New Bodybuilding.com Study Finds People Who Successfully Complete Fitness Programs Say They Live Happier Lives, Have …


As the New Year approaches, Americans who make resolutions to get fit can reap extra emotional and lifestyle benefits in addition to improving their health and appearance. According to a recent study conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Bodybuilding.com[1] one of the worlds largest fitness resources people say that successfully completing a fitness program[2] helped them achieve more happiness, sex and better relationships, as well as the courage to try new things they may not have tried before.

Of those who have successfully completed a weight loss or fitness program:

  • 54% say they have become a happier person
  • 21% say they have more sex
  • 19% say they have improved relationships with family and friends
  • 16% have better or new romantic relationships, and
  • 15% say they have tried something they never thought they would do, such as scuba diving, skydiving, etc.

The study also revealed that finding the right motivation to finish a weight loss or fitness program is critical. According to the study, people who did not successfully complete their program cited the following reasons:

  • 53% did not have the right motivation
  • 23% had set goals too high
  • 15% say it was too expensive
  • 14% say the program was too difficult

To help people overcome these challenges, Bodybuilding.com is kicking off its free, annual $100,000 Transformation Challenge[3], which provides motivation not only through a $50,000 cash prize each for one male and one female winner, but also through help and support from its online fitness community, BodySpace[4].

A separate survey of people who have participated in the Bodybuilding.com $100,000 Transformation Challenge in the past shows the program has a high rate of success. Ninety-eight percent of more than 100 past participants say they successfully completed the program, and 94 percent say they have been able to incorporate the principles into their daily lives, or have continued to strictly follow their program, versus 83 percent of online adults who have successfully completed some type of fitness program. Past Challenge participants also saw a higher rate of added benefits from completing their program, with 69 percent reporting they are happier, 35 percent reporting improved relationships with family and friends, and 28 percent saying they have more sex.

Registration for the international Challenge is open from Dec. 18, 2013 through Jan. 13, 2014, and then starting Jan. 13 participants have 12 weeks to complete their transformation. Registrants have access to a host of motivational tools and training tips including comprehensive fitness programs[5] built by PhDs, celebrity and professional trainers, and athletes such as Jim Stoppani[6], Kris Gethin[7], Jamie Eason[8], Lee Labrada[9], and Ashley Conrad[10], who creates training programs for Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy and Penelope Cruz. Participants will also get weekly emails to help them stay motivated and on track, and can access free, up-to-date information on nutrition[11], workouts[12], motivation[13] and supplementation[14] on Bodybuilding.com.

Participants can also easily track their progress along the way using the free BodySpace app[15], which is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

In May 2014, two grand prize winners one male and one female will be chosen by a panel of Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize employees based on the most significant transformation and will each receive $50K in cash, as well as a year supply of Dymatize products (valued at $1,200). Weekly challenges announced via email will incentivize participants to continue on their transformation journey.

More than 27,000 people from 28 countries participated in the Challenge last year losing thousands of pounds and gaining lean muscle. People who sign up for the $100,000 Transformation Challenge will become members of BodySpace, the worlds largest health and fitness social network, which has more than 1.5 million members who connect with one another for motivation, tips, encouragement and advice.

Kevin Gore, a runner-up in Bodybuilding.coms 2013 $100K Challenge, decided to enter the program at age 50 to become a good role model to his two sons and a husband that his wife would be proud of. According to Gore, “I didnt anticipate how much better I would feel, the new friendships, and having so many people check in on me daily to see how my progress was going. Unwittingly, I have become a role model to a rather large number of people who know me.”

For more details and official rules for the Bodybuilding.com 2014 $100,000 Transformation Challenge sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition, visit http://www.bodybuilding.com/100k[16].


This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Bodybuilding.com from November 19-21, 2013 among 2,082 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

For complete survey methodology from the Harris Interactive survey, including weighting variables, or the separate, independent study of Bodybuilding.com Challenge participants, please contact Jill Petersen at 206-683-5225.

About Bodybuilding.com

Bodybuilding.com[17] offers more than 11,500 health and fitness supplements and accessories to help over 26 million people every month achieve their health, fitness, and appearance goals. This online powerhouse gives users more than 35,000 pages of FREE information, including more than 25,000 articles and 10,000 videos, expert online trainers, and new content added daily.

BodyBuilding.comsm and BodySpace are trademarks of BodyBuilding.com, LLC

MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE:http://www.businesswire.com/cgi-bin/mmg.cgi?eid=50770869&lang=en[19]


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  1. Reply

    Give Me Some Bodybuilding Tips Please? I’m into bodybuilding and I want to get bigger so I would like it if you more experienced guys can give me some bodybuilding tips.

    1. Reply

      To get bigger you are going to need to eat more, at least 500 – 1000 calories more then your needed daily intake. Now, you should be getting these calories from solid whole food especially meat and don’t be eating any processed rubbish as you want to eat the foods which still have all the nutrients in them.

      You are also going to need to work hard in the gym and I recommend going three times each week and doing compound exercises to develop an all round physique.

      Oh and be patient 🙂

  2. Reply

    What Are Some Bodybuilding Tips To Gain Muscle? I’m 19 years old. I want to gain muscle! Any tips on gaining muscle? What helps you? How do you stay motivated?

