How To Get Your Black Belt In Weight Loss Results

My Weight Loss Coach Your Black Belt, yes, in the martial arts realm, this is one of the highest degrees you can master. Think of weight loss achievement in terms of taking small steps that continuously lead to better and bigger body fat achievement strides.

Without wasting any time, here is the big secret … you need “intellectual advantage” working in your favor in order to maximize weight management results.

And, exactly what does such intellectual advantage comprise? The phrase simply means that your mind is in tune, sharply performing, acutely aware, completely open and free to absorb weight loss nuances around you. In other words, intellectual advantage is about empowering and equipping yourself with tools other than the obvious. Intellectual advantage now demands that you truly THINK about HOW you approach lifestyle, behavior patterns, belief systems, and your overall acquisition of weight loss knowledge.

For example, if you’re anything like the “average” weight loss “newbie,” you can probably benefit from overcoming the feeling that you want to quit, and usually this feeling occurs right at the point where your true weight management rewards are about to begin. The cause of this is NOT physical.

The reasoning lies behind the concept of knowing (in terms of education) exactly of what the human body is capable. In other words, until you understand the principles of biological or physiological adaptation, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, progressive resistance, and your Krebs Cycle mitochondrial fat burning center, for example … there remains enormous room for weight loss improvement in your life.

Now, don’t let the fancy phrases intimidate or scare you. They are just technical names for the things that your body can do when you attempt to burn fat. In fact, let’s go ahead and briefly explain some of the above terms, in “nutshell” format.

Aerobic and anaerobic threshold: Between these two points, when you are working out, you begin to feel that muscle burning or fatigue sensation. Such feeling normally indicates that you no longer in your fat burning zone, but you have now entered into an “immediate” energy need phase, which usually your muscles supply. Actually you WANT to stay within a somewhat challenging “aerobic” threshold, if your purpose is burning fat.

Biological or physiological adaptation: Results of exercise science laboratory studies and live observation trials consistently display that your body does, in fact, “rise to the occasion” when you demand more from it. Adaptation is responsible for this. Simply be aware that you virtually always possess another “second wind.” In other words, when your are working on burning fat and obtaining a leaner body, you can push just a little bit harder without undue worry because your body is a fantastically adaptive machine.

Krebs Cycle mitochondrial fat burning center: This is a cellular location, let’s say, right in the middle of each cell, that does the actual “burning” of fat cells. Here’s the most important thing about your Krebs Cycle and mitochondrial fat burning center … if fat does not literally proceed INSIDE to the mitochondrial center, you simply cannot metabolize it. How do you make sure this occurs? By breathing, that is, ensure that you keep a steady uninterrupted flow of oxygen during your workout because fat only burns in the presence of oxygen. In other words, when you become short of breath, you effectively interrupt your fat burn process. Work out at a level you can sustain virtually without limitation, but for fat burning purposes, keep it within your aerobic threshold.

Progressive resWeight Loss (novel)istance: This deals with the surprising fact, for most weight loss candidates, that using weights and incorporating weight lifting exercise into your fat burning protocol gradually rewards you with far leaner body tissue. Progressive indicates slow and purposeful introduction of light resistance. You can subsequently use higher amounts of weight as your body continues to adapt to previous sets utilized. In other words, lifting weights makes you leaner. It has one more advantage, also. It raises your body’s overall metabolic activity level, even while you are at rest. Therefore, you burn more fat because you use weights, as well.

Now, from the above you can probably know and see that your body is an excellently responsive, reactive, and adaptive training machine.

At this very moment, it’s highly likely that you are doing far less than you’re capable, in terms of working smarter, not harder.

Make adjustments, and YOU WILL GET GUARANTEED RESULTS. It’s virtually as simple as that. Now, here’s the secret catch … just make sure your adjustment originates in your MIND, first.

The biggest unconscious weight loss mistake you can make is accidentally falling into a trance of non-action by hitting your brain’s OFF switch. Without realizing it, your standard reaction to effective body fat reduction ideas may be, “Oh, yeah, I already know that.” Or, “I’m already doing that.”

Mindfully embrace the principles laid out for you here. Come back to life. Energize your life by phenomenal percentages, even in a short amount of time, AND let it all be a serious part of your being.

With a “smarter” weight loss endurance approach, I see clients attain as much as a 133% increase in intensity PLUS a 2,000% improvement in duration within the first day alone by simply adopting these scientifically approved weight management techniques. If a relatively small amount of intellectual advantage can afford you such great results in a short period of time, just think of what YOU can accomplish over your lifetime.

If you truly want to get your “black belt” in weight loss results, then master the artfully powerful philosophy of INTELLECTUAL ADVANTAGE.

Why? Because when you garner such intellectual advantage, you lose your excess or unwanted body weight. It’s that simple. Don’t’ sabotage your own success by falling into an “I-already-know-that” daze.

You’re about to learn the absolutely biggest body fat reduction secret … to uncover the most uncommonly crucial weight loss factor that boosts your success by leaps and bounds.

But before any of this can truly happen, you’ve got to wake up, energize your mind, and focus your intellect upon open-minded, purposeful, results-producing action.

Not sure if your weight loss “thinker” skills are up to par?

Here’s a quick way to gauge how effective your approach actually is.

Ask English: Excel graph of Rihan Meij weight loss using the 4 hour body dietyourself this sample question: [NTS: insert the “Interactive Radio Button Form” idea here.]

“How many calories are in a one-ounce serving of raisins?”

[ …Sample answers could be:]

(__) 57 calories

(__) 309 calories

(__) What’s a calorie, or what does “one-ounce serving” mean” I know very little about food nutrition, consumption, or calorie counting. I’d like help with this kind of stuff. How can I get more info?

Now, if you don’t know the CORRECT answer to this question, it does not mean you’re dense, dim, dull, or slow. You’re neither at fault, nor anything of the kind. Although it’s not a trick question, it only serves as mere example.

You know there are millions of weight loss candidates who diligently strive toward better body composition, believing that they’re approaching the subject in the best way possible.

Yet, here’s something you might be surprised to know discover … Weight loss reality demonstrates that these efforts fall severely short of attentive, effective, long-term, fat-loss triumph.

That missing ingredient is still at large … today you can find it, incorporate it, use it, and keep it – make it yours, FOR LIFE. Proceed to the highest level of your weight loss achievement. Get your black belt in body fat results by employing intellectual advantage.

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