La Weight Loss Introduces Tips To Stay Fit During Vacation: Stick To A Healthy Diet And Stay Active During Summer …

Many of us lose motivation and make unhealthy food choices while away from home so LA Weight Loss is pleased to share a handful of tips and tricks to ensure that proper nutrition and exercise are incorporated into your summer travel plans.

Greensboro, North Carolina (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

With fall just around the corner, vacationers are in a frenzy to pack in last-minute summer vacations. Before hitting the beach, cruise ship, resort or another vacation destination, be prepared to reject the many indulgences that go hand-in-hand with a bit of relaxation!

LA Weight Loss, one of Americas leading companies for healthy weight loss, understands that it takes motivation to lose weight and LA Weight Loss is committed to helping you succeed! Since 1997, LA Weight Loss has transformed millions of lives by providing diet plans that are based on nutritious real foods[1] available anytime, anywhere.

LA Weight Loss is focused on ensuring clients eat well, lose weight and keep the weight off for good, said Caroline Kolompar, Chief Marketing Officer of LA Weight Loss Centers. Many of us allow our weight-loss efforts to be derailed on vacation, but our LA Weight Loss Plan teaches you how to enjoy flavorful meals made with real ingredients even if youre traveling. The LA Rapid Results Plan accounts for busy lifestyles and different activity levels, giving you the tools and support you need for successful weight loss.

Many of us lose motivation and make unhealthy food choices while away from home so LA Weight Loss is pleased to share a handful of tips and tricks to ensure that proper nutrition and exercise[2] are incorporated into your summer travel plans.


When were traveling, its easy to overindulge in local flavor, bursting buffets and cheap eats, but weeks of hard work can be undone in just a couple of weeks. Cruise ships are particularly notorious for their 24/7 buffet services, making it challenging to stick to a plan when tasty food is in constant rotation. However, the following tips can help you overcome the craving for more:

1.    Before dining, plan out your portions. Arriving to a meal with your mind set on the appropriate food size is helpful for controlling a potential binge.

2.    Ask about smaller portion sizes[3]. Although food portions are increasing, food intake should not. Many restaurants offer half-sized meals that are more acclimated to how much food a body truly requires. If a reduced portion plate is not available, ask your server to box half of your entree to-go before it arrives at the table.

3.    Drink a full glass of water before your meal to ward off any ravenous urges to overeat. Often, lack of hydration is mixed up with feeling hungry, so keep drinking water to make sure your body is hydrated and free from any muddled hunger signals!

4.    Snack, snack, snack. Instead of a few large meals throughout the day when youre extremely hungry, pack different healthy snacks such as vegetables or fruit to supplement your daily nutrition. When youre ready for a main meal, youll likely make better choices regarding food type and portion than if you went without food hours beforehand.

5.    Dont try to feel full try to feel satisfied. Feeling full after a hearty meal is a strong sign of overeating. When youre dining, ask yourself if youre feeling satisfied with your meal if you are, your body is letting you know that its had its share of delicious nutrition and does not need another round of food!


Want to exercise, but dont want to be shackled to a hotel gym? Go outside! Take the opportunity to explore your new locale paired with your favorite exercise regimen. Pack your workout clothes and check out our list of ideas:

1.    Love to bike? Many destinations offer bicycle rentals for solo or private tours. Ideal for navigating longer stretches of land, biking offers opportunities to get active while sightseeing from the view of a local.

2.    Morning jogs also enable tourists to view their destination while getting in a decent workout. If youre in a beach city, consider a breezy coastal jaunt; if its a woodland area, take up a trail for added adventure.

3.    Local sports, especially ones that are not familiar to you, can be an exciting way to learn about your destinations culture while maintaining an active lifestyle. Interesting activities include outrigger rowing or even camel racing!

On your next vacation, remember to stick to your nutrition and exercise[4] goals by combining the fun of a new trip with your desire to stay in shape!

About LA Weight Loss

Since 1997, LA Weight Loss has helped millions of people reach their long-term weight-loss goals. Whether clients visit an LA Weight Loss center for one-on-one counseling or opt for the convenience of the at-home program, members lose an average of one to two pounds per week and learn how to keep it off for good. At LA Weight Loss, healthy living is not just for the rich and famous its for everyone. For more information about LA Weight Loss, visit http://www.LAWeightLoss.com[5].

Caroline Kolompar LA Weight Loss 877-237-7225 Email Information[6]


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  1. Reply

    What Are Your Best Tips For Weight Loss Success? I’m looking for some new weight loss tips, I work out regularly and I’ve cut out excess white sugar and complex carbs, how have you successfully lost weight?

    Please, no advice if it hasn’t worked for you or someone you personally know 🙂

    Thanks ahead of time for your answers, and I’ll be sure to pick a best answer to give those points!

      • HealthNut
      • August 1, 2012

      I wish you had posted your present workout plan, but I can give you some tips to get you too the next phase of fitness.

      If you can do LISS(low intensity steady state), early morning easy walking, even on a treadmill for 40mins on an empty stomach, you will burn fat, while holding onto your LBM(lean body mass), which is the key for you to burning fat. Always remember, if you do cardio and weights correctly, you will hold onto LBM, so you can burn fat. If you do things like run on a day you lift weights, you will burn up muscle, a no no, so always choose LISS early morning and 20mins after weights. If you want to run, or do run intervals,only run on days you don’t lift weights…..so again, you hold onto muscle.

      For meals, you should be eating 5-6meals per day, protein/carbs/healthy fats(I wonder why you cut out complex carbs?) They are what supports energy building for LBM, along with protein and healthy fats…..so you boost your metabolism all day. You need to have the proper ratios to support LBM. Eat things like lean steak, grilled chicken breast, tuna, 1-yolk with 2 whites, toast, oatmeal, potatoes, cheerios, olive oil lightly drizzeled over your salad, 4 walnuts, danon light yogurt….with these choices, you can form 5-6 small meals or 2 as snacks easily!

      If you can eat properly to support LBM, and ignore the scale weight, you will look terrific! The above are some of the rules and tips I use for my clients for success! With all my clients, they learn that the scale moves slowly or not at all, or sometimes they gain, but that is because their muscle to fat ratio is so high, and muscle weighs more, but they lose inches and feel great, and need to buy new clothes!

      I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Reply

    What Websites Have Good Weight Loss Tips? Does anyone know of any websites that have helpful (and free!!) weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • August 1, 2012

      Try this AWESOME diet program — “Spark People”. It’s a FREE website (www.sparkpeople.com) that actually works!! It’s SOOO helpful in losing weight, finding exercises, and tracking your progress! It is run by nutritionists, and it encourages a healthy/balanced diet (no fads!). You can track food eaten, read articles about nutrition, exercise, and motivation, talk to experts, receive motivation from other dieters, look up exercises that will work for you, and SO much more! I belong to it and LOVE it!!!! Please check it out – you won’t be disappointed!!!!

      If you join, please state that I (matcm81) referred you. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!

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