Bbb Tip Of The Week – Sun, 21 Dec 2014 Pst

The season of gift giving and celebration is upon us, and one more event should now be on everyones calendar: enrolling in healthcare. The Better Business Bureau offers the following tips to avoid scams and issues when enrolling in health care for2015: Beware of websites imitating the official Washington state health plan website ( www.wahealthplanfinder.org[1]). […]

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Tip to dieters: Beware of friends and late night cravings

There’s more to dieting than just sheer willpower and self-control. The presence of friends, late night cravings or the temptation of alcohol can often simply be too strong to resist. Research led by Heather McKee of the University of Birmingham in the UK monitored the social and environmental factors that make people, who are following […]

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Tip: Avoid Carbs at Night

Some nutrition experts claim that calorie balance is the only significant factor affecting fat loss and that avoiding carbs at night has no impact. On the other hand, many contend that carbs are the best eaten in the morning (to replenish glycogen stores after a night of sleep), pre workout (as fuel for exercise energy) […]

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