A cup of tea can be the best solution for everyday wellness

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5 simple steps to be your best at any age

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The best ways to support veterans in 2017

(BPT) – As the new administration and Congress settle into office, many organizations are working hard to put America’s 21 million veterans at the top of the nation’s “to-do” list. “Veterans share a common thread — regardless of where they served or for how long — they are driven to protect our country and ensure […]

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Mama’s Mama knows best

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Are you receiving the best care for your medical problem?

(BPT) – As we age, maintaining our health becomes increasingly important. For Baby Boomers and adults caring for older parents, better health depends on wellness initiatives and receiving care from the proper professionals. Yet for those suffering from wound, ostomy or continence issues, many don’t realize they are denying themselves the best care available. They […]

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The best wearable tech devices to help you look and feel better

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – Wearable health technology first started in hospitals as a way to help people with injuries heal faster. Now, the trend has gone mainstream and pro-active; one in five online adults uses a wearable device, and the majority of those devices are health-related, according […]

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The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion … reveals how to take steps to lose weight and stay slim … Quick results … look and feel best possible.

The key for fast and permanent fat loss is smarter not harder Working Today the public is confused more than ever about what is the best fat loss program is. Most people are very frustrated and confused about the most effective way to go about the best performing fat loss to get the body they […]

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The #1 Sugar Alternative: Healthy, Natural And Sweet – The Ultimate Substitute!

Copyright 2006 Sylvia Riley We all enjoy a little sweetness in our lives, yet there’s no getting away from the negative effects of sugar. A wealth of scientific evidence links this acidic poison to a legion of harmful consequences including immune system suppression, a rise in bad cholesterol, tooth decay, premature aging, a mal-absorption of […]

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The Best and Worst Fourth of July Food and Drinks

Although we tend to see fewer clients in the summer as most head out on summer vacations, things always seem to get busy the week before Independence Day. By this time, a month of summer-time fun is usually under way and our clients become fearful as they’ve felt their healthy habits start to slip […]

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