Weight Loss Challenge Winners Enjoy Day Of Pampering

They lost a total of 132 pounds and gained a day of pampering.

Team In It to Win It took first place in the third annual Lighten Up Onslow weight loss challenge. The team lost a cumulative 132 pounds 16.4 percent of their weight to win the wellness program started by Onslow Memorial Hospital.

For their efforts, Belk department store in the Jacksonville Mall dedicated a day to the team members to celebrate their achievement. They were treated Wednesday to a special morning with a makeover from Clinique University, a new summer outfit from the store and a portrait session with Olan Mills.

Team In It to Win It was one of 162 teams that participated in this years challenge. Team members include team captain Mary Butts, Vanessa Ervin, Latonya Lettley-Frost and Angel Hazelwood from the nonprofit organization Carobell Inc.

The women said the most engaging part of the program is the team aspect.

When we would even think about cheating, wed always think, What would Mary say? said Hazelwood, who echoed the team members sentiments that Butts kept the rest of the team motivated. I loved the camaraderie, all of us doing it together.

Butts made a reputation for herself with her team as a catalyst for action and an inspiration when they were losing steam. She inspired them with weekly motivational quotes to keep up their spirits, too, which she said she will continue despite the competitions end.

All four of the team members said the weight loss challenge was not a temporary alteration in their lives, but a permanent lifestyle change.

When youre looking at a healthier you, you have to apply all the principles, said Ervin, the president and CEO of Carobell Inc. She said the teammates ate healthier and smaller meals and also exercised.

She said the Lighten Up Onslow program offered great coaching tools to help them lose weight and change their lifestyles.

Most of the time were looking for the quick fix, but the quick fix is not the long-term fix, said Ervin, who lost 44 pounds. So the online portion allowed you to get information that not only you could do for yourself, but that you could also carry on to your family. And for me thats a win-win.

Ervin said her children knew she was taking it seriously when she would come home from jogging at midnight, unable to squeeze the exercise into her busy schedule at any other time.

Ervin also said the online forum allowed participants to talk to each other and build one another up on difficult days.

Lettley-Frost said cooking tips on the Lighten Up Onslow website taught her to alter her cooking to more baked and grilled foods rather than fried foods, aiding her in her 30 pound-loss during the challenge.

Butts said her favorite part of the program was the competition aspect.

I just love being competitive and I love coming in first, she said. Thats a motivator to do anything.

Butts, who lost 26 pounds, said she used the Lighten Up Onslow website to watch helpful videos on exercise techniques and how to reduce food intake.

Hazelwood said the whole process helped her lose the weight she gained after her second child. She lost 32 lbs.

Twelve employees on three separate teams from Carobell Inc. participated in this years Lighten Up Onslow, and Ervin orchestrated an in-house competition in addition to the hospitals. For the team that won third place, those employees all received one day off or could trade in that day off for $10/hour. The team that won second place received two days off and team In It To Win It received three days.

Ervin said she wanted to reward her employees for making the effort to become healthier. She also said by being proactive about their health, they help reduce the cost of company health insurance.

Ervin formerly served as the chair of the Onslow Memorial Hospital Board and got involved with the program in that way. She said she is proud of the way the hospital is leading the community in a proactive approach to healthy living.

Amy Sousa, vice president of public relations for the hospital, said the challenge isnt about weight loss alone. Rather, its a program to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating habits and exercise.

The true purpose of the program is to promote health and wellness. If participants learn to have a healthy lifestyle then weve helped make a difference, Sousa said.

This years teams had a combined weight loss of 1,530 pounds.

So many times the hospital is judged by who walks through the door as a patient, and its important to not just be partners in sickness, but be partners in health and wellness, Sousa said.

The top 10 teams were: In It to Win It; The Walking Dead; Waist-ing A-weigh; Desang family, the Weight Is Over; The Fatty McFattersons; Thin It to Win It; OCS Enlighten and Lighten II; Jollys Girls; and OCS Enlighten and Lighten I.

Lighten Up Onslow is a free program open to any team or individual in the community who wants to participate.

