Weight Loss Is The Most Common Motivation For Clients Seeking Health Coaching, Reveals Life Coach Directory

A survey recently conducted online by professional coaching network Life Coach Directory, has revealed that the most common reason for a client to seek health coaching[1] is for weight loss.*

Camberley, Surrey (PRWEB UK) 9 October 2012

Column inches are frequently dominated by stories of the nations ever expanding waistline and have been for some years. Of course, we all know that being overweight is unhealthy, that excess weight carries a myriad of health risks, but still a significant proportion of us weigh far more than what is considered healthy. But why?

Overcoming unhealthy eating habits that have manifested over a lifetime is sadly not a simple case of eating less and exercising more. Half the battle is finding the motivation[2] to begin, and the other half is keeping the progress going.

During the past decade the fad diet concept exploded, with many individuals seeing them as the answer to their weight woes. Think cabbage soup, fasting, low-carb and low-calorie fad diets such as these pledge to make you lose weight fast but in the main dont produce sustainable results.

We should know by now that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and any diet that promises a quick and effortless route to losing weight should set alarm bells ringing. There is no magic pill, and there is certainly no easy way.

Fad diets are often extreme, sometimes demanding avoiding entire food groups or surviving on only liquids. Whilst these radical rules might be fine for short bursts of time, they cannot be maintained on a long-term basis and could even lead to illness.

So if dieting is not the answer to long-term weight loss, what is?

Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle[3] should always be a learning experience, and you she be able to walk away feeling confident and motivated that you can continue and sustain your progress independently. Weight loss isnt simply about changing what you eat; it is about changing your approach and attitude towards food.

It is for this reason that many individuals seek health coaching.

Health coaches aim to help individuals find the motivation needed to stick to their diet, even after the initial drive begins to fizzle out. It is not about trying fad diets or exploring the emotional relationship we have with food it is about introducing structure and attainable goals to motivate and prevent old habits from raising their heads.

Professional Life Coach Midgie Thompson is no stranger to providing motivational coaching, and has been doing so since she founded her Bright Futures Coaching business back in 2003. Since then, Brighton based Midgie has coached a variety of individuals ranging from professional athletes through to Managing Directors, and below she gives us her top tips for staying motivated when either trying to lose weight or when embarking on other health goals independently:

1.    Set clear goals and make a plan to achieve them

  •     Clarify what it is you want to achieve and include detail of the outcome. Then work out, in small incremental steps, how you will achieve that goal.

2.    Go after only compelling goals

  •     How important it is for you to achieve your goal? What difference will it make if you achieve, or dont achieve, that goal? What benefits will you gain?

3.    Identify specific times for exercise

  •     Plan in advance when you are going to do your exercise and put them in the diary just like any other appointment or meeting.

4.    Create clear boundaries for flexibility

  •     Identify how important your goal is to you and create clear boundaries of where and when you will, or will not, be flexible with occasionally re-arranging things.

5.    Strengthen your self-belief and confidence

  •     Develop a strong belief that you will be able to achieve your goal and can face any challenge positively and successfully by taking small incremental steps.

6.    Maintain your focus to keep you on track

  •     Regularly remind yourself of your goal and the reasons why you are pursuing that goal to help you stay focussed and disciplined to do what you need to do.

7.    Manage your inner chatter to support you

  •     Silence the internal critic and negative chatter by replacing it with positive supportive comments and thoughts. Compare you with you, not against others.

8.    Celebrate!

  •     Give yourself a pat on the back and recognise your achievements along the way!

If you are struggling to find the motivation needed to overcome an obstacle, whether it be your weight or any other issue a life coach could provide the additional support you need.

A life coach specialising in healthy lifestyle and motivation coaching is not there to give you advice or tell you what to do, but instead will help you to develop a structure that will help you to achieve your own goals.

With an extensive library of fact-sheets – including information about health coaching, motivation and personal development – Life Coach Directory provides all of the information needed to help you fulfil your health objectives.

About Lifecoach Directory

Having access to all of the information needed to find the right life coach is a vital step for those who are looking for additional support. Whilst other directories may supply contact details, Life Coach Directory goes further by providing clear details of the help offered by each life coach.

Life Coach Directory lists full profiles of each coach, their specialisms, fees, background information and qualification details. There is also a wealth of information about life coaching on the website so visitors can find the information they need before choosing a professional.


*Based on a survey carried out on Life Coach Directory between August and October 2012.

Emma Hilton Memiah Limited 01276 301230 Email Information[4]


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  1. Reply

    What Are Your Best Tips For Weight Loss Success? I’m looking for some new weight loss tips, I work out regularly and I’ve cut out excess white sugar and complex carbs, how have you successfully lost weight?

    Please, no advice if it hasn’t worked for you or someone you personally know 🙂

    Thanks ahead of time for your answers, and I’ll be sure to pick a best answer to give those points!

      • HealthNut
      • October 21, 2012

      I wish you had posted your present workout plan, but I can give you some tips to get you too the next phase of fitness.

      If you can do LISS(low intensity steady state), early morning easy walking, even on a treadmill for 40mins on an empty stomach, you will burn fat, while holding onto your LBM(lean body mass), which is the key for you to burning fat. Always remember, if you do cardio and weights correctly, you will hold onto LBM, so you can burn fat. If you do things like run on a day you lift weights, you will burn up muscle, a no no, so always choose LISS early morning and 20mins after weights. If you want to run, or do run intervals,only run on days you don’t lift weights…..so again, you hold onto muscle.

