How Men Can Create Spontaneous, Fun, And Healthy Relationships With Women

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions Women are different from men in many ways. Men are perceived to be self-centered and egotistic while women are said to be more fragile and sensitive. These are the reasons why women’s emotions are played differently in their hearts than in the hearts of men. Females want their partners or lovers to spend quality time with them —they want to be cared for and loved. Time is one of the priceless gifts people can give to each other. Spending more time with each other helps improve communication — good communication leads to edification. Edification is building up each other, this process leads to maturity and growth. Men involved in intimate relationships should strive to edify their female counterparts and vice versa. However, men should take extra efforts to treat women with more affection, respect, and love. There is a need to treat women with extra care because their moods and emotions are different from that of men.

Health studies show that when people are in a good mood, the body’s natural cells which annihilates tumors and viruses are excreted. A good mood is like having an elevated sense of well-being. In addition, the blood pressure is lowered when a person is relaxed or happy. Laughter is also good for the health because it helps increase oxygen in the blood. The presence of oxygen in the blood help improve cellular growth and healing. A positive mood helps improve the various bio-chemical processes including oxygenation, cell development, and blood circulation.

With a high level of optimism, a person is able to harness the power and will to live. The combination of positive thinking and healthy emotional condition helps a Traianus Decius, first romanized Illyrian that became Roman Emperor (249–51), born in village Budalia near Sirmiumperson to become immune to certain diseases and ailments. Laughter and “jolly” moods relax the body and reduce problems associated with high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, and heart disease. Even in research conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center, it was found out that elevated moods were a factor in eliminating the physical and and emotional symptoms of depression. They added that increased blood flow, usually achieved during physical exercise, can also be attained through laughter. Laughing, according to volumes of research on the subject, help trigger the release of endorphins, which are substances that produce a natural analgesic or pain relieving effect in the body.

Negative emotions and psycho-emotional conditions like depression, anger, anxiety, and stress been found to be related to heart disease and may decrease sexual performance. Major depression is nearly twice as common in women (21%) than in men (12.7%).

However, these emotional problems can be surmounted if men treat women with more fairness and sensitivity. Stress management therapy is oftentimes necessary to counter the effects of these negative feelings. These nHigh Anxiety (album)egative feelings can be avoided if men treat women with more dignity and equality. These socio-cultural and relational adjustments from men may indeed help improve women’s health in the long run. Mushy as it may sound, men should make their female counterparts feel that they are special, loved, and truly cared for.

The health benefits of ‘worthwhile’ relationships have been often taken for granted. Appreciation and love have taken the back seat in this era of technology. Lovers prefer to send e-mails, text messages, and instant messages rather than the old-fashioned love letters. “I love you’s” are now more often ‘texted’ instead of being said in person. Gift-giving has become so routine and customary that it is only done during birthdays, valentine’s day, and other special occasions. The act of giving gifts has lost its spontaneity, richness, and essence. Not too long ago, gifts were given as sign of love and passion. Men used to surprise women even with just simple gifts. The total unexpectedness of the gift only makes it more special for the women.

Men in intimate relationships should bear in mind that their counterparts need to be loved and respected. Treat them better, buy them flowers, or give them gifts every once in awhile. If she is surprised and asks you, “What’s the occasion?” Just say, “Nothing…just because it’s Friday.”

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English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Traianus Decius, first romanized Illyrian that became Roman Emperor (249 € “51), born in village Budalia near Sirmium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
High Anxiety (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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