Angharad23 Published Is It Safe To Exercise When Pregnant?

Pre and post natal fitness expert

Lucie Brand offers some easy to follow tips for safe and effective pregnancy

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With so many articles going round about what is safe for

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women and what isn’t safe for women, whilst they are pregnant. Thankfully

exercise is one of the factors that are safe for women. Depending on your

fitness level should determine on how your exercise regime changes, listen to

your body! If you feel tired, dizzy or sick then stop working out! Always make

sure you keep hydrated, don’t overheat and you should be able to maintain a

conversation throughout your workout. If you can speak then slow down Mammas!

Here are some tips on how to exercise safely throughout your[4]


Pregnancy isn’t the best time to take up a new

activity. That doesn’t mean you can’t

start walking or swimming or even a gentle run but running a marathon, contact sport or

becoming a pro skier are advised against! Save being action Mamma until after

the birth!

Don’t overdo it.

Remember your body is going to be constantly changing over the next 9

months and now is the time to listen to your body! If you haven’t trained

before build up slowly and only push yourself further once your body is in

better shape. Start with maybe 15-20

minutes 5 days a week and build up as you feel fitter.

Keep your pregnancy exerciselevels moderate. The aim

is to maintain your fitness levels rather than improving them or reaching a

massive fitness goal! The talk test is the best way to determine if you are

working to hard. Go with a friend or your husband and if you cant maintain a

conversation you are pushing yourself to hard.

Be sure to warm up! Warming up and cooling down is vital before

any workout but even more important when you’re pregnant to help prevent

injury. Spend at least 10 minutes

before you start your pregnancy workout[5] with a whole body warm up to make sure your

blood is delivering oxygen to your muscles.

Walk around, move your arms and stretch out, areas to focus on are arms, calves and the front and back of your


Cool down!

At the end of the session take 20 mins to cool your body down, with a

range of stretching and light movement such as walking either outside or on the

treadmill depending on your workout location.

Stay fuelled.

You wouldn’t expect a car to run with no petrol so why you expect your

body to! You will have far more energy whilst working out, stuck for energising

snacks or meals? Check out our recipes[6] for more ideas!

Drink plenty of fluid. Small sips of water are best so keep a bottle

of water handy.

Keep cool.

Pregnant women can overheat quite easily so exercise outdoors or in an

air conditioned room wherever possible.

Moisture-wicking exercise clothes will help wick sweat away from your body and

keep you cooler.

Avoid exercises that involve you lying on your

front after the first trimester and avoid lying on your back after 28 weeks[7] (earlier if you feel dizzy or nauseous) it puts too much pressure on the blood

flow to our womb and an increase in your own blood pressure.

Give yourself a day off from cardio-vascular

exercise at least once a week your body will need the break. Just enjoy a day of relaxation or no more

than a few gentle stretches.[8]

The extra pressure on your bladder can make

vigorous exercise more of a challenge make sure you allow for plenty of loo

breaks and include pelvic floor exercises[9]as part of your daily routine to help avoid

any embarrassing leaks

Dress comfortably. Avoid clothes that restrict

your movement and especially ones that put pressure on your bump. Ideally choose stretchy clothes that expand

as you grow and support your bump and breasts.

Ask a professional[10]. Make sure everything is ok with your

pregnancy before you start any regular exercise routine and if you have any

concerns talk to your doctor or midwife.

If you take any fitness classes mention to your teacher you are pregnant

so they can adapt the routines for you.

If you

have any other questions or fancy a chat with one of our professionals head

over to our forum[11] and ask away!


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    • Gem
    • October 22, 2013

    Does Anyone Know Any Fitness Tips That Work? Short fitness tips that really work would be very helpful, thanks.

    1. Reply

      To stay fit or become?

      Becoming fit requires motivation and determination. Eating healthy and regular exercise.
      Try avoiding fast food places at all times; don’t skip breakfast (most essential meal of the day).
      Hope this link will help you:

  1. Fitness Tips To Prepare To Join The Army? I want to join the army, and I would like some fitness tips so I can whip my butt into shape. I’m almost 16 right now, and I’m not really in shape. Any advice from people who have any kind of military experience would be great, or if you just know some tips. Thanks!

    1. Reply

      Hey man,

      You will need to build mental toughness more than anything, but you will learn that once you join.

      you should start out by doing 200-300 push-ups, 200-300 sit-ups, and 50-100 pull-ups everyday. It does not have to be all at once.

      You will need to get your general fitness levels up. The best way to do that is by doing this

      Jumping jacks-30 seconds
      shuffle splits- 30 seconds
      mountain climbers- 30 seconds
      burpess 30 seconds.

      repeat that 3-4 times. Before joining the army you should be doing that for 30 minutes a day.

      That should help you get started. If you have anymore questions, please ask.

