Innovative Sports Features Make Cruise Ships A Healthier Place To Be

English: Norwegian Cruise Line headquarters in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. By Roy Witman © 2006

Generally the phrase “cruise ship” brings about thoughts of pampering, exceptional food, indulgence and luxury. While these are still the case, no one can deny our culture as a whole is becoming more health-conscious by the day. The cruise industry recognizes this. In fact, several cruise lines are incorporating some pretty innovative sports features into the designs of their new ships due out later this year.

Norwegian Cruise Line is looking forward to the launch of its latest vessel, Norwegian Pearl, in February 2007. Pearl will feature a fitness center (as most ships do). But most notably, Pearl will be the first ship to include a full-size, 10-pin bowling alley.

Following the fitness trend herself, Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas (which will debut in May 2006) throws some punches of her own – boxEnglish: The 'Norwegian Gem', a cruise ship operated by the 'Norwegian Cruise Line' and built in Papenburg, Germany 2006-2007. The photo was taken in Freeport, Bahamas at the 13th of March, 2008. Deutsch: Die 'Norwegian Gem', ein Kreuzfahrtschiff der 'Norwegian Cruise Line', dass 2006-2007 in Papenburg gebaut wurde. Das Foto wurde am 13. März 2008 in Freeport auf den Bahamas gemacht.ing punches, that is. Freedom will be the first ship to offer a full-size boxing ring. Freedom plans incorporate the inclusion of Royal Caribbean’s popular FlowRider ™ surfing simulator as well as a new group Pilates reformer studio.

Fight Klub will offer Freedom guests a variety of boxing-related activities. Go one-on-one with an experienced instructor. Run the circuit with speed bags, jump ropes, heavy bags and more. Spar with body master bags or work out with your own on-site boxing coach.

Looking for something a little less intense, but just as effective? Freedom will include the first-ever dedicated Pilates reformer group exercise program at sea. Personalized training is available for guests who can also partake of yoga classes while onboard.

The newest cruise ships, such as Pearl and Freedom, also offer a variety of fitness classes including step, total body conditioning, stretching, core, circuit training, walking, jogging, running, strength training and more.

To further your knowledge of good practices for a healthy lifestyle, seminars are also available on a wide range of topics.

Not all fitness activities take place on the ships. Freedom will also add an innovative feature for runners and walkers. “Avid runners can follow mapped-out routes at select ports of call and enjoy a safe run at each destination without having to worry about getting lost on their way back to the ship or measuring the distance on their own.”

From ice skating to rock climbing to the always-popular treadmill jog, cruise ships are following the fitness craze. As you can plainly see, cruising is now more about living your best life in balance than sheer indulgence. While you’re being pampered, getting a glowing tan and treating yourself to truly lavish cuisine, you can also be toning, shaping and firming so you look better than ever when you return.

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English: Norwegian Cruise Line headquarters in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The “Norwegian Gem”, a cruise ship operated by the “Norwegian Cruise Line” and built in Papenburg, Germany 2006-2007. The photo was taken in Freeport, Bahamas at the 13th of March, 2008. Deutsch: Die “Norwegian Gem”, ein Kreuzfahrtschiff der “Norwegian Cruise Line”, dass 2006-2007 in Papenburg gebaut wurde. Das Foto wurde am 13. M ƒ ¤rz 2008 in Freeport auf den Bahamas gemacht. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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