Wellness Expert Mina Penna Opens 1 Healthy Life To Coach Professionals Seeking Enhanced Productivity, Energy And Health

Hoboken, New Jersey (PRWEB) August 08, 2013

Health and wellness expert Mina Penna today announced the launch of 1 Healthy Life (http://www.1healthylife.com[1]), where she will employ her proven signature approach to help participants practice a healthier lifestyle, reduce stress, and improve their well being. With a practice area dedicated to busy professionals, Penna coaches clients seeking to return to a life with more energy, more balance and generally eating healthier without having to try so hard.

Founded on the belief that changing your mindset can change your life, 1 Healthy Life offers one-on-one advising as well as group and corporate training to show even the busiest among us how a few customized, small changes can have a big impact on well being. Like athletic coaches or personal trainers, Penna tailors a program for each client or situation and remains dedicated and involved throughout the coaching process.

Even the most well-intentioned and generally healthy individuals can struggle for years with eating right, trying to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule or pinpoint the real roadblocks to good health and clear thinking, said Penna. I have developed a unique method that works for everyone, from couch potatoes to marathon runners. Increased energy, better nutrition and the ability to best handle the daily stresses of life are goals we help clients meet. Weight loss is almost always a welcome side effect of our approach. Too often we put everyone else first and our health falls to last priority. Taking only a few minutes of me time each day can do wonders for a person, both mentally and physically. It can be as simple as a 20-minute walk, setting side time for breakfast or turning off the blackberry after 9 pm to get time to recharge. We only get 1 life and we all deserve to live the happiest, healthiest life we can!

One of the things that Mina finds most rampant in corporate America is the level of stress people are under every day from work and trying to balance the work/home life relationship. Shes put together some techniques on how to help people deal with the every day stress that we face. Get a sneak peek and download her 5 ways to reduce stress at http://5waystoreducestress.com[2] .

I juiced, I did cabbage diets and tried everything from walking fast to pilates and nothing worked. It wasnt until Mina changed my mindset and identified the unique steps that were right for me that I started to feel more focused and able to begin to accomplish my healthy lifestyle goals, said Elana Gold, Global CMO.

Another of Minas clients, Garima Pathak, Finance Manager, added, Before I started working with Mina I deprived myself of living life to the fullest because of how I felt and my own perception of how I looked. Now with her support, Ive not only lost 50lbs, but also gained the strength and confidence to start truly living life again.

With several practice areas, Penna, (who boasts impressive corporate experience and holds both an MBA and a holistic health coaching certification) has been recognized for her work with business professionals, offering programs sensitive to those juggling high-pressure work and busy personal lives. Her Executive Wellness Coaching program is designed specifically for mid and senior level executives with complicated meeting and travel schedules.

About Mina Penna A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Penna has studied with the countrys top leaders in the Health and Wellness and Holistic Nutrition fields. Her proven ability to change mindsets has helped busy professionals, frazzled moms and stressed-out students banish negative thinking and find their way to better health. 1 Healthy Life offers programs addressing stress management, weight loss, sugar addiction, sleep fulfillment, fitness, energy, clean eating and body image. In person or phone mediated coaching (individual or group) is supplemented with email and social media support. By identifying personalized first steps for each client, Penna gets the ball rolling and sets clients on their way to a more balanced life, helping participants feel more available for those around them.

To learn more about 1 Healthy Life and Holistic Health Coach Mina Penna visit http://www.1healthylife.com[3] .


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