5 simple ways parents can make the world gentle for baby

(BPT) – The big day has finally arrived and your newborn is here. Your baby is as perfect as you imagined and you’re filled with a love you never knew existed. Even before she or he arrived, you started making more careful choices and looked for gentle alternatives with natural-based ingredients for your little bundle of joy.

One thing that needs to be considered when seeking out gentle options for babies is their skin – and that starts with the precious threads in babies’ clothing, according to pediatric dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine.

‘As a pediatric dermatologist and mother of five, I know that babies’ skin can go through many changes throughout infancy, and the majority are perfectly normal,’ Levine says. ‘There are simple ways parents can protect babies’ skin from irritants, such as pre-washing clothes before first wear and choosing gentle fabrics.’

Levine offers parents some tips on how to keep the world gentle for your little one:

1. Moisturize when needed.

Peeling skin around the wrists and ankles is a normal part of a baby’s development, and requires no treatment. However, if dry or sensitive skin persists after the first few weeks of life, special care may be needed. Keep baths short, use water that’s warm, but not hot, and a small amount of gentle cleanser. For babies with dry skin, moisturize twice daily using an ointment or a cream, preferably one with many ceramides.

2. Choose the gentle fabrics.

Infant skin is definitely more sensitive than adult skin, so the fabrics you put against your baby’s skin can affect her comfort and skin health. Choose light, comfortable clothes that are free of pleats or seams that can put unnecessary pressure on a baby’s skin. Fabrics should be soft and absorbent, such as cotton or cotton blends like cotton polyester or cotton spandex.

3. Wash clothing before using it for the first time.

“Nine out of 10 dermatologists recommend parents wash baby’s clothing before wearing it for the first time, according to a survey by Dreft laundry detergent and I agree,” Levine says. While 97 percent of parents surveyed by Dreft said they believe it’s important to pre-wash baby clothes, just 40 percent actually do so every time. New clothing can harbor dirt, excess dyes and processing chemicals, so it’s important to pre-wash clothes using a gentle, yet effective detergent like Dreft purtouch that is 65 percent plant-based and made from naturally derived ingredients. Wash your newborn’s clothing separate from the rest of the laundry.

4. Use products specifically made for babies.

When choosing a skin care product for your baby, such as sunscreen, look for one specifically designed for use on infants. These baby products have been tested and proven to be gentle and less irritating to a baby’s skin. For example, baby sunscreen, which parents should start using after a baby turns 6 months old, usually contains physical blocking elements like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, rather than the chemical blockers used in some adult sunscreens.

5. Do your best at diaper duty.

The diaper region requires extra attention since it’s prone to wetness and irritation. Change your baby’s diaper frequently, especially when it’s wet or soiled. A more absorbent diaper will help keep moisture away from baby’s skin longer. Always dry the diaper area well after cleaning or a bath. If your baby is prone to diaper rash, try a zinc-based diaper cream with every diaper change to help soothe and protect skin.

‘All parents want to care for their baby in the best way,’ Levine says. ‘Little things, like prewashing new baby clothing in a gentle baby detergent and moisturizing as needed, can help keep the world gentle for your little one and his or her skin.’

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You’re gonna meet some strangers
Welcome to the zoo
Bitter disappointments
Except for one or two

Some of them are angry
Some of them are mean
Most of them are twisted
Few of them are clean.

So when you go dancing with young men down at the disco
Just keep it simple
You don’t have to kiss though

Don’t waste time with the morons who think that they’re heroes
They will betray you
Stick with us weirdos

For all your days and nights
I’m gonna be there
I’m gonna be there
Go gentle through your life
If you want me be I’ll be there
When you need me I’ll be there for you

Don’t try to make them love you
Don’t answer every call
Baby be a giant
Let the world be small

Some of them are deadly
Some don’t let it show
If they try to hurt you
Just let your daddy know

When you go giving your heart make sure they deserve it
If they haven’t earned it
Keep searching, it’s worth it

For all your days and nights
I’m gonna be there
I’m gonna be there
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I’ll be there
When you want me I’ll be there for you
Go gentle to the light
I’m gonna be there

I’m gonna be there, yes I will
If all your days are nights
When you want me I’ll be there
When you need me I’ll be there for you

Robbie Williams | 'Go Gentle' | Official Lyric Video Robbie Williams | ‘Go Gentle’ | Official Lyric Video

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    Every night I sing this father's poem to my daughter. Thank you Robbie

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    With love,
    Moustachioed Black Cat.

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    Simply… woooowwww. I love it.
    Robbie is a genius.

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    A Francesca e Gaia

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    Great song❤❤❤❤❤ Robbie is great!

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    I always come back to this song when I feel sad

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    love this so much

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    • May 25, 2017

    Love the lyrics, every child deserves a father like that. Thanks Robbie

    • nick darcy
    • May 26, 2017

    Awesome… Why have I not heard this sooner! Dad of two daughters. "don't waste time with the idoits who think they are hero's, they will betray you, stick with us weirdo's" great lyric. And bloody true!!!

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