Genesee’s Healthy Economy: Ask The Expert About Choosing A Health Care Career Wisely

GENESEE COUNTY, MI Employment in the health care industry is continuing to grow in Genesee County. Applications to colleges and universities in the area have dramatically increased over the years and hospitals and other related career fields are growing and expanding.

Health jobs are projected to increase by 14,000 positions by 2018, according to data from the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

Take a complete look at the Genesee’s Healthy Economy project here.[1]

So, how do you get into this growing network of jobs?

Beth Brophy, interim vice president of Human Resources at Hurley Medical Center, had some good advice for individuals who are thinking about getting into health care fields.

Below is a Q&A with Brophy, but feel free to ask questions in the comment section and reporter Sarah Schuch will find the answers for you and add them in the comments.

What should people be aware of when choosing medical careers?

The first thing they need to know is whether or not its one thats in demand. The one thing in hospitals, people seem to get there and stay there. Sometimes, theres only one or two people in a position, so you need to wait until those one or two people leave.

Look in ads for What positions are constantly showing up, being posted to the . That means they have exhausted the inside candidates and are going for the outside.

There seems to be flavors of the month in health care careers (students) look to see what they can do the quickest and what they can do the easiest. If they would choose something that maybe you would have to go a little bit longer and get certification, those (job candidates) are harder to find, and in more demand.

What jobs arent needed as much anymore?

Nursing assistants, health unit coordinator or ward clerks, LPNs (licensed practical nurse), from a hospital standpoint. (And) secretaries, we still use clerical, but when we need to do cuts, thats kind of where it comes from.

Respiratory therapy kind of ebbs and flows. And that might be just at Hurley. We still need them, but once we fill them they stay for a long time. That one kind of goes in waves.

What jobs are in high demand for employers?

There are always positions we always need. Nurses, we always need nurses. Thats a big one. We always need mid- level providers, advanced practice degrees (such as physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse clinician and certified registered nurse anesthetists).

Its still nurses, but even techs that are in the specialty areas, like radiology techs (are still needed). We still use a lot of coders and billers. Thats not clinical at all, but its in an office. And one thing we need is nurse midwife.

What is the best way for people looking to go into the health care field to research which jobs are most needed?

First, figure out where they want to be and then check out the job market in that situation. I would go to hospitals websites and check the job openings. Check medical jobs in the area. Those are the ones that go to the outside (candidates).

Brophy also suggested that anyone considering the health care field should spend some time in the atmosphere before making a final decision.

I think that you should try to get some exposure into the field and see if its the best for you. You have to get to be hands on. You have to not be afraid to touch people. You deal with lots of different people. Be a volunteer.

What else should people know?

A lot of people concentrate on clinical jobs. There are so many other jobs in the hospital that people dont think about. I dont think people think about health care jobs being anything but clinical and there are a lot of them that are.

Brophy listed examples such as accounting, reimbursement for the hospitals, financial, human resources and other specialty jobs.


  1. ^ Take a complete look at the Genesee’s Healthy Economy project here. (www.mlive.com)

Original Story Here


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    Person with the most tips gets best answer!

      • HealthNut
      • November 15, 2012

      Hi Kara!

      I have dealt with this problem of weight lose (and low self esteem too!) for a couple of years now. But now I reached a point where I know if I will not do something for myself, no one will do it…So, here is a list of some questions/ideas that I think you will find useful and by answering to these question you will have some ideas on what to work on.

      1. Make the time to focus on health.

      2. Take a long hard look at what you are putting into your body.

      3. How much are you eating?

      4. Drink WATER!

      5. How much do you move each day?

      Hope you will be ok soon!



  1. Reply

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      • HealthNut
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