Weight And Speed

National Watersports Centre, the regatta lake, NE end - geograph.org.uk - 385174 If you have been water skiing for awhile and are feeling comfortable on two skis, you are more than likely ready to start using a slalom water ski. How do you go about choosing a slalom water ski?

Two important factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a slalom water ski are the skier’s weight and the speed at which the participant feels comfortable skiing.

Weight factors into the equation like this: the greater the skier’s weight, the longer the water ski needs to be. In the case of boat speed, the faster the speed of the boat, the shorter the ski will be.

Beginner Slalom Water Skis

If you are a beginner to this variation of the sport, a slalom water ski with a wide body is probably the best choice. The added wRafting, National Watersports Centre - geograph.org.uk - 385071idth will give the skier greater stability. As a beginner, you also have the option of using shaped water skis. This style is a cross between the traditional and wide water ski, which means that this version can be used by both beginner and more experienced water skiers.

More Styles

Slalom water skis are also available in the traditional style. Competitive skiers like this style because it will hold an edge and allows them to turn easily. The most advanced competitive skiers choose world class skis. This type of ski gives the skier more speed control while navigating the slalom course.

Boots and Bindings

The bindings on the slalom water ski you choose should be snug without being too tight. If a skier falls while wearing a boot that is too tight, he or she runs the risk of breaking an ankle or leg is the ski does not come off during the fall. Even if a break does not occur, the skier could pull or tear ligaments in the knee area if the ski stays on.

The typical water ski has a high-wrap style binding in the front. This covers the entire foot and fits high up on the ankle as well. In the back of the ski, you might see a high-wrap binding or a toe strap that you slip your foot into. Traditionally, these are made from a heavy type of foam. New models have been introduced with a hard plastic shell in recent years.


Yet another element of the water ski are the fins. These are located at the rear of the ski and it is this portion that keeps the ski traveling in the direction the skier is steering it. Water ski fins need to be tried out to ensure that the user is happy with them. Shops carrying this item will generally let someone take a set of fins to try out for a fee. Fins can be adjusted to give the skier the type of performance he or she is looking for.

Now that you have some tips for choosing a slalom water ski, you will be much more likely to get the right one for you.

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National Watersports Centre, the regatta lake, NE end – geograph.org.uk – 385174 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rafting, National Watersports Centre – geograph.org.uk – 385071 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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