Tips For Men Who Want To Get Into A Yoga Practice But Are Hesitant Because Of Many Myths And Misconceptions …

Le Male Yoga – New York Citys Male-Only Yoga Studio – Offers Power Flow Yoga Classes for Men in Beginner to Advanced Levels to Provide Men a Place to Move beyond the Preconceived Notions about Yoga, start a Regular Practice and Add some Yoga to Their Lifestyle. Beginner Workshops Provide the Perfect Setting to Properly Introduce Yoga and Build a Solid Foundation.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Le Male Yoga[1], New York Citys only Yoga Studio for Men, is on a mission to debunk the many myths and misconceptions surrounding yoga and provide a fun community for all men to workout and practice yoga[2].

Starting a regular yoga practice, Le Male Yoga highly recommends to take it easy and enjoy being a beginner. A beginner workshop/series[3] or private session provides the perfect setting to properly introduce yoga and build a solid foundation with challenges a beginner can succeed with rather than getting frustrated by jumping into an advanced level class. In order to be able to make a commitment to yoga and most importantly to have fun, it is crucial to find a teacher and style that resonates with the new practitioner!

Besides that intuition, it is essential to make sure that the teacher is properly certified, preferably with additional certifications to supplement his/her knowledge and has ample teaching experience.

Werner[4], who teaches most yoga for men beginner series at Le Male Yoga, says the most common misconception men have about yoga is that it is necessary to be flexible in order to take class. Wrong! Practicing Yoga is a tool to become more flexible, it is not necessary to be bendy to begin with!

Another of the many myths about yoga is that it is a girlie thing. Fact is, Yoga was created by men for men. Recently more and more men started to incorporate yoga into their daily fitness regimens again and many professional athletes and sports teams hire yoga teachers to keep strong in body and mind to enhance their performance.

Along the lines with the misconception that yoga is only for women, men often think yoga is too easy and not a real workout. Yoga can be as physically challenging or as restorative as anyone wants. It hugely depends on the style of yoga and teacher, but regardless of style, yoga poses will help the practitioner to gain strength, balance and flexibility.

About Joschi Le Male Yoga:

Le Male Yoga is for guys who love to workout and practice yoga. Le Male Yoga’s style – Power Flow / Vinyasa Yoga – is for men with a good level of physical fitness who are interested in a high-heat, high-energy workout that builds strength, unwinds tight joints and loosens muscles. Power Flow Yoga gives all the relaxation benefits of yoga while offering men a route to a lifestyle that liberates, expands and energizes.

Le Male Yoga’s mission is to provide a welcoming community for ALL men – gay, straight or bisexual – to connect in a fun and judgment-free atmosphere.

Whether you’re after a dose of chi before an evening out, seeking an athletic workout or a fresh perspective to bring out your best… LMY offers something for every man.

Le Male Yoga leads unique retreats and workshops in the greatest city in the world – New York City. We offer new adventures full of possibilities; connect with others, play, rest, relax and rejuvenate!

As an experienced and internationally recognized Yoga Alliance Registered School Joschi Le Male is dedicated to share the knowledge in several Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs in New York City and around the world.

Monika Werner Joschi Le Male 212.399.6307 Email Information[5]


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  1. Reply

    Can You Give Me Some Workout Tips On Buns? I have a big butt and I don’t know how to lose the waight. Can someone help me out? Can you name some workout tips that might work for me?

      • HealthNut
      • October 31, 2012

      Squats….work a treat, trust me!

    • Kaci
    • October 31, 2012

    Allover Workout Tips For 17 Year Old Female? I want to flatten my stomach and tone up my arms. Does anyone have any good tips or links to simple workout routines?

      • HealthNut
      • October 31, 2012

      Try having fun while doing a workout, and incorporate both toning and cardio. watch tv or listen to music while doing sit ups or push ups. or just find random things around your house that are heavish for you and lift while watching tv or smoething. dance, or find workout videos on youtube. it helps:) good luck!
      this is one that i tried out…
      also watch what you eat!

  2. Reply

    What Diet/workout Tips Do You Have To Become Thinner, More Lean? I don’t want to gain muscle, I have huge thighs. I am just trying to slim down. What workout/diet tips do you reccomend?

      • HealthNut
      • October 31, 2012

      Aerobics + diet.

    • XP
    • October 31, 2012

    Can I Have Some Good Workout Tips? Hey could I get some good workout tips. I’m medium built but i want to be lean and fit. I also want to tone and shape my legs a lot. Please tell me if you have any good tips!

      • HealthNut
      • October 31, 2012

      Yes,visit the following sites for fitness.You may not need a full-fledged diet right now, but you can still incorporate some slim-down strategies into your daily life.

      Eat breakfast. Studies show that eating breakfast is associated with keeping weight off once you’ve lost it.

      Fill up on low-cal foods. Start every meal with the items on your plate that are lowest in calories. By the time you get to the other foods, you won’t be so hungry, possibly decreasing your total intake.

      Begin with soup. Starting lunch or dinner with a broth-based, vegetable-filled soup will curb hunger so you’ll be less tempted to eat higher-calorie foods.

      Arrive fashionably late. Without as much time near the buffet table at parties, you’ll eat less.

      Divide your lunch. Afternoon snacker? Cut your lunch in half: have part at mealtime and the other half later in the afternoon.

      Swap mustard for mayo. A tablespoon of mayonnaise has 100 calories, compared with 10 calories for a tablespoon of yellow mustard.

      Duration of Exercise
      You may not be exercising long enough. The rule of thumb is cardio for 30 minutes, three times per week. If you really want to reach your goal, try five 45-minute cardio workouts per week. That sounds like a lot of exercise, but remember this is in order to meet your goal, not necessarily maintain it.

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