      Good luck.

      Danny lupiani

  2. Reply

    Any Fitness Tips For People With Asthma? Just need some fitness tips to help with my asthma. I want to be able to run for a longer period and have an overall better fitness level. I start losing my breath after about 1 minute of running. Any ideas and tips would be very much appreciated : )

    1. Reply

      First, you have to choose a certain kind of exercise that they really can handle well. Some exercise that might be great choice for asthma sufferers are walking, swimming, riding a bike, as well as hiking. These kinds of exercise needs less physical move than tennis, hockey, gymnastics, long distance running, and many other else. You could also consult their doctors to choose the most appropriate type of exercise for you.

      Second, you can take advantage of your inhaler. You can use your inhaler about 15 minutes before you start to exercise. Besides, makes sure that your inhaler is always close enough to you. You will never know when the attack might hit you. Therefore, providing inhaler as first aid near you is very important.

      Third, breathing through your nose during the exercise is also important. Mouth breathing tends to trigger asthma attack since it causes you to inhale cold air right into the bronchial tube. In contrary, the air that you heal will be filtered well when you are breathing through your nose. Besides, nose breathing also allows the air to be warmer before reaching the lungs.

      The fourth thing you need to do is looking for a certain area that free from pollutions and allergens. However you should also avoid area with too many trees or grass. Then, you should also be aware of the symptoms of asthma that occur during the exercise. If you feel very tired and your chest begins to be tightening, you should be notice that those are the initial symptoms of asthma. Usually, those symptoms will be followed by wheezing. Stop doing any physical activity when these symptoms occur.

      By following those tips, asthma sufferers could still have exercise with less risk of asthma attack. Do not let asthma attack prevent you to have regular exercise activity.

  3. Reply

    What Are Your Best Tips To Live A Healthy Life? Health tips in any area would be great. Especially what foods to eat, fitness tips, avoiding colds or being sick, and being happier.

    Sorry it’s so broad, but I just wanted some really good tips or secrets, or anything. Thanks!

    1. Reply

      One has to be happy, not worry about everything little thing that goes wrong, think of others who have life a lot worse or the ones who are gone who whould like to swich with you, but most importantly, you must cleanse your body of toxins and take suppliments.

  4. Reply

    Anyone Know Some Good Fitness Tips? I’m really bad at running, and I would like to loose a few pounds, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some simple fitness tips? Just a simple fitness regime, please.

    1. Reply

      Avoid elevators and escalators,,
      climb stairs,, walk long distances every single day.
      hour of cardio at your target heart rate every day.
      stretch properly afterwards or you wont want to come back tomorrow which blows the whole plan.

      good luck

    • Isy
    • October 22, 2013

    I Want To Lose A Few Kilos But Not A Heap, Dieting And Fitness Tips..? I weigh 58 kilos, and I don’t really want to lose too much weight, maybe 5 or 6 kilos, but I mostly just want to tone up. Do you know any dieting/fitness tips? I’m going to the gym 5 times a week, and on the days I’m not there I’m going for a run. Any tips on what to spend my time on at the gym? Thank you x

    1. Reply

      Dear Isy,

      One thing you need to understand is that you have to work hard if you want to change the shape of your body. That means a balance of medium-high intensity cardio exercise along with challenging strength training workouts.

      For weight loss, you’ll need to get about 5 cardio workouts each week at a medium-high intensity for at least 30 minutes. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start slow and work your way up but, if you’re in good condition and have no restrictions, challenging yourself with harder workouts is the best way to burn more calories. Interval training is a good choice because studies show you continue to burn calories even after you’ve stopped exercising.

      In addition to your cardio workouts, you’ll need to lift weights for all your muscle groups at least 2 non-consecutive days a week. And, by lifting weights, that means using enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired number of reps. For example, if you’re doing 12 bicep curls, you need to use enough weight that you can only do 12 bicep curls and not one more. Most people don’t lift enough weight to really challenge their muscles.

      What you need to engage in is a well balanced all rounded diet with considerable physical exertion over a prolonged time period. Food can be broken down into 5 major groups. These groups are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and water. The body needs varying amounts of these types of food so that the adequate amount of nutrients is supplied to the body. A well-balanced diet does not mean an equal amount of each type of food, as our body requires more of some nutrients than others.

      Each type of food plays a significant role in our body but excesses or deficiencies of certain types of food can also harm the body and produce a negative impact on our health.

      It is very important that we know how much of each type of food we are supposed to consume and that we eat in a sensible way. This means eating regular meals at “least” three times a day and drinking plenty of water, but what I would suggest is breaking it down to 5 smaller meals a day and having your last solid meal before 6pm after that you are only allowed to have pure low fat milk a mug or two would be a good idea to cut down on excessive cravings.

      Hope this answers your question.

Leave a Reply