, depending on your class structure or training goals.

Shuttle Runs PLUS 

Place two cones about 5 to 6 feet apart (or more if you have the space). Run and touch each cone as fast as you can. 

shuttle run

To amp up this exercise, you’ll need four or five moderate-sized weights. Pick one weight up and run as fast as you can to other weights. Place the one you are holding down, pick up another one and run it to other side. Repeat this pattern until time is up. Try to alternate the side you pick up with and use your hips. 

shuttle run

Shins to Tucks 

Traditional tuck jumps—taking a squat jump and drawing your knees into your chest—are a challenge.

tuck jumps

To amp up this exercise, begin kneeling on the floor. Jump up from your shins into a deep squat and then immediately jump into a wide tuck and repeat. 

tuck jumps

Squat Jump to Clap 

Regular squat jumps are a typical part of boot camp-style classes. Lifting the arms helps lift the whole body.

tuck jumps

To amp up this exercise, clap your feet directly under your butt. Begin with your feet slightly less wide than you would have them for a regular squat jump. And, as with any plyometric movement, try to land as if you are on glass, so the hips take the impact rather than the back and feet. 

tuck jumps

Over the Bench 

The traditional movement has you jumping over a cone. Keep your wrists stacked under shoulders and be careful not to collapse into the shoulders. Instead, extend through your back like you are pushing the floor away. The goal is to drive the hips toward

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