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Eating more fruits, vegetables may cut stroke risk worldwide

Eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of stroke worldwide, according to new research in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke. Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 20 studies published over the last 19 years to assess the effects of fruit and vegetable consumption on risk of stroke globally. The combined studies involved 760,629 […]

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The Best Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

It does not matter whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, smoothie recipes for weight loss can help you achieve your goals faster. Smoothies can be made quickly and they are full of nutritious ingredients. Most smoothies are made with fruits and vegetables so your body will receive all of the nutrients […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Through Healthy Juicing

Nowadays, almost everyone, young and adults, is into healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is to feel good and look good. There are things that can describe a healthy person: he or she doesnt smoke, has an ideal weight, eats healthy foods and exercises on a regular basis. And there is another easy, effective way to achieve […]

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Key To Long-term Weight Loss For Post-menopausal Women May Be Eating More Fruits And Vegetables

(CBS News) Post-menopausal women often have a hard time losing weight. But, promising new research shows that there may be simple dietary considerations that may help shed pounds – and keep them off for good. What’s on the list of foods to avoid and items to chow down on? It’s relatively simple: Eating less sugar, […]

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Mandatory Changes In The Cafeteria For Healthy Student Lifestyle

For this up and coming school year, parents and students can expect a change in the cafeteria and its not the lines or seating area. All five schools will serve 100 percent whole wheat products, and meals will include a larger portion of fruits and vegetables, according to Director of Food Services and Chef Timothy […]

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