Tip: Avoid Carbs at Night


Some nutrition experts claim that calorie balance is the only significant factor affecting fat loss and that avoiding carbs at night has no impact. On the other hand, many contend that carbs are the best eaten in the morning (to replenish glycogen stores after a night of sleep), pre workout (as fuel for exercise energy) and post workout (to provide glycogen and to increase insulin levels for stimulating muscle growth).

It is consistently recommended avoiding carbs at night-if you’re able to replenish your muscle and liver glycogen throughout the day, then the excess you consume in the evenings will be more likely be converted into fat.

A study performed by Swiss researchers also concluded that carbs should be avoided in the evening. Subjects who ate a high carb meal (spaghetti and carrots) two to three hours before bedtime had both higher body temperatures and heart rates than subjects who instead ate a big carb meal in the morning. These physiological factors could interfere with sleep, ultimately having a negative impact on fat burning and muscle growth.

Recommendations: Since a good night’s sleep is crucial, watch your carb in take at night. Eat your last high-carb meal at least four hours before you go to bed.

This article by Paul Becker was published with his permission. Paul, a bodybuilder and fitness expert, is the owner and operator of TrulyHuge.com. Click the link to his website for more eating tips.

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