Tips On Improving Your Tennis Game For Beginners

Besides being fun, tennis is a sport that will help with your cardiovascular fitness and your hand-eye coordination, plus it is a great calorie-burning workout.

If you have fallen in love with the sport but it does not seem to love you back, here are some basic tips to improving your tennis game:

The Proper Forehand Grip

Though often overlooked, the right forehand grip[1] is the foundation of a solid tennis performance. For their volleys and serves, professional players use the “continental” grip. In the continental, the knuckle of your index finger must be on the top right angle of the racquet. An easy way to accomplish this grip is by grabbing your racquet as if you are shaking hands with someone. For groundstrokes, try to use the “semi-western” grip. This grip will give you more power and control since it creates more topspin on the ball. This is accomplished by moving your index finger to the bottom right angle of the racquet.

Maintain Proper Posture

According to Tennis Server[2], maintaining proper posture is important to taking your tennis to the next level. Keeping your head still is one of the things that beginner’s forget to do. By keeping your head still, you are not only improving your posture but it will keep you from mishitting shots. Follow the ball through the racquet and maintain your head balance until the shot has been played.

To maintain proper posture you should also use your core and leg muscles. Instead of bending and stretching above the waist which can cause back injury, bend down with your legs to maintain balance.

Improve Your Tennis Ball Toss

For someone starting out in tennis, the ball toss[3] before a serve can be temperamental. Having a consistent ball toss will improve your serve immensely. A proper ball toss should go straight up and down 18 inches in front of your lead foot. This will give your serve some momentum and greater speed. The right ball toss is also characterized by a gentle throw as opposed to a sudden chuck. Grip the ball with your finger tips and release the ball softly.

A way to practice your ball toss is by focusing exclusively on it. Grab a bucket of tennis balls and start throwing the ball without hitting it until you have a fairly consistent ball toss. Try to land it on the same spot on the ground as much as possible. You can even lay a spare tennis racquet on the ground and see if you can get the ball to land on its face.

Prevent Tennis Elbow

If you are playing tennis consistently, you are most likely to experience painful tennis elbow[4]. Avoid pain by performing stretches that flex your elbows and its connecting muscles. You can try the wrist flexion stretch. Hold your hand out with your palm down while your fingers are pointed to the ground. Slowly push with your opposite hand until you feel a stretch but not pain. If you are already experiencing tennis elbow, you should rest your arm for at least a week. When you are ready to resume your tennis training, you can use a massage stick to put some gentle pressure on the tender areas.

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Kathrine played high school and collegiate soccer. Ever since then, she’s always integrated fitness into her everyday life. She enjoys trying out new outdoor recreational activities during her spare time.


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  1. Reply

    Fitness Tips? My fiance and i are getting married in August and although we are both very healthy and look after ourselves, we both want to look our best for the wedding. we usually go cycling but the weather is really awful at the moment and the local gym is rubbish. does anyone have any excersize tips that we can do at home? aside from the obvious of course *wink*

      • HealthNut
      • July 19, 2012

      Here is an at-home routine that you can do for a total body and great cardio workout. Hope you like it.

      RUN IN PLACE – kick heels up to buttocks



      BACK LEG LIFTS – keeping the hips forward lift your left leg back – it’s a small movement so don’t arch your back to lift very high – do one side for half the amount of time and then switch

      HEEL DIGS – press heel out in front of you and hop to switch feet

      SIDE LEG RAISES – standing lift your left leg out to the side and lead with the heel (don’t turn your toe up) and also don’t lean over sideways as you do this – half the time and then switch sides

      BURPEES – standing place hands on floor and jump feet back into pushup position and then jump feet back towards hands and stand up (that completes one burpee)

      PLIE SQUAT – stand with your feet wider than should length apart and your toes turned out at a 45 degree angle, squat down and using your inner thighs press yourself back up

      SPEED SKATER – leap to the right bring left leg slightly behind you and you reach towards the floor and then leap to the left bringing right leg slightly behind while reach towards the floor

      PUSHUPS – can do against a wall or on the floor on your toes or knees

      CROSS COUNTRY SKI – stand with legs together and jump up landing with right leg in front and left leg back then jump again switching feet in the air

      BICEP CURLS – curl with weights (or whatever else you can use such as soup cans, water bottles, resistance bands) be sure not to lock out the elbow and curl for the full range of motion

      DOWNHILL SKI – feet together jump to right and then the left and stay low in a little bit of a squat position

      TRICEP PUSHUP – lay on your left side with your left hand on your right side and place your right hand on the floor infront of you, now press yourself up with your right hand – half the time and then switch sides

