So you have heart failure, now what? 7 tips for management

(BPT) – The common misconception about having heart failure is that your heart immediately stops beating. The reality is that heart failure can be a slow process that happens over time. Being diagnosed with the disease can be overwhelming, but you are not alone. At least one person is diagnosed with heart failure every minute, […]

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4 Ways to Tell You’re Ready for a Management Role

 While the title of fitness manager or director may sound appealing, the unique tasks and challenges you will face are very different from the responsibilities you have as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. The skills required to be a trainer or instructor don’t necessarily translate into being a successful manager. In […]

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The Benefits Of Yoga For Stress Management

The raves about yoga is more than just a current trend or a flash in the pan fad. The physical and psychological benefits of yoga for stress management has been taking America by storm no matter if it takes one to stand on his head, or twist her foot behind the neck like a human […]

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Weight management program also reduces depression among black women

An intervention program aimed at helping obese women maintain their weight without adding pounds also significantly reduced depression in nearly half the participants, according to a new study from Duke University. The study was conducted with 185 low-income black women ages 25-44, each with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 35, who were […]

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Non-diet approach to weight management more effective in worksite wellness programs

Problematic eating behaviors and dissatisfaction with one’s body are familiar struggles among women. To combat those behaviors, which have led to higher healthcare premiums and medical trends, employers have offered worksite wellness programs to employees and their families. However, the vast majority of wellness programs limit their approach to promoting diets, which may result in […]

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Proactol – The All Natural Weight Management Supplement

According to a recent survey, a total of 200 billion US dollars was spent on the purchases of weight loss products. This figure includes the spending done on supplements, medicines and other drugs that aid in weight loss. When we talk about weight loss products we usually think that they are meant only for those […]

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Genesee’s Healthy Economy: Ask The Expert About Choosing A Health Care Career Wisely

GENESEE COUNTY, MI Employment in the health care industry is continuing to grow in Genesee County. Applications to colleges and universities in the area have dramatically increased over the years and hospitals and other related career fields are growing and expanding. Health jobs are projected to increase by 14,000 positions by 2018, according to data […]

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Top Weight Management And Health Tips For Shift Workers

Tags:  annette sym[1], cooking[2], easy eating[3], food[4], health[5], lifestyle[6], recipes[7] Annette Sym 20th Oct 2012 12:00 PM Apple cinnamon muffins LOSING weight or maintaining weight can be a challenge for anyone but when you are a shift worker it feels like you are asking for the impossible. If your job requires you to work odd […]

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