San Diego Weight Loss Trainer Reveals Top 5 Workout Tips For Brides To Be

Vishy Dadsetan, the owner of X5 Fitness Camp, a local weight loss camp in Poway, CA shares five workout tips for brides to be.

Poway, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

Vishy Dadsetan, the owner of X5 Fitness Camp, a San Diego weight loss camp[1] in Poway, CA shares five workout tips for brides to be.

According to Dadsetan, the following workout tips could help new brides to lose weight for their wedding day and keep it off long after the wedding.

Workout Tip for Brides #1 – Build Lean Muscle: Put the fear of getting bulky and muscle-bound aside and work on adding lean muscle. RMR (resting metabolic rate) indicates how much calories body burns while resting. Increase in lean muscles means higher resting metabolic rate and burning more stubborn fat 24/7. Strength training with focus on getting stronger is one of the best ways to add lean muscles.

Cool head tip – Allow an at least one-day rest between strength-training workouts.

Workout Tip for Brides #2- Get The Whole Body Involved: Think of the muscles in the body as a fat-burning army with many divisions. Some divisions are small and some large. The larger divisions destroy more fat and they do it quicker. Getting the whole army and all its divisions involved burns the most fat.

Whole body movements work best by getting glutes, thighs, lats and chest involved. Burpees are a great example of how to get glutes, thighs and chest involved.

Cool head tip Pay attention to pain and any joint limitations. Stiff ankles and wrist can destroy exercise form and cause injury. Also, many of my clients come to me with either knee, low back or shoulder injuries, which require individualized exercise modification.

Workout Tip for Brides #3- Mix In High Intensity Interval Training[2]: Burning fat needs oxygen. The more oxygen gets inside the body the more fat the body burns. A high-intensity round increases bodys need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage. Body will continue asking for oxygen and burning fat after the high-intensity round ends. A high-intensity round cannot be sustained more than about a minute. Most people can sustain it for less than 30 seconds before they need rest. So a high intensity interval training includes an almost max effort for around 30 seconds followed by an active rest period of 30 to 90 seconds.

Cool head tip Build up aerobic capacity, strong ligaments, tendons and muscles to be able to handle high intensity interval training. Injury is bad enough, but before wedding, an injury could be close to a disaster.

Workout Tip for Brides #4- Just In Time For Cardio: The heavy breathing after the high intensity interval training gets the oxygen into the body to burn the sugars. That happens fast. Now your body needs fuel, and it dumps stored fat into the bloodstream to be used. This is the perfect time to take it down a notch or three and do some low to moderate intensity aerobic training to burn the fat up before it gets out of the bloodstream and is re-stored.

Workout Tip for Brides #5- Rest & Restore: Exercise stresses the body and causes inflammation and oxidation. Rest allows it to recover and build itself to be stronger and leaner. Over-training only delays results. A good deep tissue massage will do wonders in getting toxins out of your system and restoring it.

A foam roller is an alternative to massage. Its cheap and easy to use. Spend at least five minutes after your workout to find the trigger points and knead them out. Glutes, thighs, calves and lats are the primary points of tensions so pay attention to them first.

Cool head tip Foam rollers can be painful with trigger points. Learn to tolerate and recognize the restorative pain without bruising your muscles and stay away from joints.

For more information on Brides To Be Fat Incinerator Program, a highly exclusive bridal weight loss plan[3], contact Vishy Dadsetan at http://x5fitnesscamp.com/[4] or call toll-free at (877) 348-6873. Limited spots are available and all applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and must pass a fitness test.

Vishy Dadsetan X5 Fitness Camp 877-348-6873 Email Information[5]


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    • Cwa
    • July 27, 2012

    Workout Tips? I need some workout tips to help me gain some strengh. I am 18 and planning on being a cop i just like tonight wreashled with my dad he weights about 250 and man i had a hard time . so i gonna need some tips on work out. anyone with some ideas and tips please throw them my way
    also i weigfht 150 and i am 6’2′ very tall and skinny guy!

      • HealthNut
      • July 27, 2012

      Keep it clean and simple. You need to dedicate about 4 days a week to your work out routine and about 2 hours for each work out. Each work out should start with a warm up that gets your body streched out and loosened up. This is best with cardio as that helps to build stamina (a cop needs to chase the robber). Get on the tread mill and do about a 30 min jog. Better yet, use a elipitical as this is better for your joints and helps to build “core strength” by woukingout your core muscle group.

      Next, you need to have a balanced work out that includes free weights, machines and others basics.

      Do 5 sets of 30 crunches – Bump this to 5 sets of 50 as you get better.

      Do push ups in the same # as above.

      Free weight dumb bells 5 sets of 20
      Bench press 5 sets of 10
      Use the butterfly machine and a few other machines (I forget each name)

      At the end of your workout, do another 15 mins of cardio or better yet, swiming.

      As well, you need to start eating smart. Without trying to diet, eat what you normally eat but try not to eat processed foods (hot dogs, junk foods, NO BEER).

      Good luck

    • J
    • July 27, 2012

    Workout Tips? I need some tips on how to maximize my workout. I’m 15, stand 6ft 1in, and weigh 172. I’ve got a curlbar, 60 lbs worth of weight in 10 lb ingriments, 2 15 lb dumbells, 1 35 lb dumbell, and a machine that supposedly goes up to 200 lbs to work with. What should I eat, what supplements should I drink (I’m on some whey protein that you pick up at vitamin shoppe), what execises should I do to maximize results and gain muscle and lose some weight. I’m pretty active, especially at running and weightlifting, so I’m not a beginning exerciser. I’d just like to see some better abs, bulkier biceps/triceps, a nicer back and shoulders, and most of all, a good looking chest. I really need to work on my chest and abs. It’s hard for me to get good results in those areas. So if you don’t mind, give a little help. By the way, is it okay to weightlift every week day, or should I switch between running and weightlifting daily? Been wandering about that.

      • HealthNut
      • July 27, 2012

      Alternate between running and weightlifting everyday. It’ll help your muscles and give your workout some variety. For your chest and shoulders: benchpress, benchpress, benchpress.

      Squats. Hold your arms in front of you and put your hands together. Squat down, back straight and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Start with 2 sets of 20.

      Crunches. Do 3 sets of 33 and a different kind of crunch for every set. Start by laying on the floor and propping your legs up on the mattress (cross your ankles). Do a set of 33 crunches that way. Scoot back and hold up your legs in the same position as before. Do a set of 33 that way. Now do bicycle crunches (a set of 33).

  1. Reply

    Is There An Online Site That Gives Free Workout Tips? I’m looking for a site that gives free workout tips and tips on getting abs. I don’t need a so-called “quick trick” that will supposedly get me a six-pack in 2 days. I just want tips on how to work out and what to eat to get in shape.

      • HealthNut
      • July 27, 2012

      If you want to stay in shape, you need to adopt healthy eating habits and make exercise a part of your daily life.

      How to start?

      Choose exercises you enjoy according to your fitness level. Aerobics exercises move the muscles fairly continuously and strengthen the heart and lungs. Examples of such activities are brisk walking, jogging, aerobic dancing, swimming, badminton, cycling and football.

      If you have not exercised for a long time or just started, start slowly and increase gradually over a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

      For those who are above 35 years old, overweight, or have medical problems, you need to check with a medical doctor before you embark on an exercise programme.

      Frequency or How often?

      Exercise for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week or more

      Intensity and duration?

      Do exercise until you perspire and breathe deeply without getting breathless. You should be able to talk or whistle while exercising.

      Do warm up and stretch for at least 5 minutes before exercise. Also not to forget to cool down and stretch after exercise.

Leave a Reply