The next Lighten Up Onslow program begins Jan. 20, but area residents can access resources promoting a healthy lifestyle at anytime by going to lightenuponslow.org[1]. 


  1. ^ lightenuponslow.org (lightenuponslow.org)

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  1. Reply

    What Is Are Some Of Your Favorite Weight Loss Tips? What are some of your most succesfull weight loss tips?? I have my few that I live by, but I am looking for some tips on cutting down. Please only share different/ unique tips.
    I know about all the common ones…. lots of water lots of rest six small meals etc.

    thank you so much in advance!

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      Hi CollegeGirl

      In my opinion, no weight loss tips are truly successful on their own. Lots of water is not necessarily a good way, because how much water a person needs depends on the BMI of the person. 6 small meals maybe hard at times, especially when you are stuck at school or office and have no chance to eat, and then you need to eat more when you have the chance. Well, dieting is a good way to lose weight, but then it is hard to stick to a diet. For example, something like this:

      2 egg, low fat Cheddar cheese omelette – 320 calories
      2 slices wholemeal toast with thin smear butter – 200 calories
      Large slice melon – 47 calories

      Spicy Turkey Salad recipe – 304 calories

      Muesli or honey nut Health Bar “Sainsbury” – 180 calories

      Baked potato with 100g “Heinz” baked beans &/or Cottage cheese if desired – 300 – 400 calories (350 average)
      Large helping salad fruits &/or vegetables – 100 calories

      Another weight loss tip is to do interval and turbulence exercise.

      Turbulence Training is a fresh plan that requires finishing three 45-minute exercise sessions each week with marginal equipment. It is an increasingly trend-setting fitness plan with the intention of helping you in the reduction of weight.

      Interval training is the fitness world’s equivalent of a visit to the in-laws. The shorter and more intense the visit, the better. An interval is a short period of exercise performed at a given intensity for a specific length of time. Each interval is separated from the next interval by a short rest or lighter activity. There are no strict rules on how long or how intense the interval must be, however, changing the interval length or intensity changes the way your body works and responds to exercise.

      But people have a short willpower. It may be strong at the beginning but will eventually fade as time goes on- as they realize that going on a diet is not actually as easy as they think it is. Of course, the strength of willpower differs from one person to another. This is the reason why there are people who can actually maintain a diet and exercise program for 1 year and there are people who can only maintain it for few months. Nonetheless, willpower is a big factor that dictates someone whether to continue losing weight or not.

      And in my opinion, besides sticking to a diet and exercise plan, it is the ultimate willpower to stop yourself from overeating that is the #1 tip to lose weight. But that is the hardest part if you are accustomed to eating lots of food even though your body does not need it. It is partly because of the delicious taste of the food causing a craving for more. There are certain ways to fight this craving ad I found one that maybe helpful. It is a type of chocolate that can actually suppress your appetite. It will can provide Good Energy that promotes a healthy weight by providing energy while burning fat. And it helps suppress cravings for sugary snacks.

      Good luck!

      PS: Information on the Special Chocolate that I mentioned can be found on the website in the source box. Recently, they are giving away a one month free trial.

  2. Reply

    I Am A Teenager What Are Some Weight Loss Tips And Ways To Appear Thinner? I am a teenager and I need help so please help me… I’m desperate. I want a higher self esteem.
    Please, can someone give me some weight loss tips like high calorie burning excersices, health food, some sort of plan and also tips to appear thinner. Thanks!

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      Some easy weight loss tips :

      Eliminate Eating Junk Food.
      Drink a Lot of Water
      Reduce the Size of Your Portions
      Lower Your Calorie Consumption Without Deprivation
      You Want to Start Exercising Regularly
      Sleep Well- Practice a Good Night Sleep

  3. Reply

    What Are Some Weight Loss Tips And Ways To Appear Thinner? I am a teenager with a problem and I need help so please help me… I’m  desperate. I have Lupus and when it flares up I have to take prednisone which causes weight gain. I want a higher self esteem. Please, can someone give me some weight loss tips like high calorie burning excersices, health food, some sort of plan and also tips to appear thinner. Thanks!

