Natural Born Healers

Plainview market feeds healthy lifestyle 

Eating is more than just stuffing food into ones gaping maw; and Dr. B Well Naturally is more than just a market. 


At the same location in Plainview since the early 1990s, but under new ownership since 2009, the natural foods and vitamin market offers hot prepared food, juices, smoothies, soups, groceries, produce, vitamins and even health counseling. 


And it is that counseling that sets Dr. B Well, 8 Washington Ave., apart from the rest. Owner, pharmacist and healthy lifestyle promoter John Azzarelli dispenses homeopathic knowledge on his loyal customers, some of whom actually bring in their blood work so that he can better understand their physiology. 


Ill spend a half hour with each patient going over their history and help them figure out what kinds of vitamins they should be taking and what they should be eating, said Azzarelli, who has been practicing pharmacy for close to 30 years and nutrition for more than a decade, adding that he does not charge customers for his free health consultations. Ill spend as much time as needed with them to find the best way to help with their problem.


Azzarelli owns another store, Natures Apothecary in Brooklyn, and has since 1986. In the summer of 2009, he was looking for another store to run when he heard about Dr. B Well in Plainview. He made his way to the mid-island neighborhood store and tasted the General Tsos chicken, a salmon burger and sliced soy turkey and immediately knew he had to own the place and keep the entire kitchen staff onboard. 


I bought the store because of the chef, Azzarelli said, referring to Chef Karen Bonfield, who has been conceiving the menu at Dr. B Well since 1991. People say healthy food cant taste good, and thats just not true. Our chef is very into spices. And her seasoning makes up for all the garbage others put into food in the service industry.


And while most eateries offerings consist mostly of meat-based protein and a small selection of vegetarian fare, Dr. B Well offers the exact opposite. The stores huge selection of vegetarian meals ranges from more than 10 varieties of veggie burgers to full hot meals.


But for a plate of the full meal, be sure to get there early. Chef Bonfield puts unveils the meal at around 11 a.m. every day, but by 2 p.m. it is gone. A recent hot meal selection included gluten free dueling creole chicken, wild mushroom tempeh, green curry broccoli and tofu stew. 


Azzarelli said his chef arrives at the store to begin prepping food at around 2 or 3 a.m.


She does a lot of work to get the food out tasting as good as it does, he said, adding that he takes pride in giving residents the chance to not only eat well, but to eat healthy. I want to help people stay away from processed food and the garbage that you really dont want to eat. Genetically modified food is like science fiction food, you dont want to eat it.


And Azzarelli, who owns the store with his brother Anthony, said the more his customers learn about the food they eat, the more they choose to eat at Dr. B Well.


A lot of people have food allergies and intolerances to gluten and dairy, he said. But even if you dont have allergies, you can still make choices to avoid bloating, cramping and the general bad feeling you get when you eat garbage foods.


The pharmacy, the healthy food with flavor, the groceries it all boils down to helping people, according to Azzarelli. Growing up, Azzarellis spent a lot of time in his fathers shoe store. There, he learned the importance keeping customers loyal with impeccable service and a genuine concern for their well-being.  


My father taught me that at the end of the day, you dont want to have patients or customers you want to have friends, he said. When you take time to help people, it is amazing how much they appreciate you. I go home a very happy person.


As for the future of the store, Azzarelli hesitated to give too much away. But he did reveal that he hopes to add more seating, as well as table service, so that more people can benefit from unique food and precise care at Dr. B Well. 


People need a place to sit and eat healthy food, he said. I love to see people eat well so that they feel well.

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    What Can Anyone Do To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle? What can institutions such as schools do and what can individuals do?
    What can the government put in place?
    What is the reason for the fact not a lot of people care about having a healthy lifestyle anymore?

      • HealthNut
      • September 15, 2013

      Schools can replace all or most of the canteen food with healthy options so they could replace chicken burger with tuna salad for example. Individuals can aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. The government can put a higher price up on junk food, therefore tempting more people to buy healthy food as it would become cheaper than it is now.

      The reason why people don’t care about a healthy lifestyle, is that junk food like burger and chips is quick and a convenience, as healthy meals takes time to prepare. Same with exercise maybe being time consuming and they have a busy schedule to be able to fit it all in.

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    How To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle Up At School? I’ve recently started exercising and eating healthily, in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, as well as lose weight. I go back to school in September, and I’ve been doing absolutely brilliantly so far. However, I’m definitely a stress eater, and especially with lots of exams coming up this and next year, I’m gonna be more stressed than ever. I don’t want to lose my progress or put all the weight back on. As well as this, I’m worried I won’t have time to work out as I’ll be tired from school in the daytime, so it could get difficult. Does anyone have any tips that could help me maintain what I’m doing for when I go back to school?

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