20-Minute At-home Bodyweight Circuit

bodyweight circuit

For many trainers, the holidays can be a frustrating time. While there’s nothing better than going home for the holidays and spending time with loved ones, this time of year can put a wrench in your clients’ workout routines. Many of you have spent a significant amount of time helping your clients work toward their health and fitness goals, and when they travel for the holidays, it can be hard for them to maintain the same amount of dedication and self-control as they do the rest of the year. The solution? A circuit workout.

Share this workout with your clients before the holiday season to help them burn off those extra calories while getting a total-body challenge. All that is needed for this 20-minute at-home body-weight circuit is a little space in the family room, basement or hotel room.

How-to: Perform each of the following exercises for one minute, resting for 30 seconds in between each exercise. Once you complete each exercise once, take one minute to drink some water and catch your breath. Then go through the entire set once more for a total of 20 minutes.

Warm-up: Begin by jogging lightly for one minute.

1. Pass-through Lunge

Pass-through Lunge

A. Stand with feet hip-distance apart. Step the right foot behind and lower slowly to a lunge until both legs are at a 90-degree angle.

B. Lift the right leg up and let it float slowly to the front, lowering again to 90-degrees.

C. Push the right foot up again and float it behind you as you did the first time.  

Perform for one minute—30 seconds with the right leg, 30 seconds with the left leg; rest for 30 seconds.

2. Globe Hops

Globe Hops

A. Start standing with feet a few inches apart, arms in guard position at the chest and knees slightly bent.

B. Jump forward, back, right and then left (like the directions on a globe: north, south, east, west). Continue jumping NSEW for 30 seconds and then switch directions to NSWE or front, back, left, right for the next 30 seconds.

Jump for one minute and then rest for 30 seconds.

3. Shoulder Tap Push-up

Shoulder Tap Push-up

A. Begin in a plank position with the hands directly under the shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Keep

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