How to Build Big Arms with Serge Nubret’s Old School Arm Workout

The most important thing about old school training methods is how many times a week you should work each muscle group to build muscle as fast as possible.

For most people once a week is not enough, as the muscle will have already atrophied by the time a full week has passed. Three times a week will lead to over training, but twice a week seems to work best for most people.

It’s the same for your arms, if you want them to grow fast you need to work them two times each and every week.

Don’t just work heavy for low reps, also do some lighter high rep work to pump your arms to the max.

One of the best from the golden age of bodybuilding was Serge Nubret who was well known for his perfectly sculpted body and massive arms.

Serge did not believe in low reps or training to failure, instead he used super strict form and did high reps and high sets.

Here is the workout he did back in the day…

Serge Nubret Arm Workout

Barbell curl superset with Lying triceps press
DB concentration curl superset with Pressdowns

Serge worked his arms at a quick pace; he would do 10 to 12 sets for biceps and 10 to 12 sets for triceps all in about 20 minutes.

After his arms were fully pumped rather than go on to another body part he world rest for up to an hour to keep the muscles full of blood, then after the hours rest he would work the next muscle group.

This article by Paul Becker was published with his permission. Paul, a bodybuilder and fitness expert, is the owner and operator of Click the link to his website for more bodybuilding tips

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