New Healthy Living Alliance Encourages Healthier Lifestyle

With more than a third of adults in Texas overweight and one in three students in the Lone Star State at high risk of obesity, civic leaders, health care professionals and fitness advocates are creating a program to reverse an increasingly unhealthy trend.

The Healthy Living Alliance is a long-range, multifaceted program sponsored by Montgomery County United Way to help teach area residents about the benefits of healthier living and encourage them to adopt lifestyle changes that will lead to more productive living.

The goal is to coordinate existing programs in the community and spearhead new initiatives to reach as many people as possible, said Christie Sproba, project manager. Some people know the basics of nutrition and exercise but we want to show them innovative ways to incorporate these concepts in their lives.

Its a concept with which Sproba is very familiar. In 2008, she created Losing to Win, a special program to encourage team and individual weight loss in Conroe. Two years later, she worked with Conroe Parks & Recreation on the Battle of the Bulge program with similar goals.

Sprobas goal is to organize the efforts of various organizations throughout Montgomery County to reach as many residents as possible. The first proactive measure of the organization has been to designate April as Healthy Living month.

Were encouraging residents to join together with people at work, church, school, clubs or friends and adopt healthier activities for 30 days, Sproba said. The idea is to try something new for a limited time were hoping they see the benefits and it leads to permanent change.

Those interested can visit the organizations website at www.healthylivingmc.com[1] for information and receive regular updates and information on programs throughout Texas as HLA expands its influence in Montgomery County.

Were encouraging groups to make slide shows and videos of their 30-day experiment, Sproba said. We want this to be fun.

But the underlying message is serious. State and county health department statistics show a trend of obesity in children and adults. Being overweight and out of shape can lead to a variety of health-related problems.

Plus being more active gives you more energy, Sproba said. The effort is its own reward.

Thats a message that needs to be hear loud and often, said Sproba, especially with children. She has created a special pilot program called Healthy Me currently going on at Meador Elementary School in Willis.

The program combines active participation from all phases of the school teachers, nutritionists, administrators and volunteers working together to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

Our initial results are very encouraging, Sproba said. Our goal is take our results to other school districts and show them how such a program can be incorporated into their campuses.

Sproba also has the interest and support of a wide range of volunteers, led by Bob Abendschein, of Anadarko Oil, and the local medical community. A physicians education dinner, sponsored by St. Lukes The Woodlands Hospital and Texas Childrens Hospital was held Jan. 9 to create awareness and build support.

Our long-term goal is to increase the number of residents in Montgomery County living at a healthy weight by 10 percent by 2020, Sproba said. By working together with other organizations, its a good goal and one we can achieve.

Sproba has a two-year commitment from Montgomery County United Way to head up HLA. At the end of that period, she and the organization will assess the role and determine its future.

Im passionate about helping people see the benefits of nutrition and exercise and that adopting a healthier lifestyle can improve their lives, Sproba said. Weve got the chance to do something very good in Montgomery County.

For more information about Healthy Living Alliance, visit www.healthylivingmc.com[2].


  1. ^ www.healthylivingmc.com (www.healthylivingmc.com)
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  1. Reply

    What Can Anyone Do To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle? What can institutions such as schools do and what can individuals do?
    What can the government put in place?
    What is the reason for the fact not a lot of people care about having a healthy lifestyle anymore?

      • HealthNut
      • January 20, 2013

      Schools can replace all or most of the canteen food with healthy options so they could replace chicken burger with tuna salad for example. Individuals can aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. The government can put a higher price up on junk food, therefore tempting more people to buy healthy food as it would become cheaper than it is now.

      The reason why people don’t care about a healthy lifestyle, is that junk food like burger and chips is quick and a convenience, as healthy meals takes time to prepare. Same with exercise maybe being time consuming and they have a busy schedule to be able to fit it all in.

  2. Reply

    How Do You Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle? Please comment on your suggestions to maintain a healthy lifestyle, add any concerns or issues you have concerning you’re healt, and i’ll be happy to educate you further.

      • HealthNut
      • January 20, 2013

      I eat healthy – vegetables, fruit, lots of water, minimal sugar consumption, etc.
      I don’t smoke.
      I don’t drink in excess.
      I don’t do drugs.
      I exercise at least twice a week.
      I try to get enough sleep every night (minimum of 7 hours).

  3. Reply

    What Would You Say A Healthy Lifestyle Is? Hey 🙂 I’ve got some coursework that needs doing and I need to do some primary reasearch and I was just wondering if you would leave me some answers below on what you think a healthy lifestyle is personally. And what you think you have to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need loads of answers so I hope you dont mind helping me 🙂 Thankyouu

      • HealthNut
      • January 20, 2013

      Healthy lifestyle…involves eating right, exercing, and relationships you have with others. Also if you live in a clean environment…messy=germs=sickness…and to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to frequenlty eat right, do some sort of physical activity, be nice to others (stress is bad for health), and keep a clean home

  4. Reply

    How Do You Stay Commited To Your Healthy Lifestyle? I’m trying have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight but i’m finding it hard to commit.

      • HealthNut
      • January 20, 2013

      Are you sure you want to lose weight? If this a true desire, give it two weeks, and then asses how you feel. If you are eating healthy and exercises you will feel the difference, then if you go back to living unhealthfully you will be able to tell the change in how you feel, then you should be able to make an easy desicion.

    • Coco
    • January 20, 2013

    Is Dairy An Important Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle? I consume 3 servings of dairy in the first half of my day, and none later on. Is dairy important to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

      • HealthNut
      • January 20, 2013

      Calcium, not dairy specifically, is what’s important to a healthy lifestyle. Many other things have calcium like broccoli, nuts, fish, water, etc. The amounts are smaller though so you’d have to consume a lot more of them to get the calcium that you need, which is why people find it easier to get it through dairy. Our bodies don’t actually absorb all the calcium from dairy products very well because of the fat in them; that is why “western” societies actually have the highest rates of osteoperosis, where countries that don’t consume dairy products at all but get calcium from other sources, actually have stronger bones and very low rates of this disease.

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