      HIGH KNEES – run in place brining knees into the chest as much as you can

      BACK ROW – using weights hinge forward at the hips so you are slightly bent over and knees slightly bent, let the weights hang down with palms facing each other than pull the elbows up keeping them close to the body and bring the weights up as high as you can and then lower

      SQUAT THRUST – kinda like a burpee but when you come up jump

      SHOULDER RAISE – with weights stand with elbows out at shoulder height then press weights up over head and lower to shoulder height (don’t go below shoulder height)

      POWER JACKS – like a jumping jack but when your feet go wide go down into a squat and when jumping back with feet together do two hops

      LOWER ABS – laying stomach place your hands infront of you forming a triangle, lift your hips up so you are on your toes and elbows (don’t lift your hips too high though – you should be in a straight line and abs pulled up in towards your spine) alternate touching your knees to the floor, but don’t let them rest – they should just barley touch

      JUMP ROPE – real or pretend

      OBLIQUES – on your back with feet on the floor and hands behind the head crunch up and twist left elbow to right knee – half the amount of time and then switch sides

      SQUAT JUMPS – in a squat position jump up and land in squat position

      UPPER ABS – on your back with feet planted on floor lift your hips up and have hands behind head – keeping your hips up off the floor do a crunch

      QUICK FEET – standing with feet wide run in place as fast as you can (think football)

      FRONT LUNGES – lunge forward with the left foot, staying in this position lower yourself and then press back up – half the amount of time and then switch sides

      SQUAT W/ FRONT KICK – feet close together squat and come up and kick with the left then squat again and come up and kick the right and keep alternating

      STEP TOUCH – stay low with knees bent and step to the left bringing feet together and then step to the right, while doing so have your arms extending out to the sides with each step

      SHUFFLE W/ KNEE – shuffle three times to the left and on the third one lift your right knee and then shuffle three times to the right lifting your left knee on the third one

      MARCH – march in place to cool down

      do each move one after the other without a rest in-between and you’ll get an excellent interval workout – If you want a longer workout walk in place 3-5 minutes and then do the whole circuit again.

  2. Reply

    Does Anyone Know Any Fitness Tips That Work? Short fitness tips that really work would be very helpful, thanks.

  3. Reply

    Any Fitness Tips For People With Asthma? Just need some fitness tips to help with my asthma. I want to be able to run for a longer period and have an overall better fitness level. I start losing my breath after about 1 minute of running. Any ideas and tips would be very much appreciated : )

      • HealthNut
      • July 19, 2012

      First, you have to choose a certain kind of exercise that they really can handle well. Some exercise that might be great choice for asthma sufferers are walking, swimming, riding a bike, as well as hiking. These kinds of exercise needs less physical move than tennis, hockey, gymnastics, long distance running, and many other else. You could also consult their doctors to choose the most appropriate type of exercise for you.

      Second, you can take advantage of your inhaler. You can use your inhaler about 15 minutes before you start to exercise. Besides, makes sure that your inhaler is always close enough to you. You will never know when the attack might hit you. Therefore, providing inhaler as first aid near you is very important.

      Third, breathing through your nose during the exercise is also important. Mouth breathing tends to trigger asthma attack since it causes you to inhale cold air right into the bronchial tube. In contrary, the air that you heal will be filtered well when you are breathing through your nose. Besides, nose breathing also allows the air to be warmer before reaching the lungs.

      The fourth thing you need to do is looking for a certain area that free from pollutions and allergens. However you should also avoid area with too many trees or grass. Then, you should also be aware of the symptoms of asthma that occur during the exercise. If you feel very tired and your chest begins to be tightening, you should be notice that those are the initial symptoms of asthma. Usually, those symptoms will be followed by wheezing. Stop doing any physical activity when these symptoms occur.

      By following those tips, asthma sufferers could still have exercise with less risk of asthma attack. Do not let asthma attack prevent you to have regular exercise activity.

  4. Reply

    Anyone Know Some Good Fitness Tips? I’m really bad at running, and I would like to loose a few pounds, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some simple fitness tips? Just a simple fitness regime, please.

      • HealthNut
      • July 19, 2012

      Avoid elevators and escalators,,
      climb stairs,, walk long distances every single day.
      hour of cardio at your target heart rate every day.
      stretch properly afterwards or you wont want to come back tomorrow which blows the whole plan.

      good luck

  5. Reply

    What Are Some Good Fitness Tips To Do In Your House ? Please anything helps !! its cold outside and i hate running what are fitness routines i can do to loose weight but indoors?

      • HealthNut
      • July 19, 2012

      You can do workout DVDs, Wii fit, DDR, you can also get trainers to turn your road bike into a stationary bike. Dancing is good too.

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