Live A Healthy Life, You Need It!

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A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. When we look after our physical health, we feel better too fit, more relaxed and better able to cope with situation and circumstances. This is especially important when you want to live long.

There are many ways of being healthy that feel good as well as do you good. According to the World Health Oganisation, healthy living means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introducing habits that improve your health. Its about enjoying yourself without risking your health. Its what you eat and drink; sleeping well and managing stress. Its about practising safe sex, drinking alcohol responsibly and not abusing drugs. Its about being physically active and staying connected with others.

Its taking responsibility for your overall health, including having regular check-ups for your eyes and teeth. Its about feeling fitter physically, mentally and emotionally.

The benefits of living a healthy life are numerous, but why do many people find it difficult to do?

Healthy living expert on about.com, Paige Whearner, says most people would rather see a doctor than adopt a healthy lifestyle due to the overwhelming changes it involves.

She states, Healthy living requires lots of change and change also requires tremendous energy. To be healthy, you have to exercise, which changes your schedule, how you move your body and even your budget, if you join a gym.

You have to change how you shop, how you eat, how you cook and how you spend your time every day. After wrestling with those changes day after day some of them completely foreign to you you may feel exhausted, frustrated and confused.

Whearner says one must not give up, as living a healthy life is the best way to increase ones chance of having a quality and long life. To help you start living well today, experts on livewell.com have broken it into 10 simple steps as follows:

Check your weight: Nearly two in 10 women and four in 10 men are overweight globally. Obesity causes 9,000 premature deaths every year and, on average, reduces life expectancy by nine years. Use a BMI calculator to find out if youre a healthy weight or whether youre at risk of serious health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. If you need to bring your weight down through diet and exercise, please do so.

Drink less: Most people are unaware that regularly drinking more alcohol than is advised can lead to a wide range of long-term health problems, including cancers, strokes, and heart attacks. For example, men who regularly drink more than three to four units a day are three times more likely to have a stroke. Alcohol is not too good for the body; consider the health risks before you take another bottle.

Eat less salt and fat: Excessive salt and fat in diet is a major cause of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Too much salt in your food can cause high blood pressure and make you three times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke.

Exercise regularly: The benefits of exercise arent limited to losing weight. Even if youre slim, youll still get health benefits from exercising. Even a small amount of regular activity can lower the risk of developing major chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes by up to 50 per cent. Regular exercise can cut the risk of premature death by 20-30 per cent.

Eat more fruit and vegetables: For a healthy and balanced diet, try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Research shows that eating at least 400g of fruit and vegetables a day can lower your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Keep stress in check: Between 2010 and 2011, around 400,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill. Psychological problems, including stress, are the underlying reason for one-in-five visits to the doctor. If left unchecked, stress can lead to further health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Learn to manage stress better with rest and exercise.

Improve your sleep: Nearly everyone has problems sleeping at some point in their life. Most healthy adults sleep for an average of seven to nine hours a night. If youre not getting enough sleep, it can affect your relationships, your performance at work, and it can delay recovery from illness.

Quit smoking: The health benefits of quitting smoking are immediate. After 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. After 24 hours, your lungs start to clear. After three days, you can breathe more easily, and your energy increases. Keep it up and youre adding years to your life. Research shows that people who quit smoking by the age of 30 add 10 years to their life.

Get a sexual health test: Many people dont notice any symptoms when they have a sexually transmitted infection, such as Chlamydia or gonorrhoea. If left untreated, Chlamydia can affect a womans ability to get pregnant. You cant tell by looking at someone whether theyve got an infection; so its important to get a check-up if youve ever had unprotected sex. Getting tested and treated for STIs is easier than you think, and most infections can be cured.

Check that lump: One in 20 people in the world would be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their life, according to the Cancer Care Registry. Cancer usually affects older people, but it can occur at any age. Detecting most cancers early means that treatment is more likely to be successful. Sometimes, noticing a small change, like a lump, changes to a mole, or unexplained weight loss, can make a big difference to your health. Women should do personal breast examination more often.

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  1. Reply

    Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle Important In School? I need some ideas about Why a healthy lifestyle is important in school. I have to have an answer in less than 1000 words. Applying for college scholarship. Thanks in advance!

      • HealthNut
      • October 3, 2013

      You need a healthy lifestyle in school to concentrate on your studies. You need to be able to focus for one thing. You also need to plenty of rest, and a good diet.

  2. Reply

    How The Computer Is Supporting Us In Our Healthy Lifestyle? How do computer helps people in their healthy lifestyle? How can The computer help people? Is it from websites? advertisements? I need it really badly. How can the computer is supporting to improve our healthy lifestyle. in what ways? How can computer promote the quality of healthy lifestyle. How can computer convince people to stop unnecessary things like drugs or alcohol? How can computer HELP us?
    AT least 6-8 points would do. thank you.

