Weight Loss Secrets: 10 Tips From Skinny Women

Follow these smart strategies from svelte women to help you slim down this season.

1. Weight loss secret: Eat until you’re satisfied — not stuffed

‘Naturally slim women tend to be really in tune with their bodies,’ explains Cynthia Sass, registered dietitian and author of the book, Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches. ‘So when they eat, they honor their bodys natural signal of fullness and put their fork down, because it doesnt feel good to be overly full.’ Unfortunately, she adds, many of us are so used to dieting that weve lost touch with that internal cue — and ignoring it can lead to overeating. To better tap into this power, eat more slowly, savor your food, minimize distractions (turn off the telly) and stop munching when your level of fullness is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 (this number being uncomfortably stuffed to the gills.) The reason: By the time your brain gets the message that youre satisfied that number will have gone up a few, since it takes about 15 minutes for your stomach to relay the ‘Im full’ message to your head.

2. Weight loss secret: Be picky about what you put on your plate

‘Its a characteristic I see all the time among thin women. Theyre very aware of their likes and dislikes — and are unwilling to nibble on something just because its available,’ says Sass. ‘If they dont love it or find it worthwhile, they wont eat it.’ Your body is worth the best, most delicious food possible. And that sad-looking leftover pastry in the conference room does not quality.

3. Weight loss secret: Don’t deprive yourselfweight loss secrets

‘Many women are stuck in a diet mentality, where foods are either good or bad. But naturally slim women dont think that way. They eat what they like at all times and just have less of it than the mega-portions weve been programmed to expect, which naturally keeps calories under control,’ says Sass. A little good chocolate? Why not! A small chunk of flavorful cheese. Yes, please! Its the all-things-in-moderation idea in action. Decide if you really fancy it, eat a small amount, and enjoy it. The key words here are small amount. One slice of pizza, not three. A modest bowl of pasta, not a piling platter. Adds Sass: ‘When you give yourself permission to enjoy reasonable portions of the foods you crave, you feel more satisfied and wont binge eat as much.’

4. Weight loss secret: Get quality sleep

‘Theres such strong evidence now that inadequate sleep boosts hunger and slows your metabolism, both of which can have a huge impact on weight,’ explains celebrity nutritionist Ashley Koff. How, exactly? Research has shown that lack of sleep alters levels of hormones in the body that cause appetite to increase and satiety to decrease, so you keep eating long after your brain should have gotten the message that youre full. Experts also say the average woman needs about seven and a half hours of sleep a night. To make the most of your winks, turn off the telly, your computer and any other electronic devices an hour before bedtime; all of them amp your brain up and keep you from nodding off. And avoid alcohol for several hours prior to snooze time. Yes, it’s a sedative and may help you initially get to sleep, but booze has a rebound effect that can actually disrupt sleep — leaving you unrested in the morning.

5. Weight loss secret: Squeeze in exercise whenever you can

Sure, regular workouts can keep your weight in check, but recent research reveals a few simple routine tweaks (like using the stairs rather than the lift and walking to get lunch instead of driving) can also whittle your middle. An Iowa State University study recently found that heavy women spent half as much time on their feet as lean ladies, and that if they moved more they would burn about 300 extra calories a day — just naturally, without breaking a sweat. Do the math and thats equivalent to a 2-stone loss over the course of the year. The lesson: Sneak in a little activity whenever you can to win your weight war.

6. Weight loss secret: Don’t eat your emotionsweight loss secrets

‘Naturally slim women have outlets for stress that dont involve food,’ says Koff. It might be exercise or venting to a mate, but its not a pint of ice cream. In addition to avoiding serious caloric excess, research shows that people who are able to keep anxiety at bay tend to have lower levels of body fat than their frazzled counterparts. Why? Stress hormones have been solidly linked to weight; cortisol causes your body to go into fat storage mode and create fat cells specifically around your middle.

7. Weight loss secret: Pile your plate with veg

‘What Ive noticed over the years with clients is that the ones who are healthy and able to maintain their weight fairly easily are those who eat lots of fresh produce. At least five servings a day — the more, the better’ says Koff. The reason a lot of us choke down salads and steamed broccoli as if it were punishment, she adds, is that we havent learned how to make them delicious — with herbs, spices, a squirt of citrus or other flavor-boosting ingredients (and we dont mean butter). Its a trick that many of our skinny counterparts have figured out. So look up some recipes online and start experimenting. Bonus: You get to eat more when you load up on fruit and veg (bite for bite they have fewer calories than other foods) and their filling fiber will keep you better satisfied. A recipe for natural slimness!

