The Rocket Bungee Is A Type Of Amusement-park Ride That Allows Riders

The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. To experience the sensation of multiple G-forces. One or two riders at a Time are secured into a capsule that is hurled upward in a slingshot motion. The participants are first harnessed into rally seats. The next step in The preparation for the ride is to strap them into the same type of Restraint worn by those riding a roller coaster.

Some rides take riders up to a height of 70 meters in approximately two Seconds! As it ascends, the participants are able to experience a sense of Weightlessness and then they are brought down to earth very quickly. The Ride bounces a few times before coming to a stop.

People that have experienced the rocket bungee ride have said the moment When the spring is released and the ride starts is terrifying. It is not Like a regular bungee jump in that it starts off with a lurch and then the Whole thing shoots off just like a missile.

Amusement Parks and Game Shows

The rocket bungee ride has been known to be featured on Japanese game shows. It has also been added to the attractions at some theme parks. The Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park has one, aloMGM Dizzee World Amusement Park, Chennaing with a wild mouse ride, a UFO vehicle, and Cinderella’s castle.

Rocket bungee enthusiasts can engage in this activity in Bulgaria. This is A relatively new sport for this country but other extreme sport options Available are indoor bungee jumping, hot air balloon bungee, and platform or Crane bungee jumping.

Australia and New Zealand are other places where the rocket bungee ride is Available. Visitors to Tenerife in the Canary Islands can also get their Adrenalin rush from this device. This is truly a worldwide phenomenon., as You can see.

Amusement parks in the United States also feature the ride. It might well Be attractive to those individuals who have a curiosity about the sport of Bungee jumping, but for whom the real thing is a bit too intimidating. They Are able to get their adrenalin rush from the rocket bungee ride instead.locations of Six Flags amusement parks

The Amazing Race, Part 6

The rocket bungee was even part of this popular television show. In this Version of the ride, the game show contestant is strapped into a harness on The ground. The harness is tied to a bungee rope. The bungee rope is Pulled straight up into the air until it is taught. When the rope gets to That point, the contestant is let go and is catapulted up into the air.

The Rocket Bungee Run

For those who would find the aforementioned ride just a bit too much Excitement to handle, an alternative might well be the rocket bungee run, Which is an inflatable device similar to a moon walk. The object of this Activity is to see who can stretch the furthest with a Velcro batten, which Is placed on the middle pillar. Participants are attached by a harness to Either a single or a double bungee rope, depending on his or her strength. After the stretching the rope as far as possible, the individual is pulled Backward at a high rate of speed into the (inflated) back wall.

Now that you’ve read about some options, which rocket bungee activity Is right for you?

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The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
MGM Dizzee World Amusement Park, Chennai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
locations of Six Flags amusement parks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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