      • HealthNut
      • October 3, 2013

      The computer is not a healthy lifestyle for people. It programs us to thinking we can find everything on here. Jobs, pay bills, shop, everything! We can do that ourselves and it seems technology is taking the chores away from us, that can be easily done by human themself. The computer can help us though when we need to find information, imformation fast. Websites help us retain information, advertisements are just like commericals there just trying to sell or maniupulate us to buy whatever their advertising. The computer is not improving our healthy lifestyle. Peoples eyes can go out of sight and hurt very badly(like mine and i’m only 15 years old.) from years and years staring at the computer. The worst thing to stare at is a computer screen — I don’t know why I still do it for hours at end, but I do. The computer will never promote the quality of healthy lifestyle, its just not possible. The computer can convince people to stop drugs and alcohol but if you think about it would you rather have an obsession over the computer for hours at the day, you have to be near the computer you have to be on it then doing drugs or alcohol? The computer is just as bad addiction as alcohol and drugs. The computer cannot HELP us other then give us fast information when we need it. The computer although has so much information and so many untrusted sites you never know if what your reading is a lie. And I hope I get 10 points because I just wasted my time answering this long question, I hope you weren’t just asking this for the heck of this — I hope it was for some essay lol.

      Take care bye

  3. Reply

    How Can I Keep Up My Healthy Lifestyle Over Easter? I have been trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, build fitness and lose a little fat. But I am surrounded by Easter treats, mum has been baking loads, have Easter eggs from family and my bf wants to get me an Easter egg too. Don’t get me wrong, I love how sweet everyone is being, but all of this will just make me I’ll. What should I do?

      • HealthNut
      • October 3, 2013

      If you’d like me to be honest, I think that the healthiest lifestyles include enjoying things. So every now and then, let go of the fact that “something will make me fat” and enjoy it. I think that often as people we give up a large part of living just to stay skinny. I used to be that way, and as much as I told myself it was worth it, it really wasn’t. Enjoy it, and don’t go on a guilt trip over it.

      That being said, there are several things you can do to avoid extra treats. Stay away from the kitchen as much as possible, as well as where things are being served. When you get things, get just a small bit. I’ve noticed that with a lot of sweetbreads and cakes and such, a very thin slice takes just as long to eat as a thick one and is usually just as satisfying. If not, you can even get a second (which, sliced thinly enough, is still smaller than the thick slices would be). Another trick I’ve learned is “sharing”–if it is a roll or whatever, just eat half of it and “share” the other half with someone else (maybe someone else who either just wants half, or someone who wants more than one).

      Enjoy Easter!

    • Bob
    • October 3, 2013

    What Are Some Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Make? So I’ve started drinking more water. I drink Green, White, and Chai tea. I also bought the stainless steel water bottle, and I bike for about 20-30 minutes a day. I consider these healthy lifestyle changes. I was wondering if you could provide more suggestions along these lines.

      • HealthNut
      • October 3, 2013

      There are 5 elements in a healthy lifestyle.

      1. food
      2. exercise
      3. sleep
      4. happiness
      5. extra healthy things

      1. Food, we don’t really know that much about nutrition, we do know a blanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is good for you. Meat is pretty good, if it is lean and not eaten too often….ideally I might eat meat once or twice a week. A good healthy diet can include some indulgences.
      2. Exercise, you should do some. Though I don’t recommend routine exercise, cycle 2 or 3 times a week, join a social sports club, eg, tennis, go hiking on weekends, swimming is one of the best exercises for the whole body. If you vary your exercise, then you will enjoy it more and do more.
      3. Sleep. A lot of evidence says if you don’t get enough sleep you will have problems, eat more, metabolise your food differently and die young.
      4. Be happy, enjoy your life. Drink dance, eat chocolate, but not all day, everyday.
      5. Then there are all the little extras. eg, green tea (there is no such things as Chai tea….chai means tea, it is an indian word derived from the chinese word Cha, meaning tea), red wine, brocollie and beetroot, lots of things than can boost your body, ginger, garlice and hundreds of other things that you can add to your diet to make things a little better.

      Don’t obsess, don’t live by a book or a routine, just be healthy.

  4. Reply

    How Will You Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle In The Future? Imagine yourself after college. You’re married with a few kids. You’re gaining a few pounds every now and then. How will you get yourself back on track into a healthy lifestyle?

      • HealthNut
      • October 3, 2013

      Minus the after college part, but I have 2 kids and am expecting the third one in a few weeks. We maintain healthy lifestyles by eating nutritious foods, lots of whole grains, fruits, veggies, and milk. We also get a lot of exercise in. Although my kids are still toddlers and I’m big as a house, everyday as a family my husband and I walk with the kids up and down the road, then when we get home my husband stays outside with the kids and plays with them while I get supper fixed. We don’t turn the TV on until after baths, forcing us to get up off the couch. Hopefully that will encourage our kids to maintain healthy lifestyles after they’re all grown up.

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