How to Determine What to Charge for Your Services

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Congratulations! You’ve studied hard, passed the exam to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and are now ready to start helping others change their lives through fitness. After figuring out how to get new clients, the next question you need to answer is how much to charge for your services.

This is a common challenge for all new fitness professionals. After all, you probably got into fitness because you enjoy helping others—it can be hard to set a price for your services and then ask for that money. If you are working in a facility as an employee, your employer will set the rate for your services and you will earn a percentage of that rate for providing the training session. However, if you are working for yourself as an in-home trainer or as a contractor leasing space in a facility, you will need to determine a price that is a fair value for your services.

First, by earning the ACE Certified Personal Trainer credential you have demonstrated that you have the professional skills to create and deliver exercise programs. You should feel comfortable being compensated for your services. Second, make sure that you deliver a high level of service so your clients feel like they are getting a good value for their money.

When setting a price for your services it is important to know what others in your area are charging. Shop other studios and trainers to see their rates and what types of packages or programs they offer. You don’t need to identify yourself as a trainer—you can look at their websites or call to ask questions about the types of services they offer and what fees they charge for those services.

In larger metropolitan areas where the cost of living is high, it is not uncommon for trainers with years of experience to charge $ 100 to $ 200 an hour for their services. However, in suburban and rural areas, where the cost of living and average income are a little lower, it might be more common for trainers to charge $ 40 and $ 60 per session.

There are various models for delivering the service. The traditional model is to set a price for a single, one-hour session and then offer discounting for packages of sessions. For example, the price for a single session might be $ 70 per hour, but a package of 10 sessions is $ 600, which creates a $ 100 discount that allows the client to save $ 10 per session.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the discounting model. How many professionals do you know actually charge you less the more often you see them? You don’t take your car to a mechanic for a major repair and he says, “This

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Fitnovatives Blog — Courtesy “American Council On Exercise” (ACEfitness.org)

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