Diet Tips To Pack On Muscle On A Budget

One of the most popular ways to build muscles isn’t just going to the gym. Many believe that the use of supplements are a great way to do so, especially when the label itself promises weight gain and building muscles. But you don’t have to depend on pills and supplements to help you do just that. While the cost of food is rising, it’s still possible to build your body right and healthy without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable way to gain weight and build muscle, here’s a dietary plan you could follow.1) Invest in Breakfast

The key to encouraging muscle growth during weight training lies in having a caloric surplus in your diet. The extra calories are needed as the body repairs itself from small tears in the muscle tissue, brought upon by heavy weight training. Suffice to say, if you’re not getting enough calories in your diet, your muscles won’t grow any larger. People on a serious strength training regiment should therefore aim to take in at least 3,500 calories per day as opposed to the 2,500 required by a normal person.

With that said, breakfast is probably the best meal of the day to load up on calories. This is because the body absorbs nutrients best in the morning after a long night of fasting. So here’s 2 cheap homemade breakfast options packed with all the essential nutrients to jump start your muscles.

Breakfast 1: Total Cost Around RM 5

4 large eggs (yolk included)2 slices Whole wheat bread with generous amount of peanut butter/nutella1 glass (200ml) of low-fat milk1 cup coffee (black, no sugar) or 1 cup green tea (no sugar)Total Nutrients Carbohydrates: 35g, Protein: 40g, Fat: 32g (of which, Saturated Fat: 11g)

Breakfast 2: Total Cost Around RM 5

4 large eggs (yolk included)1 bowl (80g) of Wholegrain cereal with 100ml of low-fat milk1 glass (200ml) of soy milk1 cup coffee (black, no sugar) or 1 cup green tea (no sugar)Total Nutrients Carbohydrates: 33g, Protein: 36g, Fat: 22g (of which, Saturated Fat: 6g)

Eggs (both white and yolk) contains a wide variety of different proteins which are easily absorbed by the human body. Additionally, egg yolks are an amazing source of unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids, which are required by the body for the natural production of testosterone. Testosterone, a predominately male hormone, encourages the growth and development of muscle and bone structure.

2) Load up on Carbs for your Pre-Workout

Think of your pre-workout meal as the equivalent of fueling up on gasoline before a long road trip. If you don’t have enough gas in your car, you can’t make the trip. Similarly, if you don’t have enough carbohydrates stored in your body, you won’t be able to finish your workout. As you are about to embark on (hopefully) the workout of your life, you’ll want fast absorbing fuel in your system to power every single muscle in your body. In addition, it would probably be best to avoid chowing down oily fried foods before your workout as the body requires more energy to digest fats, which could leave you feeling lethargic.

So without further delay, here are 2 easy pre-workout meal ideas, best 1 hour before working out.

Pre-Workout Meal 1: Total Cost Around RM 5

1 bowl (200g) of Oatmeal with raisins (40g) and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.1 Banana1 cup coffee (black, no sugar) or 1 cup green tea (no sugar)Total Nutrients Carbohydrates: 85g, Protein: 10g, Fat: 5g (of which, Saturated Fat: 1g)

Pre-Workout Meal 2: Total Cost Around RM 7

4 slices Whole wheat bread with 1 can (85g) tuna flakes and mayonnaise1 Banana1 cup coffee (black, no sugar) or 1 cup green tea (no sugar)Total Nutrients Carbohydrates: 65g, Protein: 40g, Fat: 8g (of which, Saturated Fat: 2g)

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6, an essential nutrient used in the growth and repair of muscle tissue. In addition, compared to a majority of fruits in Malaysia, bananas are generally available all year round at an affordable price.

3) Chow down Post-Workout

As important as it is to chow down post-work out, give your body time to cool down and let your heart rate return to normal. After setting down, you’ll want to give your aching muscles a steady supply of protein so they can start repairing themselves. Skipping a post-workout meal essentially over taxes your body and can sabotage muscle growth. So here’s 2 post-workout snacks designed to kick start muscle repair.

Post-Workout Snack 1: Total Cost Around RM 5

500ml Low-Fat Chocolate Milk2 BananasTotal Nutrients Carbohydrates: 85g, Protein: 27g, Fat: 5g (of which, Saturated Fat: 2g)

Post-Workout Snack 2: Total Cost Around RM 7

270ml Low-Fat Mango/Strawberry Greek Yogurt2 BananasTotal Nutrients Carbohydrates: 77g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 3g (of which, Saturated Fat: 1g)

The protein in milk/yogurt is divided into two different types, whey (20%) and casein (80%). Whey protein is absorbed rapidly by the body upon ingestion and supplied to muscle cells at a speedy rate. Comparatively, casein protein has a much slower absorption rate and provides the body with a consistently steady supply of protein over at least 2 3 hours.

4) Have a Cheat Day once in a While

It takes a lot of discipline to be able to keep a healthy protein rich diet, especially in a country like Malaysia where amazing local delicacies are available right around the corner. You don’t have to torture yourself by cutting them out of your life forever! So long as you maintain a healthy diet on a constant basis, always remember to give yourself a cheat day every once in a while.

Hopefully these tips help you keep your budget yet reach your fitness goals. Good luck!

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  2. ^ credit cards (ringgitplus.com)
  3. ^ personal loans (ringgitplus.com)
  4. ^ home loans (ringgitplus.com)

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  1. Reply

    Tips For Starter Workout.? Ok so I’m 125 lb. and about 5.6-7 feet tall and I just started going to gym (about 1 month).