8. Weight loss secret: Break for brekkie

‘Youve heard this a million times before, but you cant argue with the research. Women who skip their morning meal are more apt to make poorer food choices and overeat later in the day than those who have a good breakfast,’ says Sass. In fact, a recent British study found that people who make time to eat in the morning eat, on average, 17 percent less at lunchtime than skippers — and they had healthier metabolisms. Other research shows that people who blow off brekkie are over four times more likely to be overweight. Convinced? Good! Go for a mix of protein, a little healthy fat and fiber, says Sass. Think: Fat-free Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of slivered almonds and a handful of berries and crunchy, high-fiber cereal sprinkled on top.

9. Weight loss secret: Don’t be scared of the scalesweight loss secrets

Keeping tabs on your digits is key to successful weight maintenance. It allows you to catch yourself if you go up a couple of pounds (and make changes right away to drop them) rather than letting it get to the point where suddenly your favorite jeans dont fit, says Sass. Because its far easier to lose two pounds than 10! On caveat, she adds: Dont obsessively weigh yourself; limit your scale time to once a week, ideally at the same time of day, like in the morning, before breakfast.

10. Weight loss secret: Don’t worry about your weight

Naturally slim women dont place any value on being slim. ‘They dont see it as any form of a solution — for, say, getting a boyfriend or being happier,’ says Koff. ‘They dont look at weight as being either a help or a hindrance. Success is all about intellect, having great friends, doing well in their career[1]. It doesnt come down to the size of their waist.’ A sentiment worth remembering whenever you find yourself obsessing about the number on the scales.


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  1. Reply

    What Is Are Some Of Your Favorite Weight Loss Tips? What are some of your most succesfull weight loss tips?? I have my few that I live by, but I am looking for some tips on cutting down. Please only share different/ unique tips.
    I know about all the common ones…. lots of water lots of rest six small meals etc.

    thank you so much in advance!

      • HealthNut
      • July 14, 2013

      Hi CollegeGirl

      In my opinion, no weight loss tips are truly successful on their own. Lots of water is not necessarily a good way, because how much water a person needs depends on the BMI of the person. 6 small meals maybe hard at times, especially when you are stuck at school or office and have no chance to eat, and then you need to eat more when you have the chance. Well, dieting is a good way to lose weight, but then it is hard to stick to a diet. For example, something like this:

      2 egg, low fat Cheddar cheese omelette – 320 calories
      2 slices wholemeal toast with thin smear butter – 200 calories
      Large slice melon – 47 calories

      Spicy Turkey Salad recipe – 304 calories

      Muesli or honey nut Health Bar “Sainsbury” – 180 calories

      Baked potato with 100g “Heinz” baked beans &/or Cottage cheese if desired – 300 – 400 calories (350 average)
      Large helping salad fruits &/or vegetables – 100 calories

      Another weight loss tip is to do interval and turbulence exercise.

      Turbulence Training is a fresh plan that requires finishing three 45-minute exercise sessions each week with marginal equipment. It is an increasingly trend-setting fitness plan with the intention of helping you in the reduction of weight.

      Interval training is the fitness world’s equivalent of a visit to the in-laws. The shorter and more intense the visit, the better. An interval is a short period of exercise performed at a given intensity for a specific length of time. Each interval is separated from the next interval by a short rest or lighter activity. There are no strict rules on how long or how intense the interval must be, however, changing the interval length or intensity changes the way your body works and responds to exercise.

      But people have a short willpower. It may be strong at the beginning but will eventually fade as time goes on- as they realize that going on a diet is not actually as easy as they think it is. Of course, the strength of willpower differs from one person to another. This is the reason why there are people who can actually maintain a diet and exercise program for 1 year and there are people who can only maintain it for few months. Nonetheless, willpower is a big factor that dictates someone whether to continue losing weight or not.

      And in my opinion, besides sticking to a diet and exercise plan, it is the ultimate willpower to stop yourself from overeating that is the #1 tip to lose weight. But that is the hardest part if you are accustomed to eating lots of food even though your body does not need it. It is partly because of the delicious taste of the food causing a craving for more. There are certain ways to fight this craving ad I found one that maybe helpful. It is a type of chocolate that can actually suppress your appetite. It will can provide Good Energy that promotes a healthy weight by providing energy while burning fat. And it helps suppress cravings for sugary snacks.

      Good luck!

      PS: Information on the Special Chocolate that I mentioned can be found on the website in the source box. Recently, they are giving away a one month free trial.

  2. Reply

    What Are Some Good Work Out Routines And Weight Loss Tips For A 16 Year Old Male? I’m a 16 year old male and I am about 6foot 2 and weight around 185-190lbs. I was wondering what a good work out routine I can start and any good weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • July 14, 2013

      Just get into the habit of swimming every day or two and stick to it.

      Also for a normal (non drastic) diet that works you might want to see:

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