Morning inspiration: Choosing a better breakfast

(BPT) – The alarm beeps as you gaze out the window at the soft sunlight welcoming the day. You roll out of bed and your stomach grumbles. You stumble to the kitchen to see how you can tame the hunger pangs, ultimately reaching for a doughnut or prepackaged breakfast bar. While this may satisfy momentarily, […]

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Fighting the morning clock? 9 no-fail ways to get out the door on time

(BPT) – As the sun shines through the curtains, you hit the snooze button again. Suddenly you bolt up, realizing you’re running late. You skip breakfast, grab your bag and rush out the door. Stress levels skyrocket and your day has barely begun. The race against the clock at the start of the day is […]

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5 clever hacks to simplify any family’s morning routine

(BPT) – Getting the family out the door on time every morning is no small feat. Seemingly simple tasks like getting dressed, packing backpacks and making breakfast can quickly turn into chaos. Before you know it, you’re running late and the kids haven’t even eaten as you dash to the car. Stop dreading the stressful […]

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Morning rays keep off pounds

A surprising new strategy for managing your weight? Bright morning light. A new Northwestern Medicine® study reports the timing, intensity and duration of your light exposure during the day is linked to your weight — the first time this has been shown. People who had most of their daily exposure to even moderately bright light […]

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Smu Health Spotlight: Mckenna Cottam

McKenna may seem like your typical SMU student, but this girl has living a healthy lifestyle down to the tee. She is a petite blonde with an adorable, infectious personality and a positive outlook on life. You may see her killing it at the gym or out having fun with her friends. Whatever she is […]

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Back To School Health And Safety Tips

Reading, writing and arithmetic aren’t the only things that children need to help them prepare for back to school in the fall.  There several are several health and safety tips that will get their year off to a great start.  Playground Safety, Immunizations, Sleep, Germs and Concussions Playground Safety Playground accidents are one of the […]

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