Drink Smoothies For Weight Loss


If you are looking for a great way to achieve your weight loss goals, drinking smoothies for weight loss can help. Smoothies can be a nutritious and very tasty alternative to a full meal. You can pack them full of nutrients and fiber without the excessive calories. Smoothies can be a great tool in helping you to achieve your goals because they are both filling as well as healthy.

Blending foods is one of the easiest and fastest ways to prepare healthy foods, especially when it comes to vegetables and fruits. There are many smoothie recipes that can help to kick start your metabolism and keep it burning throughout the day to help you shed those unwanted pounds. To build the best smoothie possible for weight loss you need to have four main ingredients.

The first ingredient is a liquid base. Anything from water to almond milk will work well. Using a milk such as nonfat or 1% is great because it contains calcium and vitamin D. Those ingredients help your body to break down fat. Using nondairy bases such as water, almond milk, or soy milk work fine as well.

When mixing smoothies for weight loss the second ingredient you want to make sure you have is high-fiber carbohydrates. This can be achieved with any fruits. The fruits that are highest in fiber content with the least amount of sugar are blueberries and raspberries. Veggies such as cucumber or spinach are also high-fiber and have the mildest flavor.

Low-Fat Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie

A smoothie needs to have lean protein as well. Using an unflavored protein powder, tofu, or plain nonfat yogurt works best for your protein content. Remember protein helps you maintain your lean muscle mass. Muscle is what helps your body burn calories and converts them to energy throughout the day.

The last main ingredient you need to be sure to include is healthy fats. Healthy fats not only help to satisfy your body, they also help your body absorb nutrients and vitamins. Healthy fats also help to give you energy because your body is able to absorb these vitamins more efficiently. You can use up to two tablespoons of a monounsaturated healthy fat that comes from foods such as nuts, seeds, or avocados.

Now that you know the main ingredients, you can mix and match them to find the taste that you like giving you everything you need to help you burn calories and fat. It could be something as simple as your Greek yogurt with a chopped banana, strawberries, and ice. Or something a little more involved such as you Greek yogurt, spinach, a pear, grapes, avocado, and lime juice.

No matter how you mix it as long as you have four main ingredients of healthy fats, protein, high-fiber carbohydrates, and a liquid base your smoothie will be a powerhouse. It will leave you satisfied and full as well as give you energy throughout the day. When you are drinking smoothies for weight loss remember to have fun with it and experiment with your tastes. As long as you have those four main ingredients, there is no “wrong” formulation to helping you lose weight.

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