Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet Tips And Weight Loss Side Effects Reviewed

Green coffee bean extract dietary supplement breaks the mold for boosting dietary habits to improve bodily health. Try Green Coffee Pure for the Scientifically-Reviewed Benefits of Chlorogenic Acids for weight loss and energy.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

In a timeframe and mind frame where diet, exercise, health, and self-actualization are at an all-time high, it is important to understand the essentials of getting healthy again.

Most are completely aware of the truth in the vital adjustment required and needed to start regaining and rejuvenating natural energy and hormonal levels in the body.

The latest scientific breakthrough in the realm of nutritional supplements is pure green coffee bean extract derived from whole red coffee cherry-berry fruit[1].

Obesity is not only a problem in the United States but the dilemma also plagues many countries around the world. The World Health Organization believes that the number of overweight adults in the world will escalate to over two billion in the next few years. Over one third of these people will fit the criteria of obesity.

The struggle with weight issues often includes dieting, exercise and supplements. Many over-the-counter dietary aids pose health risks. With few safe options available, the reported effects of green bean extract as a dietary supplement caught the attention of many.

While pure green coffee bean extract may be a mouthful to say, it does not relatively compare to the amount of time it takes to review the escalating evidence and support backing the health benefits of raw green coffee beans when consumed in concentrated extracts[2].

Green coffee beans are actually red in color. These are the beans freshly picked from the Arabic or Robusta plant. Green refers to the raw, unprocessed bean. Processing or roasting the beans for coffee requires exposure to extreme heating with temperatures rising to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The process increases caffeine content of the bean but diminishes a chemical component called chlorogenic acid or CGA. Chlorogenic acid in green bean extract creates metabolic changes that include weight loss.

The most promising feature of the chemical includes the fact that weight loss occurs without changing eating habits or increasing physical activity.

Many organic food products contain chlorogenic acid but not to the extent found in green coffee beans[3]. Individual green coffee beans contain as much as half their weight in the chemical compound. Known as a polyphenol, CGA has antioxidant properties.

When the chemical travels through the blood stream and into body tissues, chlorogenic acid diminishes the effects of antioxidants, which cause aging and damage DNA. The chemical also inhibits glucose release.

The liver changes glucagon into glucose and emits the final product into the blood. Chlorogenic acid interferes with the enzyme necessary for this conversion. CGA also interferes with the process of glucose absorption in the intestines.

Glucose not used by the body for energy feeds fat cells. Taking green coffee bean extract reduces available glucose and forces the body to turn to fat for energy.

While chemists understand many of the benefits associated with chlorogenic acid, researcher Dr. Joseph Vinson conducted a study that specifically investigated CGA properties concerning weight loss.

Sixteen obese, human test subjects volunteered for the study, which extended for three months.

During the research, individuals received 700 or 1050 milligrams of green coffee bean extract daily[4]. Along with the CGA, subjects ate 2,400 calories every day and did not alter physical activity.

Researchers monitored each volunteers BMI, body fat content, weight and vital signs before, during and after the study.

Concluding the investigation, researchers found that over 60 percent of the test subjects lost 10 percent of their body weight, 30 percent lost 5 percent body weight and 8 percent lost 4 percent body weight.

The individuals additionally experienced a decrease in heart rate. The results of the study appear in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.

Containing only a fraction of the caffeine contained in roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans do not produce the jittery side effect commonly associated with coffee.

There have been no other side effects associated with green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee PURE is one of the highest quality and premium ingredient supplements featuring pure green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acids.

For more information green coffee bean extract diet tips for weight loss and energy, visit http://GreenCoffeeExtracts.com[5] today.

Matt Polinski The Empower Alliance (530) 418-8423 Email Information[6]


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