    My schedule is: Monday = work on 6 pack and chest, Tuesday = work on 6 pack and arms, Wednesday = same as monday, Thursday = same as tuesday and so on.. and yes i go gym everyday in the mornings from 11ish for an hour or an hour and 15 mins.

    After gym I drink 1 spoon and half of this: http://www.innerarmour.com/products_nitropeak.html

    I dont really have good eating order..I eat breakfast 1 hour before gym which is around 10.
    I eat lunch at like 5-6 and dinner around 10..

    so I just wanted to see what tips can i get to make my body buffed in a short time and make 6 pack 😀

    I want my chest to grow and my 6 pack to come out first. kgo.

    1. Reply

      Workout routines are what exercises, how many sets, how many reps
      etc. that you do for each muscle.
      Remember these things when making up your routine:
      1) Work chest, triceps and shoulders on the same day, and biceps and
      back on the same day so that it’s ok if the secondary muscles get
      worked that day, because your doing them anyway.
      2) Separate those muscles that work a secondary muscle so that they
      are far enough apart not to overtrain you. For example, do Chest
      Monday, triceps on Wednesdays, and shoulders Friday, and biceps
      Monday with chest, and back Wednesday or Friday.
      Here are a few sample split routines and workout programs.

      Monday – Chest/Back
      Tuesday – off
      Wednesday – Legs
      Thursday – off
      Friday – Shoulders/Arms
      Saturday – off
      Sunday – off

      Monday – Chest/Biceps
      Tuesday – off
      Wednesday – Shoulders/Legs
      Thursday – off
      Friday – Back/Triceps
      Saturday – off
      Sunday – off

      Monday – Chest/Triceps
      Tuesday – Back/Biceps
      Wednesday – off
      Thursday – Shoulders
      Friday – Legs
      Saturday – off
      Sunday – off

      Sample Weightlifting Workout Routines

      This is hard. There are so many exercises for each muscle, and so
      many ways to split them up and make a routine out of them. So instead
      of listing 10,000 workout routines, I’ll just list what I think are
      the most effective muscle building exercises for each muscle and later
      on you can decide which to use in your own workout routines.

      Flat Bench Press
      Incline Bench Press
      Flat Bench Dumbell Flyes
      Incline Dumbell Flyes

      Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Lat Pulldowns
      Seated Cable Row
      Bent Over Barbell Row
      Bent Over 1 Arm Dumbell Rows

      Standing Barbell Curls
      Preacher Curls (with dumbells or barbell)
      Seated/Standing Dumbell Curls

      Tricep Press Downs
      Skull Crushers

      Romanian Deadlifts
      Lunges/Split Squats
      Calve Raises

      Seated/Standing Military Press (with barbell or dumbells)
      Lateral Raises

      Crunches, leg raises, situps, hip thrusts, side bends, weighted
      situps, crunches with your legs bent, not bent, straight up in the air

  2. Reply

    Workout Tips …. …. ? I’ve just rejoined a gym I was in a couple years ago. I’m looking for a workout to help me build a bit of muscle. This time the gym didn’t give me a workout plan and full assessment on joining for some reason…

    Anyhow… I’m roughly 6’1″. About 170-175 pounds.I want to give myself a better body. I have a little bit of a belly (but not too noticeable). And kinda scrawny arms and chest etc. and I have a slightly indented chest which never looks good and can’t be helped.

    I want to build my biceps aand shoulders a little, get pecks, and a good stomach. I know it’s ridiculous to hope for a huge muscular figure… which I don’t want.. But I just want a body with a nice appearance.

    Has anybody any training or nutritional tips to reach my goal? And when will I start to see results?

    1. Reply

      Well, I always recommend the same barbell routine for beginners:

      Squat 3×5
      Bench press/Overhead press 3×5 (alternating)
      Chin-ups: 3 sets to failure or add weight if completing more than 15 reps

      Squat 3×5
      Overhead Press/bench press 3×5 (alternating)
      Deadlift 1×5

      Squat 3×5
      Bench press/Overhead press 3×5 (alternating)
      Pull-ups: 3 sets to failure or add weight if completing more than 15 reps

      Start with very light weight to learn proper form. Increase weight by 2-5kg on exercises each workout. Add 3 sets of abdominal exercises at the end of each workout if you like. When the weights get heavy, do progressively heavy warm-up sets to reach your working weight.

      However, you’ve haven’t stated whether or not you’re interested in developing lower body strength as well as upper body, so you may not be interested in this. This routine will develop a good proportional physique regardless, and it only requires 30 minutes-1 hour to complete the workout.

      The chin-ups/pull-ups will develop your biceps, the presses will develop your chest and shoulders, your stomach will be developed by heavy squats/deadlifts/overhead presses as well as any isolation abdominal exercises you add to the routine.

      You say you have a little bit of a belly, this means that even if you were to develop extremely strong abs, you wouldn’t have a six pack. You’ll need to maintain a calorie deficit til you burn enough fat to reach 10% body fat before you can have a six pack. It’s possible to burn fat whilst gaining muscle, though results aren’t as fast, and it’s difficult to achieve the right nutritional balance for this. You’ll need only a slight calorie deficit (around 500 less than you’re using), whilst still getting 170g+ protein every day. Make sure you’re having protein immediately post-workout, it’s the most important time.

      Fat loss results you will notice alot faster than muscle development. If you’re burning fat, you’ll notice a physical difference (e.g slimmer stomach) in about a month. It usually takes a few months before you notice a physical change in your muscles though.

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