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      There are some good tips listed in the answers, here are a few more. Recent studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast will increase energy during the day and act as a natural weight suppressant. Have listed an article on using eggs as a weight loss food. Tracking your daily food intake and daily exercise will help a lot in determining how much you are really eating and working off each day. Have also noted a article that list a few easy ways to work exercise into your routine.

  4. Reply

    Where To Find Weight Loss Tips, Programs And Detox Programs For Dummies? Where to find weight loss tips, programs and detox programs for dummies?

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      You can try http://detox-programs.net for many weight loss tips and detox programs

  5. Reply

    Does Anyone Know Any Good Weight Loss Tips? I’ve been struggling for the past few months to drop the last few pounds I need to fit in my cheer uniform from last year. Does anybody know any good, fast, sufficient weight loss tips that can help me drop 10-15 pounds by at least January? Please help!

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      The best advice I could ever give you is losing weight takes time. If you’ve tried and failed many times (which is what I am going through), you have to start slowly. Maybe start cutting out bad things in your diet little by little. You can’t expect to go from eating sugary processed foods and not exercising much to extreme healthy eating and exercising 7 days a week in one day, or even one week. You have to learn to control yourself and that means start small and keep everything under control. Another VERY important thing to remember is to NEVER EVER EVER give up! No matter if you go a whole week eating junk foods and not exercising, that does not mean you have to give up and never reach your goals. Just think, well, next week I’ll do better and get back on track. You have to believe you can do it. You have to want it for yourself and no one else.

      Exercise at least 5 times per week. I suggest strength training and cardio. Let’s say Monday you walk/run for 30 minutes, then Tuesday you would do push ups and sit ups and planks, and squats and then take a break Wednesday and start back up on Thursday.

      As far as your eating you really need to watch what you eat! That is the most important step. Portion control is important. If you normally get a big dinner, then cut the amount of food you get in half and that will help a lot. Another way is to get your plate and only eat 3/4 of the food you have on your plate.

      Eating healthy, lean meats, whole grain breads, and staying away from sugary things and high calorie foods. Always remember that cutting out something bad with something healthy really makes a difference. Drinking sodas and eating candy bars is empty calories. If you replace those things with a whole grain waffle or one small piece of dark chocolate it will really help.

  6. Reply

    What Are Some Good Work Out Routines And Weight Loss Tips For A 16 Year Old Male? I’m a 16 year old male and I am about 6foot 2 and weight around 185-190lbs. I was wondering what a good work out routine I can start and any good weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      Just get into the habit of swimming every day or two and stick to it.

      Also for a normal (non drastic) diet that works you might want to see:

  7. Reply

    What Are Your Best Weight-loss Tips And Motivations? How to get up each morning and go for a jog?
    How to avoid the cravings?

    Tell us your best weight-loss tips/motivators/play lists…anything!

      • HealthNut
      • June 7, 2013

      When it comes to losing weight, staying motivated is one of the hardest thing to do. You tend to want to give up after not seeing results early in your program. However, you should keep you eye on your goal. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, 25 pounds or even 100 pounds. You see the only person that knows what you really want is you. Tell yourself you can do it and follow through with your program. Below are some tips to help you stay focus and lose weight.

      Tip #1- Avoid going on the scale on a regular basis. For most people the is a bad habit. You see the scale can be very discouraging. If you constantly go on the scale and do not see a decrease in your weight you will feel like giving up because you may think that your program is not working. But note that the scale can be misleading. You see while you are losing weight, you are also building muscles. Therefore it will not show on the scale since the mass of your muscles will replace the weight loss. So to avoid feeling discouraged, you should avoid the scale.

      Tip #2- Do not compare your body with others. Everyone has a different genetic make up. Some people can lose weight fast while some people will take months. Now if you are comparing yourself with others, you will only discourage yourself more and not focus on your real goal that you want to achieve.

      Tip #3- Treat yourself after you cross small milestones. This will motivate you to continue. So break down your long term goals into smaller goals and once you achieve one of your goals, treat yourself to something nice.

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