Sutter Health Womens Health Advocates Say, Put Yourself First In 2013

Women’s health website, MyLifeStages.org, helps busy women put their health first in the new year. Meal plans, medical advice, workout tips and more from Sutter Health experts.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Its common today for many women to feel pulled between multiple responsibilitiescaring for aging parents, looking after a family, raising children and advancing a career. But this juggling act can throw a womans health out of balance. Missing a mammogram, putting off exercise or cancelling a doctors appointment to care for others can increase health risks, particularly in women ages 40 and over.

The fact of the matter is that weve got the expanding waistlines, the rising blood pressure and chronic conditions to prove were just not taking care of ourselves like we should, says San Francisco internist Toni Brayer, M.D., womens health blogger and medical advisor for Sutter Health’s award-winning womens health website MyLifeStages.org[1].

Adds Dr. Brayer, We women worry that we are too fat, too thin, too flabby, too stressed, and then we use our energy to take care of others instead of putting ourselves at the forefront of care.

Dr. Brayer and Northern California-based Sutter Health[2] challenge women everywhere to try something radically different this holiday season and throughout 2013put themselves first and make self-care a top priority.

Through a variety of interactive resources on its womens health website, Sutter Health gives real women practical tools to live healthier lives in spite of hectic schedules, including a nutritionist-approved sugar detox diet[3], a lazy girl workout[4] plan, tips for vitality at any stage of life[5] and ways to make resolutions succeed[6].

In November 2012, the leading Internet publication eHealthcare Strategy & Trends[7] recognized MyLifeStages.org as among the best health websites for its impressive library of interactive health information. The website received its fourth eHealthcare Leadership Gold Award[8] for Best Overall Internet Site in the Consumer General Health category as well as a Best Interactive Marketing Campaign award for its 2012 Love Your Body Challenge[9].

About Sutter Health

Serving patients and their families in more than 100 Northern California cities and towns, Sutter Health doctors, not-for-profit hospitals and other health care service providers share resources and expertise to advance health care quality and access. The Sutter Medical Network includes many of Californias top-performing, highest quality physician organizations as measured annually by the Integrated Healthcare Association. Sutter-affiliated hospitals are regional leaders in cardiac care, womens and childrens services, cancer care, orthopedics and advanced patient safety technology.

For more information about the not-for-profit Sutter Health network, please visit

http://www.sutterhealth.org | http://www.facebook.com/SutterHealth | http://www.youtube.com/SutterHealth | http://www.twitter.com/SutterHealth[10][11][12][13]

About MyLifeStages

Serving more than 380,000 visitors each year, MyLifeStages.org[14] connects Northern California women and their families with Sutter Health-affiliated doctors, health information, tools, expert tips and more. Currently, more than 30,000 people have become members of the site to gain access to exclusive downloadable content, such as meal plans and workout guides, a free health risk assessment[15], ask-the-expert forums[16] and more.

Sutter Health Media Line Sutter Health (916) 286-6695 Email Information[17]


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  1. Reply

    Any Good Workout Tips For Men? I need workout tips that I can use at home and that works.

      • HealthNut
      • January 9, 2013

      Eat healthy. consume a little more protein (meat) than usual. Work out helps but working out is about your body fat percentage. Eating healthy is the main thing, then work out. Two strengths when combined, result in that figure your looking for. When you work out don’t do the same routine work out everyday. alternate between 3 days and do different things each of the three days. like Monday do crunches, Tuesday sit ups, Wednesday go for a run. then Thursday go back to crunches. You can do more than one thing a day certainly but don’t do the exact same workout everyday. Your body gets use to it. Mix things up. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eggs, bacon, milk, orange juice. that sort of thing. Just combine eating healthy with work out and you should see results in the first few days.

    • Deej
    • January 9, 2013

    What Are Some Good Workout Tips That Will Help Me Get Into Shape Quick? Im 22 5’6″ and weigh 178lbs. im sick of being fat and repulsed when i look in the mirror at my body. i just would like to know some great workout tips to help me get fit and lose about 40 lbs in 2 months

      • HealthNut
      • January 9, 2013

      Well the best way to lose weight is to run everyday morning and night or after for hour and of course you wont be able to run the whole 1 hour as your not in shape yet so try to run for 30 minutes or more if you can and then walk for like 10 minutes and then run until you get to an hour and if your finally able to run the whole 1 hour start running for 2 hours

      also start weight lifting as well as muscle burns fat so just get normal 15 lb or lighter if its to heavy and do curls dumbbell presses etc and most important of all do free weights such as push ups and if your unable to do allot of push ups do like 10 rest 10 seconds 10 rest 10 rest until you get to 100 or 200 if you can also get a bar and try to do pull ups front wards and you probably wont be able to so try really hard and go to the top and go down slowly, and you will have to do ab workouts like crunches and raise your legs

      and do a quick warm up and and stretch before you lift and also with running do a quick warm up run like 10 minutes then stretch and start your 1 hour run

      the other most important key fact to weight loss is a big change in your diet which mean more calories out then in so no to any fast food for the rest of your life unless you want be fat the rest of your life, don’t eat any junk foods high in fat like donuts and stuff like that because if your going to be burning like 1000 calories and then eating 3000 calories you wont be losing fat but instead just gaining fat and the only difference will be you will be gaining 10 lbs everyday instead of 5 lbs

      what you should eat is salad fruit vegetables yogurt eat meat but not one in a kfc bucket a kind that homemade eat eggs also good in protein

      follow these steps and i guarantee you of you being fit

  2. Reply

    How Do I Get A Body Like This? Any Workout Tips? I wanna get a body like hayden panattieres from the kohls candies ad. Or a body like Miley Cyrus for that matter. I carry lotsa weight around my middle waist, upper arms, thighs and calves, back, and neck. pretty much everywhere! any workout tips for a teen who totally wants a flat stomach and cute body?

      • HealthNut
      • January 9, 2013

      Try counting calories. 2400 is the maximum a person should usually intake per day (and I say usually because there are special occasions like birthdays and weddings where it’s kind of hard to stay under 2400 calories), and eventually (I say eventually because your diet probably gives you 4000-5000 calories right now, that’s what mine was) if you want to lose weight faster stay between 2000-2200 calories. Of course, if you’re diet includes fast food and Starbucks, 2400 is fine. Go to http://www.calorieking.com and look up calorie content of foods you eat, or you can buy their book, which might be handier. Combined with exercise, this is a great way to lose weight and isn’t risky like diet pills or miracle diets.

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