10 Ways To Win At Weight Loss In 10 Minutes Or Less

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Tired of crazy crash diets, diet pills and weight loss gimmicks that don’t work? I definitely was! Before I became a fitness expert and wellness coach, I struggled to lose the excess 40 pounds I was carrying around. After trying to overhaul my entire lifestyle by following (and failing) numerous restrictive diets and intense workout programs, I started to think small. And once I did that, I finally began to get results! Focusing on bite-sized pieces is what helped me finally lose the weight — and keep it off. Here are some of my favourite 10-minute-or-less tips from my book, Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan[1], to help you start losing the weight for good.

1. Take a 10-minute time out You may think that in order to lose weight, you need to do more — more activity, more cooking, more organising, more planning — but sometimes the best thing you can do for your waistline (and sanity) is less. Take a 10-minute breather from your busy life and do absolutely nothing. Turn off the phone, the TV, the computer, ask your husband to watch the kids, and spend 10 full minutes with your eyes closed relaxing and taking deep breathes.

Why is this so crucial for weight loss? Stress produces a hormone called cortisol which can increase your appetite. Think about it: When you’re anxious, do you crave sugary, high fat foods? Or do you snack mindlessly when you feel really stressed out? Studies show that meditating on a regular basis — even for just a brief period of time — can help reduce your stress levels so it doesnt sabotage your weight loss.

2.  Cut 100 calories It can be overwhelming to cut out a large amount of calories from your daily diet, and even harder to cut entire food groups, like carbs. So forget trying to completely overhaul your diet and keep it simple: slash just 100 calories at each meal. Thats the butter on your toast, a tablespoon of mayo on your sandwich or the 10 croutons in your salad. Cutting out a total of 300 calories spread out over three meals can take off almost three pounds this month alone, even if you dont change anything else about your lifestyle (though I know you will!).

3. Sneak in 10 minutes of exercise When you have a busy schedule, hitting the gym for an hour a day is next to impossible, but that doesnt mean you cant fit in fitness. Studies show that squeezing in 10-minute shots of exercise throughout your day can be just as effective — if not more — than one longer session. Before your morning shower, try a quick strength circuit of any five of these bodyweight exercises (repeating the circuit twice). Take a 10-minute walk at lunch and skip or jump rope with the kids for 10-minutes in the afternoon. Breaking exercise down into smaller-sized sessions can be more manageable to fit into an already overscheduled day.

4. Take 10 to plan ahead The saying goes, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’, and it’s especially true when it comes to weight loss. Theres no need to spend tons of time or energy pre-planning for weeks in advance — simply take 10-minutes out each evening to take a look at your calendar for the next day to anticipate any challenges that might arise, like a breakfast meeting with bagels and pastries, and think about what you can do to deal with them. For example, prep some ingredients for a smoothie the night before to enjoy at that morning meeting without derailing your diet.

5. Cook your own dinner Want to know one of the fastest, easiest ways to slash calories? Cook dinner at home at least six days a week, even if you’re dining solo. For most of us, dinner is our largest meal of the day, making it one of the biggest opportunities to overdo your calorie intake. According to a recent study, a whopping 96 percent of restaurant mains exceed the USDAs daily limits for calories, fat and sodium — and thats in just one meal! Dining at home means you can control exactly what goes into your food and how much of it you eat. And you dont have to spend hours in the kitchen. There are tons of healthy meals[2] you can whip up in less time than it takes to order a takeaway! Here are 10 healthy meals you can make in 10-minutes or less to get you started.

6. Keep a kitchen curfew While some experts Ive interviewed argue that your body cant tell what time it is when you eat, other evidence seems to suggest otherwise: A 2011 study published in the journal Obesity that found that eating after 8pm may cause weight gain. One thing that is for sure, if you have a tendency to plop down in front of the TV at night and mindlessly munch on a few extra hundred calories, you can easily pack on the pounds. Creating a kitchen curfew of 8 or 9pm is an effective way to curb late night eating habits and save you on average, about 250 calories a day.

7. Outsmart cravings with a 10-minute walk Cravings. We all get them and we all know how tough it is not succumb! They strike without warning, often at the worst moments. Next time you get that urge to eat a chocolate bar, try going for a 10-minute walk around the block instead. Several studies show that moderate exercise, like walking, may actually help reduce food cravings. If you still really want that treat once you’re back, eat it and enjoy it; but chances are your craving will pass after a short bout of physical activity.

8. Hit the hay 10 minutes earlier tonight According to recent studies, sleep may be as crucial to weight loss as diet and exercise. When your body doesnt get enough sleep, the hormones that control hunger and satiety get out of balance, causing you to eat more. One study even found that women who were well rested weighed 10 pounds less than their sleep-deprived counterparts. You don’t have to turn in at an unrealistic hour, simply head to bed 10 minutes earlier tonight. Gradually keep turning back the clock each week until youve adjusted to your ideal bedtime and are logging in enough sleep, which most experts agree is between 7-9 hours a night.

9. Wear more comfortable clothes and shoes If you don’t have a dress code at work, you can burn off exercise-free calories throughout the day by wearing comfy clothes like jeans or khakis, sport shirts and soft-soled shoes. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin found that when subjects wore more casual attire during their workday they took about 491 more steps per day, burning up an extra 25 calories. It may seem minor but slashing small amounts of calories here and there adds up, and cuts your daily calorie intake without much effort. Id say this is a pretty simple, sweat-free way to fend off the middle-age spread. If your workplace doesnt allow jeans, look for dressier clothes that still allow for plenty of movement so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

10. Take a 10-minute time out from your TV A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body in rest — well, tends to stay that way. Im not saying you have to give up your TV time at the end of the day, but pressing pause (thank goodness for Sky Plus) for just 10 minutes for every hour of viewing to get up and move around can go a long way. Cant bear to wait to see what happens? Take a quick spin around the living room during each commercial break. The average 150 pound woman burns about 75 calories walking in place for 10 minutes. Add that to those 25 calories you burned wearing comfy clothes, and you’ve just cut 100 calories a day. Not bad!


