Mealtime TV viewing during pregnancy may set stage for childhood obesity

Turning the TV off during mealtimes to help prevent childhood obesity may need to start even before a child is born, according to a study to be presented Tuesday, May 6, at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Researchers found that pregnant women who watched television while eating were more likely to sit in front of the TV while feeding their infant. TV watching during meals is discouraged because it is associated with poorer quality diet, and mothers pay less attention to whether their children are full.

“Reinforcing healthy media habits during pregnancy may help reduce infants’ mealtime media exposure and impact long-term media habits in children,” said lead author Mary Jo Messito, MD, FAAP. “Reduction of mealtime TV viewing during pregnancy could be an important component in early childhood obesity prevention programs.”

Dr. Messito and her colleagues analyzed data from the Starting Early project, an early childhood obesity prevention intervention for low-income Hispanic families at Bellevue Hospital Center/NYU School of Medicine, New York. Women were enrolled in the study during pregnancy, and mother-infant pairs were followed until the child was 3 years old. Women received individual nutritional counseling during pregnancy and after the baby was born, participated in parenting and support groups led by a nutritionist, and were given educational handouts and a video.

During their third trimester of pregnancy, 189 women were asked how often they watched TV during mealtimes. When their infants were 3 months old, mothers were asked how often their baby watched TV while being fed.

Results showed that 71 percent of pregnant women reported at least some mealtime TV watching, and 33 percent of the mothers reported that their 3-month-olds were exposed to the TV during feeding.

Women who watched TV during meals while pregnant were five times more likely to expose their infants to TV during feeding than women who did not watch TV while eating during pregnancy. Mothers who were younger than age 25 and those who did not exclusively breastfeed also were more likely to expose their infant to TV while feeding them.

The total amount of time women spent per day watching TV while pregnant was not associated with their infants’ exposure to television while being fed.

“Few studies have identified how mealtime TV viewing habits begin in infancy, and what maternal characteristics during pregnancy and early infancy are associated with them,” said Dr. Messito, project director of the Starting Early study. “Identifying specific maternal behaviors and characteristics associated with child TV viewing during meals will help early childhood obesity prevention efforts seeking to promote responsive feeding and limit TV exposure during infancy.”

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<p>Question by Ozzie: Good simple workouts?
What are some easy at home daily workouts

Best answer:

Answer by ?
Not sure if you have any workout accessories such as dumbbells or anything of that nature. I am going to assume you have nothing but an open space. Do combinations of these things with no breaks keeping the intensity high and I think you will find you get a good sweat and a good workout.

Pull ups (if you have a bar or beam or something)
Jumping High
Straight Leg Jumping
Running on the Spot
Jumping Jacks
Squat Jumps
Calf raises
Lunge Jumps
Rolling side to side
Lateral Lunges and Slides
Stretch a lot at the end

I would break it down like this
1. Do a hard set such as pushups
2. Do 1 min of easy running on the spot
3. Hard set of Sit ups
4. Easy skipping
5. Squat jumps
6. Running on the spot

and so on. Keep breaking up your hard workouts with skipping and running on the spot to mix the cardio with strength or hard and easy.

Good luck. Get in shape


Add your own answer in the comments!

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    For a Chest Day

    Exercise 1: Push Ups Shoulder Width 6 sets of 10-20 reps
    Exercise 2: Dips between chairs 6 sets of 10-20 reps
    Exercise 3: Push Ups Narrow Width 6 sets of 10-20 reps

    Just remember to go on slow repetitions and to squeeze hard your muscles on the top position. Because you haven’t extra resistance you must make your reps harder by doing them more controlled. If you perform the reps by this way, with only these 3 home exercises and after 18 sets your chest will be pumped and on fire!

    Hope it helps,
    Kostas Pap

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