Health Tips To Prepare You For Hot Weather

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  • Annette Sym
  • 13th Oct 2013 6:00 AM

Annette SymAnnette Sym Cade Mooney

SPRING is in the air. Yes, we can now start thinking about salads, exercise and swimming.

During winter most of us tend to hibernate, for example jumping out of bed at 6am when it is dark and cold can stop even the most health conscious person and walking late afternoon means darkness at 5.30pm.

Longer daylight hours and warmer weather lifts the spirit and so now is the perfect time to get your health and exercise routines back into full swing.

Let’s get ready for summer, here are some tips:

1. Try on your favourite summer outfit from last year and see how it fits now. If it is a bit snug or the buttons don’t do up then take this as a sign that you need to shed a few kilos before summer kicks in.

Another good idea is to put on your togs and take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If not then do something about it, now!

2. Dust off the barbie and get back to cooking your meat on the grill and serve with interesting salads. Making tasty sauces to pour over steak will give meat a lift and make it much more tempting. Barbequing your meat allows the fats to escape through the grill, a great way to reduce the fat count.

If you find it is still too cool for salads then saut some vegetables on the flat side of the barbeque with some garlic and spices.

3. Spring means crisp apples, tasty oranges and mandarins and loads of vegetables at their best, such as artichokes, snow peas, bok choy, asparagus and avocados.

Why not make up some homemade soups using spring vegetables.

4. Spring means it is time to stop having the heavy stodgy winter foods, spring means lighter healthier meals, more fresh fruit and a time to get back outside and exercise.

This is such a beautiful time of the year so enjoy what spring has to offer and get healthy at the same time.

5. Instead of doing a spring clean at home do a spring clean of your eating habits. Throw out any bad habits that have caused you problems over winter and look for new ways to shed those unwanted kilos.

Your attitude determines your actions, so act now and reap the rewards.

Annette’s cookbooks SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 1-7 are sold in all good newsagencies.

Visit Annette’s website www.symplytoogood.com.au[4] for more tips and recipes.

You can also join Annette’s Facebook page at Symply Too Good.

Strawberry ChiffonServes: 8, recipe fromSYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BOOK 2

  • 1 cup chilled evaporated light milk
  • teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2 x 150g tubs 99% fat-free vanilla fromage frais (Fruche)
  • 1 sachet (10g) gelatine
  • cup boiling water
  • cup strawberry topping

In a large mixing bowl combine chilled milk and essence.

Using an electric beater whip milk (3-4 minutes) until thick.

Add in Fruche and beat until combined.

Dissolve gelatine in a cup with boiling water stirring well.

Mix together with topping, pour into milk mixture and beat until all ingredients are well combined.

Pour into serving bowls and refrigerate until set.

Variations: Add a punnet of chopped fresh strawberries to mixture or omit fruche and replace with batch symply sweet cream from Book 3.

Dietitian’s Tip: A great choice for people with diabetes.

**Fruche is a registered trademark of National Foods Limited**

Nutritional Information




FIBRE 0.1g


CARBS 20.9g

SUGAR 20.5g


KILOJOULES 503 (cals 120)


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    Health Tips And Vitamins I Should Take Being A Growing Teen? Anyone recommend any daily vitamins i should take? please provide the store i can get em at and the price. what it does and all the details please. also any random health tips would be appreciated. thanks.

    1. Reply

      A multi vitamin suh as centrum is good. Flaxseed oil capsules are great as well.

  2. Reply

    Anyone Have Some Good Tips For A College Student Who Wants To Lose About 35 Pounds? Basically Im pretty lethargic due to the studying….I do a fair bit of walking and I dont eat fast food more than a coupla times a month, but I seem to keep gaining weight. Basically I need some health tips or some way of beginning to get rid of the buddha belly.

    1. Reply

      As a fellow student, I understand your struggle. My butt feels constantly glued to a seat and I don’t have the time or attention for planning healthy meals. It’s tough but I manage to control my weight and even lose weight every now and then with some pretty easy tactics. Since you want to lose it, you’ll have to get serious. I would highly recommend cardio workouts. Depending on your fitness level and personal tastes you could try at home workouts like Tae Bo or you can hit the gym (in which case walking or jogging on the tredmill mixed with weights would be effective). Basically, make yourself workout even when you feel tired from studying or a long day. Next thing you know, you’ll look forward to the stress relief. Remember to watch what you eat and consider counting calories…you may be surprised how much you eat daily! Get sleep. Lack of sleep stresses the bod out and you may compensate with food. And you definitely will have less energy for workouts. GOOD LUCK!

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    I’m Trying To Loose Weight, What Are Some Health Tips? I’m making a modeling portfolio, and I know I need to be slimmer. What are some health tips, such as eating veggies, and colors to dress in the make you look slimmer? What is skinny for height 5’8″? I am Indian (India) & German and I have blue eyes.

    1. Reply

      Unfortunately there are no easy ways to permanently lose weight and most people who lose weight regain it all.

      A vegetarian or vegan diet for the rest of your life might perhaps be a good option as very few vegetarians or vegans are overweight.

      If you want a life changing permanent weight loss you need to follow a maintenance diet for the rest of your life after you reach your target weight with one of the many diets you can choose from.

      You can see further details in a web search for “how to lose weight and keep it off”.

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