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    • Jazz
    • October 4, 2013

    What Are Some Weight Loss Tips And Ways To Appear Thinner? I am a teenager with a problem and I need help so please help me… I’m  desperate. I have Lupus and when it flares up I have to take prednisone which causes weight gain. I want a higher self esteem. Please, can someone give me some weight loss tips like high calorie burning excersices, health food, some sort of plan and also tips to appear thinner. Thanks!

      • HealthNut
      • October 4, 2013

      There are some good tips listed in the answers, here are a few more. Recent studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast will increase energy during the day and act as a natural weight suppressant. Have listed an article on using eggs as a weight loss food. Tracking your daily food intake and daily exercise will help a lot in determining how much you are really eating and working off each day. Have also noted a article that list a few easy ways to work exercise into your routine.

  1. Reply

    Weight Loss Tips And Help On Loosing Weight Ready For Prom? Im 15 and hopefully going to prom in the first week of July, as im British we only get 1 prom so its really important to me that i look nice 🙂
    Im very overweight at the moment, last week i weighed 12stone 9lbs (177 pounds) and now i weigh 12 stone 5lbs (173 pounds) but i know it won’t be like this every week.
    Are there any weight loss tips that can help me? I currently only eat 3 meals a day and 1200 cals as recommened on my app.
    Also what weight roughly should i be in July by your weight loss ideas?
    BQ- Im tanned, fat (hopefully not soon) and has long brown hair any ideas on what the dress could be?

    Thank you so much!

      • HealthNut
      • October 4, 2013

      First off, have a great time at the prom! Secondly, you want to get to that lower weight doing it healthy. 1200 is a reasonable amount of calories, but I’m pretty sure those calories are not coming from all the nutrients your body needs. You don’t want your weight loss coming to a crashing halt! I know all about the crazy diets out there. You don’t have to spend ANY money on a quick fix or gimmick that may not work or work only for a few weeks. I have been on a natural eating plan and I lost 50 pounds in about 5 months. You’re younger, it may be faster. I also incorporated lots of exercise to burn more fat. This way of eating is called Paleo, or the Cave Diet. Eat everything your ancestors ate! If mother nature made it, eat it, if man made it, don’t touch it! It’s as simple as that. Go to the Cave Diet link below. You will lose weight, feel happier, glow from the inside out. Good luck!

  2. Reply

    Does Anyone Know Any Good Weight Loss Tips? I’ve been struggling for the past few months to drop the last few pounds I need to fit in my cheer uniform from last year. Does anybody know any good, fast, sufficient weight loss tips that can help me drop 10-15 pounds by at least January? Please help!

      • HealthNut
      • October 4, 2013

      The best advice I could ever give you is losing weight takes time. If you’ve tried and failed many times (which is what I am going through), you have to start slowly. Maybe start cutting out bad things in your diet little by little. You can’t expect to go from eating sugary processed foods and not exercising much to extreme healthy eating and exercising 7 days a week in one day, or even one week. You have to learn to control yourself and that means start small and keep everything under control. Another VERY important thing to remember is to NEVER EVER EVER give up! No matter if you go a whole week eating junk foods and not exercising, that does not mean you have to give up and never reach your goals. Just think, well, next week I’ll do better and get back on track. You have to believe you can do it. You have to want it for yourself and no one else.

      Exercise at least 5 times per week. I suggest strength training and cardio. Let’s say Monday you walk/run for 30 minutes, then Tuesday you would do push ups and sit ups and planks, and squats and then take a break Wednesday and start back up on Thursday.

      As far as your eating you really need to watch what you eat! That is the most important step. Portion control is important. If you normally get a big dinner, then cut the amount of food you get in half and that will help a lot. Another way is to get your plate and only eat 3/4 of the food you have on your plate.

      Eating healthy, lean meats, whole grain breads, and staying away from sugary things and high calorie foods. Always remember that cutting out something bad with something healthy really makes a difference. Drinking sodas and eating candy bars is empty calories. If you replace those things with a whole grain waffle or one small piece of dark chocolate it will really help.

  3. Reply

    What Are Some Good Work Out Routines And Weight Loss Tips For A 16 Year Old Male? I’m a 16 year old male and I am about 6foot 2 and weight around 185-190lbs. I was wondering what a good work out routine I can start and any good weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • October 4, 2013

      Just get into the habit of swimming every day or two and stick to it.

      Also for a normal (non drastic) diet that works you might want to see:

  4. Reply

    What Websites Have Good Weight Loss Tips? Does anyone know of any websites that have helpful (and free!!) weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • October 4, 2013

      Try this AWESOME diet program — “Spark People”. It’s a FREE website (www.sparkpeople.com) that actually works!! It’s SOOO helpful in losing weight, finding exercises, and tracking your progress! It is run by nutritionists, and it encourages a healthy/balanced diet (no fads!). You can track food eaten, read articles about nutrition, exercise, and motivation, talk to experts, receive motivation from other dieters, look up exercises that will work for you, and SO much more! I belong to it and LOVE it!!!! Please check it out – you won’t be disappointed!!!!

      If you join, please state that I (matcm81) referred you. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!

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