Canola oil may be an oil of choice for people with type 2 diabetes

Canola* is Canada’s oil and new research from St. Michael’s Hospital suggests it should also be one of the oils of choice for people with Type 2 diabetes. Dr. David Jenkins, head of the hospital’s Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre, compared people with Type 2 diabetes who ate either a low glycemic index diet that included bread made with canola oil, or a whole wheat diet known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

His study, published today (Saturday, June 14) in the journal Diabetes Care, found that those on the canola bread diet experienced both a reduction in blood glucose levels and a significant reduction in LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol.

Even more exciting, he said, was the finding that the canola bread diet seemed to have the most significant impact on people who needed help the most — those whose HbA1c test measuring blood glucose over the previous two or three months was highest.

Dr. Jenkins, who is a professor of both nutritional sciences and medicine at the University of Toronto, said the reduction in LDL cholesterol observed in his study of 141 people could translate into a 7 per cent reduction in cardiovascular events. He said the benefit could also be translated into an additional 20mg dose of one of the cholesterol-reducing drugs known as statins — a doubling of a standard dose.

The word canola is a contraction of Canada and ola, meaning oil. It was developed from rapeseed at the University of Manitoba in the 1970s. Canola oil contains only 7 per cent saturated fat, less than half that of olive oil, widely touted for its health benefits.

Dr. Jenkins said another interesting finding of the study was that patients on the whole wheat diet seemed to have better blood flow after 12 weeks than those on the canola bread diet, as measured by the EndoPat test that uses a cuff on the arm similar to a blood pressure test. He said the significance of that finding was not entirely clear, but this positive result may be an indication of why whole wheat foods have consistently been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Jenkins and his colleagues developed the concept of the glycemic index in the early 1980s as a way of explaining how different carbohydrates affect blood glucose and to find out which foods were best for people with diabetes. High GI foods — such as white bread, most breakfast cereals, potatoes and rice — produce a large rise in blood glucose and insulin, which may damage eyes, kidneys and heart. The carbohydrates in low GI foods — including pasta, beans, lentils, berries, apples and certain whole grains such as barley and oats -are broken down more slowly, so that people get more gentle raises in blood glucose and insulin and so get less tissue damage to eyes and kidneys etc.

Other studies have

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Diet And Weight Loss News — Sciencedaily
— Courtesy “Science News Daily” (ScienceNewsDaily.com) <p>

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    • Matthew Davidson
    • June 14, 2014

    First vid I’ve watched on this channel, and this guy is right where I want
    to be. Strong both lifting my own body weight and lifting external objects.

    • Prov G
    • June 14, 2014

    props! keep up the work

    • Kinobody
    • June 14, 2014

    My new fitness montage – The Wolf of Fitness

    • mardmard
    • June 14, 2014

    Man, physique is one thing, health is another. Several things you are
    clearly doing wrong here which can result in serious injury in the long
    run: 1st exercise: you are supporting heavily with you legs because your
    arms and chest are too weak, puts a lot of stress on your lower back which
    one can easily see. 3rd exercise is very bad, it makes you shake because
    you don’t have enough strength for the weight, you overstrain your muscles
    and put a lot of stress on your ligaments which can result in serious
    injuries. Every personal trainier would stop you here. Maybe you just did
    it for the video, but what you show is unprofessional, that may also be the
    reason why you don’t comment on it in the video. I don’t recommend to
    follow this video to anyone. Cheers.

    • Johnson Olmz
    • June 14, 2014

    No Deadlifts,No Squat but your Strength is Amazing!! How ????

    • Anthony Intensity
    • June 14, 2014

    Holymoly!!! Sickest video I have seen so far man. In which of your
    videos do you explain your routine??? Like to see more of this stuff man. I
    really like the overall strenght you have, those reverse-grip muscle ups,
    human flags and upperbody strenght with the weights. Is there any reason
    you don’t do as much lowerbody like pistol squats or something?

    • June 14, 2014

    Nice compilation!! Keep up the great training!

    • bigdaddy71355
    • June 14, 2014

    awesome shit @ 1:49, dude!

    • GuyBelmont
    • June 14, 2014

    Your strength has rlly improved its good to see that u work more ur skills
    and endurance than your looks 

    • allaboutdmagic
    • June 14, 2014

    Even Rocky had a montage.

    • TheAcrobaticNinja
    • June 15, 2014

    Such a beast! You are my nr. 1 inspiration Greg! 

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    • June 15, 2014

    Inspiration personified. You are insanely strong Greg!! Thanks man.

    • TheMasculion
    • June 15, 2014

    I’m fucking motivated now.

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    you continue to impress and inspire people Greg!!!!! one owedome job!!!!

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    wow that jump was high!

    • Ahmed Jassas
    • June 15, 2014

    Dang bro, you are a strong mofo. I can bench 225lb x 5 so how long do you
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    • Timberlinetown
    • June 15, 2014

    2:09 was a HOLY SHIT!!!

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