  3. Reply

    Where Can I Get Good Bodybuilding Tips? I want to start bodybuilding but I don’t know where to start. Im just away to join a gym, but I dont really know what sort of diet and supplements I should have in conjunction with working out?

    thanks in advance

    1. Reply

      Gaining muscle takes the same amount of focus and preparation as
      losing weight. Some important facts about gaining muscle:

      •You can’t necessarily gain muscle without gaining some fat as well.
      •There are no magic foods, powders or pills that will allow you to
      gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Some people can do this
      naturally (again, the genes), but most will gain some fat along with
      the muscle
      •Your body is very different from a bodybuilder–trying to gain mass
      to look like them is not the best idea. They have different muscle
      fibers than you and some may even be getting a little help from
      illegal substances.
      •If you’re a teenager, you’ll have a hard time changing your body
      dramatically. It’s changing constantly and it will change even more as
      the years pass.
      •Gaining weight requires eating more and lifting more
      Gaining muscle requires that you eat more calories than you burn. For
      those with high metabolisms, that may seem impossible, but if you try
      a few of these tricks, you’ll find that adding calories to your day is
      easier than you think:

      •Choose calorie-rich foods like granola, bagels, biscuits, avocados,
      olives, corn, meat, nuts, peanut butter, milk, yogurt and cheese.
      •Add extra calories to your meals by using milk instead of water for
      soups, sauces and hot cereals.
      •Sprinkle powdered milk into casseroles.
      •Add calorie-rich foods (like avocado, cheese and dressing) to
      sandwiches and salads
      •Mix beans, meat or cheese into pasta or side dishes
      •Snack on yogurt, shakes, crackers and dip
      •Keep a food diary for a week or so to get an idea of what you’re
      eating and where you can add more calories
      The trick is to add calories without adding too much saturated fat.
      You can also consider downing smoothies or meal replacement shakes in
      between meals.

      Lift, Lift, Lift

      Once you get your calories under control, you need to start lifting
      weights. This will help you gain more muscle and help minimize the
      amount of fat you gain (although you should expect to gain some fat as
      well). Folks trying to gain muscle should:
      •Lift heavy. This means lifting enough weight that you can only
      complete about 6-8 repetitions of each exercise. The last few reps
      should be difficult–the last one should be really hard, but not
      •Have longer recovery periods between sets
      •Have more recovery days between workouts
      •Use spotters to avoid injury
      •Continue with cardio, but keep it at maintenance level–around 2-3
      days of cardio a week to keep your heart in shape
      •Start with a full body program 2-3 nonconsecutive days a week, if
      you’re a beginner. Allow your body a few weeks to get used to lifting
      weights before you tackle more intense routines.

  4. Reply

    What Are Some Tips For Gaining Mass And Weight? When i say tips i want more than just “eat”or work out”, i know that. What i am looking for are good foods, supplements, which can supply my body with enough protein to get that puny factor out of me. As for working out, i would just like tips on how long i should spend at gym, when the best time is..certain things like that which can do increase the rate of gaining muscle.

    thanks guys!

    1. Reply

      To gain weight you need to eat lots of healthy calories, so here’s a bunch of good random tips for doing that.

      Overall, you need to make sure your nutrition, training, and recovery are all adequate, so here’s a good directory of articles about what you need to know.

    • Sam
    • January 4, 2014

    Can Protein Powder Help Me Building Big Muscles? I am frm india
    i have joined gym frm 2 months.my body is a little weaker..gym trainer r suggest me to take protein powder and told me surely i can grow my grow my body and muscles within 1 month by regular intake of powder.and i want to grow my body much batter.is it true that protein powder realy works effectively?plz suggest me any protein powder name.nd how much it cost per kilo?plz give me bodybuilding tips and diet.

    1. Reply

      Hi, The most common two types you are likely to have come across are whey and soy protein powder. There are differences in the biological values of the two types, with whey protein coming from animal sources, but whey protein powder side effects are essentially the same as soy protein powder side effects.
      This can cause two problems:

      The first is that too much protein in the kidneys will increase the acidity level of your blood; this reacts with the calcium in your body and makes the bones weaker – increasing your muscle mass at the same time as weakening your bones is an easy way to injury yourself badly.

      The second is the extremely painful condition of kidney stones. If you think recovering after a tough workout hurts, try developing kidney stones. It is clearly something you want to avoid and just another reason to consume only the recommended intake of protein each day.

      Protein powder side effects are real, but as discussed, it should be remembered that they usually only develop when the user consumes far too much. If you are a beginner at the gym, the best way to gauge is to see how much weight you gain each week. A beginner, who follows a good workout schedule and leaves enough rest time between workouts, can expect to gain about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. If you find that you are not, gradually increase your protein intake.

      Take care men… don’t take protein powder.

  5. Reply

    What Is The Best Fitness And Bodybuilding Webste? I am looking for a good web site that has alot of tips and work out stuff.Like diffrent work outs and excercises.Not justr about working out but like a information resource.

    1. Reply

      There are many. Here are the three main ones I use:


  6. Reply

    Can I Have Some Tips On Eating Healthier And Exercising More? Sometimes I overeat and I dont get the right amount of exercise I need. Can I please have some tips on eating less and different types of exercises to work my stomach, thighs, and booty.

    1. Reply

      Okay you should listen to music while you workout to motivate you.
      if you want exercises go to http://www.bodybuilding.com, click on Supersite, then look to your left and under Supersite click on Exercises

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