      For meals, you should be eating 5-6meals per day, protein/carbs/healthy fats(I wonder why you cut out complex carbs?) They are what supports energy building for LBM, along with protein and healthy fats…..so you boost your metabolism all day. You need to have the proper ratios to support LBM. Eat things like lean steak, grilled chicken breast, tuna, 1-yolk with 2 whites, toast, oatmeal, potatoes, cheerios, olive oil lightly drizzeled over your salad, 4 walnuts, danon light yogurt….with these choices, you can form 5-6 small meals or 2 as snacks easily!

      If you can eat properly to support LBM, and ignore the scale weight, you will look terrific! The above are some of the rules and tips I use for my clients for success! With all my clients, they learn that the scale moves slowly or not at all, or sometimes they gain, but that is because their muscle to fat ratio is so high, and muscle weighs more, but they lose inches and feel great, and need to buy new clothes!

      I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Reply

    What Are Some Good Tips For Summer Weight Loss? I’m hoping to lose weight for next summer, and I’m looking for some good weight loss tips.

      • HealthNut
      • October 21, 2012

      After reading a lot of weight loss tips, I’ve caught myself saying “I’m not going to be able to do that!” I’m sure that we all have. A good summer weight loss tip is going to have to be something that you’d actually do, obviously. Keeping that mind, I hope that you’ll find the following weight loss tips helpful to you. Over the years they have helped me maintain my current weight, and they’ve also helped me lose weight as well. These are some of the easiest and most effective weight loss tips I’ve found.

      At first, when I started trying to lose weight, I went along with the traditional attitude that eating snacks in-between meals was counter-productive to an effective weight loss program. I cut out snacks from my diet altogether as a result of that belief. I found that the problem was that by the time I sat down to start eating my meal, I was so hungry that I couldn’t control my portion sizes efficiently.

      I found that I can keep my blood sugar at a decent level (and keep my appetite satisfied too) by eating more healthy and sensible snacks in between smaller meals. In fact, over the more recent years, research has shown that you can keep your body’s metabolic rate productive and steady by eating smaller meals spaced out throughout the day rather than the traditional “3 square meals” ideology. You can mix your carbs and proteins when selecting your snacks. Low-fat cheese on some wheat crackers and some grapes would be a great example of a healthy snack.

      Portion control can be better managed, and if not, it will become a large stumbling block. You can purchase smaller, single serving foods, and use plastic bags to enforce portion sizes. You can always use regular sized foods, but use small plastic bags to separate out smaller portions in case buying single-sized foods turns out to be too much of a strain on your budget. That’s a great weight loss tip, since sometimes eating straight from the original packaging will cause you to eat more than you should.

      The calories in the food will count just as much, even if the food is advertised as either low-fat or reduced in fat. Be sure to double-check your serving size by reading the food’s nutrition label. After measuring out the appropriate serving sizes, you can then store them in your plastic bags.

      Another one of the greatest weight loss tips is ice water! Place a small bottle of water in your freezer. This is a great idea to keep your water cold, and most weight loss programs recommend drinking water anyway. After some time, the water will form a small block of ice inside the bottle as it begins to freeze. That small block of ice will continue to keep the surrounding water very cold as it melts.

      Sometimes it’s boring to just drink plain water. Just for the sake of variety, you can keep low-calorie flavored waters in the refrigerator as well. Request an ice water with extra lemon slices in it when you’re dining out. Then, just add some artificial sweeteners and you’ve made diet lemonade to enjoy!

      Most of the time, the regular versions of foods that you’re used to taste a lot better than their reduced fat and low-fat equivalents. However don’t be discouraged, and continue to try the low-fat and non-fat alternatives of your favorite foods. You might be surprised to find a low-fat version of your favorite food, and there’s a chance that you’ll like it more than the original.

      You also might want to consider that there could be some places in your home that you associate with eating. You might stop and look for a snack while lingering around the kitchen – instead, leave the kitchen after eating. You might be tempted into eating a dessert if you sit longer at the dinner table after you’ve finished your meal. Instead, as soon as you’re finished eating, try getting up and going for a walk. You’ll enjoy the extra exercise, plus it will help get your mind off of eating, food, and snacks. You might need to change where you do things to stay away from these “problem areas” if you have a hard time fighting the temptation of food.

      You can help yourself lose weight by breaking the habit of using food as a comfort and as a stress-reliever. You could listen to music, read a book, go for a walk or jog, or just do some exercise. The point is that each different activity you select can be a viable alternative to eating when you need to relieve stress.

      Schedules can become hectic and full very fast. Squeezing weight loss programs in your already busy life can be a very difficult task. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time in one place, but it’s recommended to try and get at least 30 minutes of good physical activity each day. You can try to break your 30 minute block of time into smaller 10 or 15 minute blocks. You’ll be able to get some much needed exercise by spreading the smaller blocks of time throughout your evening and day.

      Exercise is cumulative, and keep in mind too that getting more and more physical activity can help you burn off calories

  3. Reply

    What Are Some Good Work Out Routines And Weight Loss Tips For A 16 Year Old Male? I’m a 16 year old male and I am about 6foot 2 and weight around 185-190lbs. I was wondering what a good work out routine I can start and any good weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • October 21, 2012

      Just get into the habit of swimming every day or two and stick to it.

      Also for a normal (non drastic) diet that works you might want to see:

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