3 Things Health and Fitness Pros Can Do to Prepare for January

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The world needs you. In a world that increasingly promotes unhealthy behaviors, health and fitness pros are the key to changing the future. And you get bombed every January. Here’s what you can do to get ready.

1. Get YOURSELF ready.

First, to be a great health and fitness coach, you need to be at your best—and that means practicing what you preach with proper sleep, nutrition and exercise. It is never easy, with more clients, more class—more, more, more—is often the driving factor in making a full-time career of fitness. With any personal service, when you suffer, your services suffer.

Many health and fitness professionals experience a slowdown in new business during December, with many clients gearing up for the holidays. Embrace it. Get a little more rest and get on top of your own workout and nutrition habits. And, perhaps most importantly, enjoy some stillness. As my fitness career has taken off, and taken me from full-time training to overly full-time training, to writing, speaking and travelling, I embrace the professional slowdown of December and really wind things down in the very last week of the month.

This can be a time to listen to what your body is telling you it needs. Sometimes it’s a little more rest rather than another killer workout. As ACE Certified pro Jessica Matthews recently wrote about, all high-intensity training all the time either means you are overtraining or you’re not truly doing high intensity. Your value to your clients and the world isn’t in how hard YOU work out, but in how well you can help your clients successfully maintain consistent effort toward their goals.

Time you planned on wasting isn’t wasted. Trust me—enjoy some stillness and lack of stimulus. No matter how much you love what you do, it’s healthy to focus on something else. Fitness is in my blood, so I had to learn this the hard way many years ago. With a family history of obesity (for more on this, see my ACE PROfiles video), I’m driven to bring people back from the brink of obesity. But I’ve learned to take my foot off of the accelerator at times to allow me to maintain the spark of energy, passion and creativity it takes to achieve my goals.

2. Get your CLIENTS ready.

Whether you’re working with new or long-term clients, be sure to prepare them for January by getting their schedules set and letting them know that you want them to get first opportunity at your soon-to-be-filled schedule. This will be especially powerful for

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