La Weight Loss Announces Strategies For Summer Weight Loss Success

Greensboro, North Carolina (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

Summer is a tough time for weight loss success. Though its easier to find fresh, local produce in grocery stores and farmers markets, a quick, easy salad can quickly and easily turn into a caloric disaster during summer get-togethers. Added dressings often featuring mayonnaise and oil plus out-of-control portions can ruin the best intentions.

Summer is also the most popular season for weddings, requiring men to dust off that ill-fitting suit and women to choose a dressy outfit to attend the special event. Often its a struggle to fit into special occasion clothing and this challenge only becomes more difficult after a night of eating and drinking to celebrate the new union.

But whether this summers plans involve casual or more formal get-togethers, LA Weight Loss can help keep portions in check through their unique weight-loss plans[1]. Even wise food choices can be derailed by out-of-control portion sizes. Here are a few tips to get started on the right track:

Not all chicken is equal: Though chicken seems to be the universally safe selection on a formal menu, it doesnt always mean its a healthy choice. Check out the preparation its tough to infuse flavor into skinless, boneless chicken breasts for a large group where serving isnt instantaneous. To cut calories, one has to take matters into his or her own hands and peel back the skin (and hidden fat) while pulling meat away from the bone (if there is one). Aim to pull a skinless, boneless chunk roughly the size of a deck of cards thats a proper serving size of meat protein, such as chicken.

Have good luck at a potluck: Unfortunately, theres just no good way to tell Aunt Sophie her potato salad is overdressed. A better strategy is to offer to bring at least one item from a weight-loss cookbook to every event. That way, there will always be one dish at the buffet thats sure to be a smart choice. Find inspiration in LAs Soup and Salad Cookbook. When navigating the other options on the table, look for a plain veggie or fruit tray and undressed green salad. If some of the other selections look like cant-miss items, place no more than one tablespoon-sized portion on the plate. Take a tiny bite: if it doesnt score a 10 out of 10 for taste leave the rest behind. The unnecessary calories really arent worth it, are they?

Take the guesswork out of portion control: Seeing a proper portion during everyday meals often enough will make it easier to accurately eyeball it when its not appropriate to bring a scale or portion plate to an event. To get used to what a proper portion really looks like, look to LA Weight Loss. Making good food choices and eating in moderation are the keys to losing weight the LA way. LAs Food Scale can quickly determine a four-ounce serving of fish, while LAs Chill Containers are a great way to portion out servings on the go and transport eats from fridge to lunch box to table. The dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-safe LA Right Portions Plate is an easy, convenient way to determine and divide portions of protein, carbs and greens to keep weight loss on track. For the best value, consider the handy Portion Control Kit containing LAs Soup and Salad cookbook, stainless steel water bottle, LA Chill Containers, Food Scale and Right Portions Plate. The Portion Control Kit includes all the must-have portion control tools needed to take the guesswork out of eating right amount of food.

LA Weight Loss offers a line of portion-control products to help you remain focused and stay on track, said Caroline Kolompar, Chief Marketing Officer for LA Weight Loss. Many of us begin a weight loss plan with the best intentions, but moderation and smart food choices are integral to losing the weight and keeping it off. At LA Weight Loss, we teach you how to reach your weight-loss goals with real food and an easy, convenient at-home program. Our products help keep your portions in check, resulting in weight loss success.

About LA Weight Loss

Since 1997, LA Weight Loss has helped millions of people experience long-term weight-loss success[2]. With the convenience of LAs at-home program, members lose an average of one to two pounds per week and learn how to keep it off for good. At LA Weight Loss, healthy living is not just for the rich and famous its for everyone. For more information about LA Weight Loss, visit http://www.LAWeightLoss.com[3].


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  1. Reply

    Weight Loss Tips And Help On Loosing Weight Ready For Prom? Im 15 and hopefully going to prom in the first week of July, as im British we only get 1 prom so its really important to me that i look nice 🙂
    Im very overweight at the moment, last week i weighed 12stone 9lbs (177 pounds) and now i weigh 12 stone 5lbs (173 pounds) but i know it won’t be like this every week.
    Are there any weight loss tips that can help me? I currently only eat 3 meals a day and 1200 cals as recommened on my app.
    Also what weight roughly should i be in July by your weight loss ideas?
    BQ- Im tanned, fat (hopefully not soon) and has long brown hair any ideas on what the dress could be?

    Thank you so much!

      • HealthNut
      • June 15, 2013

      First off, have a great time at the prom! Secondly, you want to get to that lower weight doing it healthy. 1200 is a reasonable amount of calories, but I’m pretty sure those calories are not coming from all the nutrients your body needs. You don’t want your weight loss coming to a crashing halt! I know all about the crazy diets out there. You don’t have to spend ANY money on a quick fix or gimmick that may not work or work only for a few weeks. I have been on a natural eating plan and I lost 50 pounds in about 5 months. You’re younger, it may be faster. I also incorporated lots of exercise to burn more fat. This way of eating is called Paleo, or the Cave Diet. Eat everything your ancestors ate! If mother nature made it, eat it, if man made it, don’t touch it! It’s as simple as that. Go to the Cave Diet link below. You will lose weight, feel happier, glow from the inside out. Good luck!

  2. Reply

    I Am 5foot 11 Inches Tall And Weight 230lb. Can Any Body Give Me Some Weight Loss Tips Or Diets? Hi. I am a 15 year old kid, who is 5’11, 230lb. And I need some weight loss tips before school starts. I work out alot. I play high school football, and competitive baseball in the summer. During football I lose all of my weight, but after that I gain all of my weight for baseball season. Please HELP!!! What can I do?

      • HealthNut
      • June 15, 2013

      No fats , no sugars and no junk food plus all the exercise you can manage ,

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