Health Department Issues Tips To Handle The Heat

STILLWATER, Okla. As temperatures continue in the high 90s and low 100s this month, summer has not only brought the heat, but possible dangers with it.

Payne County Health Department issued a statement cautioning those outside to take precautions in order to avoid heat-related issues.

Among the tips the department gives is to drink more fluids no matter what you may be doing and to avoid sugary drinks or alcohol as these will lower your amount of body fluid.

Also, avoid very cold drinks, because they can cause stomach cramps, the statement said.

While summer is a time to visit the beach and to partake in activities like sports, Payne County Health Department advises to stay indoors if possible and to take frequent breaks to escape the heat.

When it comes to clothing, lightweight and light colored, loose fitting clothes are the best option, according to the departments release.

Age is a factor that needs to be considered when enjoying the summer months. Young children and infants, as well as those 65 or older, are more prone to have heat-related illnesses. The list of those more susceptible also includes those with mental and physical illnesses.

The elderly, infants and young children are at higher risk of heat-related illnesses, said Pam Dvorak, District Nurse Manager for Payne County Health Department. They may not be able to adjust to increases in air temperatures, or may take medications that decrease their ability to deal with heat.

For those who work outside or cannot avoid spending prolonged time in the sun, Dvorak suggested tips such as limiting activity to morning and evening hours if possible, taking rest in a shaded area and protecting yourself by wearing sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher with sunglasses and a hat. Many places in Stillwater will allow you to take shelter from the heat, including the Stillwater Public Library and the Salvation Army. The release also cautions against exercising in extreme heat.

Payne County residents are reminded to not leave their children or pets inside a car.

Katherine Howser has volunteered for the Stillwater Humane Society for four years. She said pets inside are generally not a concern because air conditioning and water is usually available. Pets outside are okay as long as they have shade and other care.

And plenty of water; drinking water and a pool, Howser said. Dogs dont sweat, so as long as they can cool off their entire body, theyll be good.

Howser suggests changing the pool water every hour to keep it cool. Director Jackie Ross-Guerrero also suggests keeping pets off hot pavement and sidewalks when walking. The hot surface can burn dogs paws, she said.

Shelter Director for Animal Welfare Mary Dickey spoke of city laws that protect pets in harsh temperatures.

(One law) says its unlawful to keep a pet enclosed within a vehicle or the bed of a parked truck in ambient temperature which exceeds 79 degree Fahrenheit unless that animal is enclosed within that vehicle with air conditioning on, Dickey said.

Animal cruelty laws state that pet owners cannot deprive their pets of shade and water.

Some people have a dog house and say, Theres shade, but that doesnt work because that builds up heat, Dickey said.

Owners need a tree or sun shades that attach to a fence; something a dog can get under, she said.

Dickey said many owners will be alerted to the needed changes and comply. Tickets can be $249 for those who dont.

We are not out to write tickets, Dickey said. We just want the animals to be safe.

Local Emergency Response Coordinator Priscilla Smith said a big problem is the lack of realization when it comes to what our bodies may be telling us.

Its just that we get outside and we get busy and we dont think about what our bodys needs are, Smith said.

She said its important to listen to your body and not put it off. There are telltale signs of the heats effects.

Theyre going to feel faint, Smith said. Theyre going to feel weak. They may have muscle cramps. The same kind of things athletes feel when they are on the field. Dehydration will affect your entire body.

Many will quit perspiring if affected. She said to not drink soda.

Its not really a hydrator, Smith said. You need to be sure to replenish what your body is losing.

If out on a boat or the water, effects can be worse because of the sun and heat reflecting off the water.

If people cant wear a hat for some other reason they need to put a wet towel over their head or around their neck, Smith said. The moisture and the cool air blowing through will help the body to retain moisture and keep it cooler.

For more information on the heat exhaustion and other heat related illnesses, visit http://www.ok.gov/health/.

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  1. Reply

    Health Tips? Is it bad for the health when after eating, I immediately lie to sleep?

      • HealthNut
      • July 26, 2012

      Yes it is you should wait at least 2 hours after eating before going to sleep or else the food you just ate won’t burn up! you shouldn’t eat after like 6pm

  2. Reply

    How Can I Get Healthy? -Health Tips? This year, I made it a point to become healthy. I have lost some weight and got rid of some acne.

    I really want to be healthy, and make sure that I look healthy.

    Can you give me some all over health tips?
    Im a teen girl by the way.

      • HealthNut
      • July 26, 2012


      The best advice I can give you is exercise daily and eat well. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Try to cut out as much sugar and snacks as you can manage. Drink plenty of water. Exercise for about 30 minutes a day, remember this does not have to be running a million miles and lifting 10 ton weights. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is great because you can walk briskly around shops whilst looking at really cute outfits!

      I hope this helps!

  3. Reply

    Do These Health Tips Actually Work? 1 apple / day – no doctor
    1 lemon / day – no fat
    1 cup of milk / day – no bone problems
    3 ltrs water / day – no diseases…

    Also what are some losing weight health tips?

      • HealthNut
      • July 26, 2012

      No, these health ‘tips’ are actually myths. It’s all very healthy to do that, but no.

      To lose weight, all you can really do is exercise more and eat healthy and try to keep your calories at around 1600 a day. It’s good to drink homemade lemonade that tastes pretty sour and not sweetened very much- it’s good for your metabolism. Tea is good, fruits and vegetables are good. It’s a great time to get active because it’s summer and you’ll sweat more, which is awesome for your body to flush out toxins and such. I like making fruit smoothies and adding spinach or kale (you can’t taste it and it’s so good for your body- not to mention filling). When you snack during the day, only snack on ‘raw’ foods like fruits and vegetables, or maybe a few almonds.

      Good luck!

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